People Are Defined By Past Bad Acts

The attempt by John McCain and Sarah Palin to smear Barack Obama for his passing association with “unrepentant terrorist” Bill Ayers has, at its core, a particular premise that bears examination:  That people must forever be defined by past bad acts, no matter how distant.

There is no question that what Ayers did as a founding member of the Weather Underground were bad acts.  On the scale of what’s termed domestic terrorism, Ayers ranks somewhere beneath Timothy McVeigh and Tad Kaczinsky, but somewhere north of those who mailed talcum powder to Senate offices.  I am not concerned with ranking Ayers badness.

The facts remain:  Ayers did it, does not apologize for having done it, and the charges were eventually dropped due to a variety of FBI shenanigans.
Ayers is now a respected university professor heavily involved with improving the educational system in Chicago.  It is this work in the field of education that brought him into contact with Barack Obama when they both served on the board of a charity involved in such efforts.

No matter what the man has done in the years since setting off some bombs in opposition to the Vietnam war, John McCain wants to define him on terms that assert, “Once a terrorist, always a terrorist,” and that it demonstrates a terrible, frightening and dangerous lack of judgment for Obama to have had anything whatsoever, no matter how passing, to do with the man.

This is what bears closer examination.  IF one is to be forever tarred with the brush of past sins, errors of judgment, mistakes…whatever…then John McCain is an adulterer, a hothead, a racist, and the sort of man who will exploit family connections for personal gain.
This may not rise to the level of terrorism, but neither does anything Barack Obama has done.
Barack Obama did not cheat on his wife over and over again, then leave her to marry his mistress.
Barack Obama has never been accused of using elected office to help an embezzler avoid oversight of the Savings & Loan that fronted the theft.
Barack Obama has never prevailed upon friends of his father for advancement in his career, or cursed fellow Senators for having the temerity to disagree with him.
Barack Obama has never called his wife a cunt.

If we’re going to define people today based on what they did thirty or forty years in the past, and then use that to judge their passing acquaintances, not only is John McCain a dishonourable piece of shit, but everyone that “pals around” with him is as well.

And that goes double for Tucker Bounds and Nancy Pfotenhauer, and triple for Steve Schmidt.


7 Responses

  1. No no no… It’s liberals and black people who are defined by past bad acts. Sheesh, it’s not that complicated.

    Saved Christians are forgiven past bad acts, ’cause it’s washed away by the blood of Jesus. No, really. Look it up.

  2. That’s what always bothered me about that fuckin Ponzi scheme called Christianity: Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin laughin’ it up in heaven on the back of a single shot of Blood of the Lamb right at the very end.
    “Oh, FUCK IT! Quick! Gimme a shot o’ the jeebus blood and a tequila chaser!”

  3. Totally. Thanks to the joy of Google I managed to track down one of my favourite ever beyond-parody comments at Rapture Ready:

    “Funny you ask this. My husband and I have a friend that we were debating whether she was saved or not. Hubby said yes because she’s always said she was Christian, I said no. I had a feeling she believes her “good works” are what will get her into heaven. So, one time when we were at her house, I somehow brought up Jeffrey Dahmer (the serial killer that ate his victims). I said that the story was that he was saved when he was in prison, so we would see him in heaven. Then I told her Mother Theresa may not be in heaven if those letters she wrote that questioned Jesus were true. Well, our friend just about had a heart attack!

    So now, that’s my new test to see if people really understand grace and salvation. Tell them that Jeffrey Dahmer may be in heaven and Mother Theresa may not. The way they react really shows what they believe.”

  4. Be careful, mon ami. Pointing out the hypocrisy of the church generally results in very…VERY…warm feet. And that’s the just beginning. It gets warmer.

    And, hey…feel free to return the blogroll link, you blasphemous heathen cunt.

  5. LOL. You were already added mate 🙂

    Ain’t that tho one of the whole basis for religion… They can’t show in *any* way that “gods” punish the wicked or reward the good in life… So they need to pretend there’s some sort of afterlife for us all to get our just deserts.

    It’s all very childish. Be good or Santa won’t come!

  6. Santa?
    When I was a small child – the only Jewish family in a small town – my Zeda liked to set a spring loaded bear trap in the fireplace on Xmas eve, saying “I’ll get that fat sonuvabitch this year!”
    I sorta figured he meant my father, who was 5’8″ and went well over 200 lbs.
    Finding out he meant Santa was no consolation. I’d already had some scraps in elementary school for being a Christ killer, and intuitively KNEW that adding Santa to the list would not do us any credit.
    I’ve long since abandoned any connection to religious belief (although I stubbornly cling to the culture…what can I say…I fuckin’ LOVE latkes, bagel and lox! Kosher food, man…it’s just better!)

  7. LOL. I guess I feel similarly about my Scottish background. Amused by the nationalism. Love the irn bru & singalongs 🙂 Jewish/Yiddish culture is responsible for so many of my favourite words. Kvetch. Chutzpah. Klezmar. Bubbe (just beautiful). Mentsh. Both Oy and Vey 🙂

    BTW, you might enjouy this stuff about Sarah Palin’s childhood church’s attitudes to Israel & the rest of the world… F.F.S.

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