Palin Troopergate? Another Bullshit Trap

The bipartisan report on Troopergate is out following a unanimous vote to release the findings.  It’s not only a letdown in terms of finding “wrong doing”, it ought to be ignored for the minor league, backwater, small podunk town bullshit it is.  It’s a DISTRACTION from more important issues and only slightly more offensive than a citation for jaywalking.

From page 66:

Governor Palin knowingly permitted a situation to continue where impermissible pressure was placed on several subordinates in order to advance a personal agenda, to wit: to get Trooper Michael Wooten fired. She had the authority and power to require Mr. Palin to case contacting subordinates, but she failed to act.

Such impermissible and repeated contacts create conflicts of interests for subordinate employees who must choose to either please a superior or run the risk of facing that superior’s displeasure and the possible consequences of such displeasure. This was one of the very reasons the Ethics Act was promulgated by the Legislature.

Are you fuckin’ kidding?  “Knowingly permitted a situation to continue…?”
Jumped up jeebus on skis.  That’s IT?
I once had to fill out student assessments, one element of which read:
“Is able to demonstrate a willingness to participate in arts and crafts related activities.”
WTF?  I assumed they were, and wondered what evidence might cut the other way short of death.
“Knowingly permitted a situation to continue…”  How milquetoast does wrongdoing get?

George Bush fired US Attorneys for not being willing to engage in fraudulent witch hunts against Democratic office holders on trumped up voter fraud hooks.
Karl Rove walked right up to the treason line and left footprints on the other side when he conspired with the now pardoned Scooter Libby to out Valerie Plame as a covert CIA operative in order to discredit her husband in the Nigerian Yellowcake / WMD bullshit run-up to Iraq.
Cheney finagled multi-billion dollar no-bid Iraq contracts for Haliburton, enriching himself through stock holdings in the company on whose board he formerly sat – a morass of fraud, padded bills, misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance.
Alberto Gonzalez ginned up poorly written legal memos in order to redefine torture (so America could engage in it while saying it wasn’t), oversaw the aforementioned purge of staff insufficiently “loyal” to Bush, then sat before Congress and LIED HIS ASS OFF while claiming over and over again that he simply either could not recall, did not remember or had no clear impressions of ever having been anywhere near anything that might or might not have happened while he was coaching subordinate witnesses on what THEY did or did not remember.
Cheney (again) redefined the office of the Vice President as being OUTSIDE the executive branch of government in order to fabricate some way to avoid THE PEOPLE from ever seeing the documents, emails and memos that the VP is REQUIRED BY LAW to retain FOR THE PEOPLE.
These motherfuckers have gutted habeous corpus, locked up children in Gitmo without advising them of the charges or allowing them counsel, wire-tapped their own citizens without warrant in order to eavesdrop on phone sex, started unjustified and unwinnable wars, trashed the economy and shredded the Constitution!

John McCain is out on the campaign trail RIGHT NOW telling voters that Barack Obama is untrustworthy, foreign, dangerous, and ginning up racist, xenophobic bullshit HATRED and FEAR among dangerously stupid people…people among whom we may be certain, if only based on simple percentages and bell curves, there are at least a few James Earl Rays and Sirhan Sirhans.

Now there’s a report from Alaska that Sarah Palin has engaged in some low level fuckwittery of a personal nature.  She put some improper pressure on some podunk bureaucrat for personal reasons.  And the left will scream, and the right will scream back.
“Biased shit flinger!”

Here’s an analogy for you:  There are gangs which require new members to have murdered someone in order to join.  In terms of hooking up with the Republican Crips, Sarah Palin has done the equivalent of shoplifting a comic book.  If she wants to play in the bigs, she’s going to need to commit some crimes that ENRICH her or the party, gain some sort of political advantage…for fuck sakes, she could at least shoot someone in the face!
Trying to get the ex-husband of her sister fired?  Petty, small time shit like that ought to be scoffed at as yet another demonstration of how small-minded Palin is.  She hasn’t even got the brains to misuse her power for personal gain!  Apparently the worst she can manage is pushing people around on the back of some personal family grudge.  Pathetic.
There are many…SO many…better reasons to consider this vapid, shallow, incompetent Caribou Barbie imbecile as simply unqualified to be anywhere near the oval office, that getting one’s knickers in a knot over this shit, and in so doing handing the GOP another reason to ignore the issues, is playing into McCain’s Rovian talons.

Now, with mere weeks until the vote, these lying, dirty, scamming thieves, bastards and recidivists are going to be hollering about the biased political hack job the sneaky Democrats have pulled on this fine, upstanding, God-fearing Alaskan governor, hockey mom and GOP rock star because they are AFRAID; how they had already investigated this bit of trifling bullshit and proven – PROVEN BEYOND ALL DOUBT – that she did nothing wrong.
And anyone who says she did, well…that’s just proof of the sort of evil, shit-flinging things that Barack Obama will do to steal this election from hard-working white, non-Arabic, non-Muslim, non-terrorists like you and me!

The only sane response to this report on Sarah Palin’s little Alaskan soap opera is to shrug and say, “Really?  Wait a sec…let me put on my surprised face.”

Now let’s get back to the serious business of winning this fucking election, shall we?


3 Responses

  1. First off I want to tell you how much I love your comments. I disagree with you about the Troopergate Abuse of Power being a small problem To me it is like the person who ends up being a serial killer and when the people around him are asked about his childhood they say they should have known that his torture of small animals may have been and indicator of things to come. That is how I look at Palin’s abuse of power – yes, it seems like a petty crime but it is an indicator of how she views power in general. We have just had 8 years of this kind of abuse of power. Thanks for listening. Love your insights and very unique way of looking at situations.

  2. Xie xie, Kathy. Flattery will get you everywhere around here.

    I’m NOT saying Palin’s shtick is nothing, nor that it ought to be ignored.
    I AM saying that, in the big scheme of things, there are far more important issues to be addressed than some podunk backwater soap opera over Todd trying to get the estranged BIL fired. It’s a distraction.

    Didn’t we already KNOW she was a lying, manipulative, shallow, vicious, incompetent witch? Sure we did. Let’s not let some smidgen of confirmed evidence take us down the PALIN IS INCOMPETENT path. We know it, we knew it.
    The economy is in the shitter.
    We have two or three unwinnable wars that are costing an arm, a leg, a kidney, an eye, a knee, four fingers, half an ear and a goddamn nipple!
    Sarah Palin and her family feud are not worth the effort.
    Yes, she abused her power. Fine. Noted. Told you so.
    AND THE SURVEY SAYS? “Mark it. Move on.”

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