Sarah Palin’s IQ: 83

I don’t know where this comes from or who found it.  For all I know, it could be a fake.  If anyone has the provenance of the these documents, please drop me a note.  I’d love to confirm them beyond the strong suspicion I’ve had for some time that Sarah Palin really is a borderline imbecile.

And now, Sarah Palin’s IQ test score (no wonder she hates those elitist intelekshuls):


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  1. LOL. File under too good to be true”, Surely.

    Did a bit of looking around. this comment on Kos probably nails it: “Notice how they put a “RECEIVED” stamp on the front page to make it look like a scan, but didn’t even bother to print/rescan the text?”

    She’s certainly no Einstein ;>

  2. GODDAMN IT! It’s gotta be true. I WANT IT TO BE TRUE!!!

    I’m leaving it up here anyway. They want to play games with birth certificates and marriage licenses, I get to play games with IQ test reports.

    And THEY never accept Daily Kos as an authority, how come I have to, huh? HUH? And I don’t want to hear any of your “because we’re reasonable and don’t play by the same dirty, filthy, gutter smearing rotten bastard bullshit tactics” crap.
    That’s getting SO fucking tired, man. I want to wear the BLACK HAT for awhile!

  3. If she is “borderline imbecile”, more than 1/3 of Americans are really imbecile: according to this fake report, her SAT percentiles hover around 35-39…

  4. Hmmm…that would explain how Bush got elected – the imbecile vote.

  5. Oh goddamn I hope that’s real, but after looking at the PDF, at least the IQ part does appear to be photoshopped. Sorry.

  6. Oh, fer fuck…..THANKS, Constance!

    Oh well. At least I still have Santa.
    And John McCain saving the economy – he knows how to do that.
    Two out of three ain’t bad.

    And I don’t want to hear any of your paranoid, left-wing librul bullshit about Santa, neither!

  7. You know, on looking at it closer, I can’t really tell anymore. The numbers did at first appear clearer than the more pixelated background, but on really close inspection (zoomed in about 1200%) there’s really not a difference, and the black-grey pixel mix is enough that it does look scanned as is. Whether it was re-worked then scanned, I can not say. But at least the scan seems intact.

    Plus, her grades are just terrible. I mean Jesus, a 2.2 in high school?? I racked up a 2.3 in college, but I never went to class and stayed high most of the time.

  8. Yeah! That’s all the proof I need. I’m gonna update the post, citing “Renowned forensic document analyst Constance Rifle,” who said earlier today after examining the materials with an electron gas chromatography scanning magnetic spectrum reverse dilithium crystal polarity…ummm…thing…asserted unequivocally that it was absolutely impossible to be certain that the documents in question did not, in fact, amount to evidence sufficient to prove beyond any doubt the truth and/or veracity of the claims presented therein.

    ROCK SOLID, baby! Palin’s an imbecile FTW!
    Well…of course…no one needs IQ tests or GPAs to see that.

    No electron gas chromatography, just a really good version of Adobe Acrobat. I’m really inclined to believe it’s real…I mean, it makes sense. She’s a beauty queen, she can’t form a coherent sentence off-script, and every claim to professionalism she’s made so far turns out to be off-base or just plain wrong.

    So yeah, you can quote me as saying “it’s real, baby!” (Dickie V, anyone? anyone? ahhh, I hate him too.)

  10. You better not shout, you better not cry
    you better not pout, I’m telling you why
    Sarah Palin’s a fucking imbecile.

    She knows if you are Muslim
    She knows if you’re a black
    She knows if you’re a terrorist
    and she’ll kick you in the sack
    (you betcha!)

  11. You guys are crazy.
    This is not the way schools report IQ results.
    This is a textbook normal distribution graph onto which the text has been added.
    IQ at 83 – highly unlikely.

    I have no political ax to grind. I think she is dumb, but not because of this bogus IQ report.

  12. @ Alex:
    You don’t follow the news much, huh, Alex?
    This IQ sham has been roundly demonstrated as false…a fake, a forgery…long ago.
    I keep it up because I like it. Personally, I think she’s dumber than that.

  13. 83 would put her below Bush. Impossible…
    She’s below 110 I’d guess.

  14. Pseudopigrapha!

    The document is a forgery.

    This will be evident when Mz. Barracuda produces her real test results. Against that opinion, it might be argued that the real test results would prove much worse.

    • I think 83 is about 10 points too much, but I will put exactly the same amount of faith in it as I do Obama’s birth certificate.

      Call me an “IQ-er”, but…


  15. It can’t be true. That IQ score is way too high. Hollier then thou Barbie blew her way to the top.

    McCain heard the rumorous and brought her onboard, but even BJ Barbie has her limits and she couldn’t blow old man McCain back up.

    There was no way that lousy pilot (McCain) and BJ Barbie, could win anything.

    Palin is proof, how upside down our society is. Dumb people attract millions of other dumb people, since birds of a feather flock together.

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