Daily Kos Lesson

I thought, “What the fuck!”
I posted my most recent Palin bit as a Daily Kos diary.

The comments came flying in fast and FURIOUS (far faster than they come in here, that’s for fucking sure…and far more fucking furious, too).

I’m a Palin apologist.  I wear tinfoil hats.  I want to excuse abuse of power.
I equate Palin’s backwoods soap opera with ginning up racist hatred off the Bill Ayers foolishness.
I’m a moron who should check out what all the other Kos’ers are saying before having the fucking temerity to express the opinion that Palin’s Troopergate bullshit ought to be merely noted before moving on to substantive issues that are far more relevant (at least in my unworthy, spineless, lame, right-wing, McCain-loving opinion).

It was fucking BORG-like.  You will assimilated.  Resistance is futile.  Disagreement will not be tolerated.  Failure to run with the team earns shunning; down-voting, pissy attacks and small minded straw man responses.
I began to wonder if any of them had bothered to read the bit, or if they relied solely on the headline (a bit of sarcasm, that) before launching the full-frontal attack.

Fuck me!  I had assumed – clearly an error of judgment – that one might express something other than, “AHA!  Finally we have proof that Sarah Palin is not qualified…this is the final nail in the coffin…they’re fucking well FINISHED NOW!” without being dragged up the 13 gallows steps before a chanting mob.

I thought we already had oodles of proof that Sarah Palin is incompetent, unqualified, vapid, shallow, pathetic…a joke, a trap, a serious and fatal error in the late innings that loaded the bases with no out even while we were up five runs with OBAMA coming to the plate batting .859 with runners in scoring position.

Not on your fucking life, baby.  I hung in as long as I could.  Only insulted ONE fuckwit who called me a concern troll.  Great googly moogly!  ME?  A troll?  I’ve NEVER wasted a single breath saying a single goddamn thing I didn’t mean.  It’s my biggest social flaw – the inability to say nice things that are untrue even when totally called for.  Never ask me what I think of your new outfit.  I’ll fucking tell you.  I’ve lost relationships I wanted to KEEP for less.

So it goes.  Cazart!

I don’t think I’ll bother with the KOS much further.  Might drop in to read a post here and there.  In point of fact, a few of the comments were thoughtful, considered…even wry and funny.  If you’re a KOS’er, I think DemFromCT bears following.
But I’m just not disposed to wading through snotty, thoughtless, left-wing bullshit that smells exactly like arrogant, certain, right-wing bullshit to find them.

Cazart, indeed.
Never put salt in your eyes.

5 Responses

  1. Here’s the thing, Palin IS unqualified, not because she’s clearly used her power as governor in ways it probably ought not to have been, despite meeting the letter of the law (if not the spirit). She’s unqualified because, quite honestly, she’s ignorant of world affairs, ignorant of national affairs, a liar, a racist, a religious zealot, and worst of all, a distraction from real issues and real candidates.

    McCain’s candidacy ended when he brought the political succubus named Sarah Palin in, and she’s going to drain him, and the republicans for everything she get before discarding the used up husks.

  2. “But I’m just not disposed to wading through snotty, thoughtless, left-wing bullshit that smells exactly like arrogant, certain, right-wing bullshit to find them.”


  3. Quite so. My POINT, exactly.
    It’s a pure waste of time to spend more than the few seconds it takes to shrug and say, “Well, it comes as no surprise to me that a vapid, ignorant, provincial, podunk backwater hick like Sarah Palin would use her gubernatorial power to pursue personal family vendettas.”
    Wait here while I go fetch my surprised face! I’ll be right back. Oh…wait until you see my surprised face!
    Waste. Time. Valuable.

    The Republicans are not about to roll over and concede. They are busy plotting traps, strategy, bluffs, dark alleys and vicious wolverine cul de sacs.
    Now is the time for ground game. Pure get out the vote.

    I ain’t no freeper…but I will say they LET IT HAPPEN because they saw advantage for the neocon program. An enemy to go kill with oil in the bargain. Fuckwit New American Century crowd all the way back to Nixon and beyond – maybe Ike fucked Joe McCarthy. Progeny and proteges of the cunts who took out Mosedeq.

    And to win THIS election….?
    How paranoid am I?
    How bottomless are they?
    They torture people on ships at sea.
    They tap civilian phones.
    They lie, fail, mislead, refuse, shred, dump, slash, rape, pillage, plunder…the seven deadly sins were exhausted long ago. Would they blow up a truck in the Holland tunnel and juice up the terror alert past blood red to EVERYBODY PANIC!!!

    This is not the time to spend a moment’s thought for another SMALL chunk of evidence that supports a host of propositions we ALREADY KNEW TO BE TRUE: Sarah Palin is incompetent; she was not vetted; she was a Hail Mary trap to game race, gender, experience – to control the image and the narrative; she’s the ugly, shallow, hollow podunk, white trash beauty queen we always KNEW SHE WAS; she personifies the whole GOP platform, record, philosophy, form over substance, ignore what I DO just lissstennnnn to the wooooorrrrdsssss…..Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez, Rumsfeld, Rove, Libby, Miers, Feith…FUCK ME!

    We know. I know. You know.

    I don’t care if she was caught snorting coke off the tits of 14-year-old whores while wearing a furry suit and wildly firing a handgun inside a crowded playground. PALIN IS NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT! Nothing she could possibly DO would render he any MORE incompetent! She’s already the negative pi R squared to infinity of WTF???


    Stop paying attention to the fluffy freak.

    This is about crushing the GOPSOP neocon Republican gay-hating Jesus whackaloon vicious incompetent PREMISE…their raison d’etre…their joie de vivre…SO far into a hole they dare not peek their busted arse into the sunlight in 2012 if they know what’s good for them.

    (Whiney voice) But…but…she abused her POWER! She, like, totally used, like TAWD…to, y’know, like and she fired that guy Monegan totally because he wouldn’t totally screw over her sister’s ex-husband and so what if he was a dick, y’know? I mean…like SHE’s any sort of vice…what…ever!”

    I get so impatient with you people.

    And I say again…Blitzer…PRAY you are never within arm’s reach of me. Nothing personal. Entirely professional.
    Weird, huh? I’d merely tell Rush and O’Reilly a few things.
    Wolf I want to smack.
    That’s probably something I should address. It doesn’t seem fair…
    Satisfying, yeah. But not fair.

  4. ptet! wtf mean qft?

    (That is, to date, my most wonderful intertube communication)

    Fuck…can’t think of anymore. Fuck you. Don’t even bother.
    Go outside once awhile, basement dweller.

  5. LOL. “Quoted for Truth” 🙂 I was vigorously agreeing that bullshit ultimately is the same flavour no matter where it comes from, and I wanted to do so in a way which made me look “hep”, “with it”, and “down with the kids”.

    And HTB (“heavens to betsy”, I’m making them up now), the reaction of the Palinites to the troopergate findings is hilarious. It’s OK that she fired the guy, and ts OK that she lied about, because it was to protect her family & it’s wot any normal mom would have done.

    Apologies for sleeping. I won’t do it again.

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