Wolfson Hits The Nail He Wasn’t Aiming For – TERROR

Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, calls the election for Obama.  His reasoning is sound and all else being equal I agree with him.  BUT…and this is a big fucking but…he also said something in passing that I fear will turn out to be prescient.

Wolfson wrote (emphasis mine):

State polls are beginning to reflect this. If the election were tomorrow, Obama would win all of the states John Kerry carried and add Iowa, New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia, Nevada, Ohio and Florida. Barack Obama is campaigning in Indiana, which last went for a Democrat in 1964 and North Carolina, which has gone for a Democrat only once in thirty-four years. At the same time John McCain has pulled out of Michigan and Sarah Palin has been forced to visit Nebraska.
This dynamic is very unlikely to change. John McCain’s goal in the first debate was to discredit Senator Obama as a credible Commander in Chief and elevate the issue of foreign policy and national security. He didn’t come close. Absent a domestic terror attack the economy will remain the number one issue in the race, and there is little Senator McCain can do to make up his gap with Senator Obama on it.

Christ, Wolfson…they probably would have thought of it on their own, but now it’s gonna look like YOUR fault.  Fuckin’ idiot.
I’m no freeper, folks.  I do not believe that BushCo took down the WTC in a controlled demolition.  They’re too fucking incompetent to have ever pulled off anything of that magnitude or complexity.
That said, I would not put it past the dirty, lying, sneaky Neocon, Rovian/Rumsfeldian shit bastards to gin up a terrorist threat, slam some poor, paranoid schizophrenic kid from Newark named Hussein into Gitmo, and blow up a car bomb in the Holland tunnel to swing this fucker back to Gimpy McMumblefuck.

Coming soon to a street corner near you:  RED LEVEL THREAT!  Citizens – Do Not Leave Your Homes!
Plastic sheeting, duct tape, anthrax, bottled water!  The MUSLIMS are coming!

AP – Dateline: New York
“A 16-year-old Muslim named Hussein Ibn Bin Hussein was arrested today by Homeland Security Agents after a massive bomb was discovered (insert video footage of swarthy teen wearing an Obama t-shirt being led away in handcuffs)….”

They don’t even have to do it themselves, aside from hunting up some mentally deficient patsy named Hussein – someone they can lock away forever without anyone seriously objecting.  They just have to ignore some intelligence and let it fucking happen…just like last time.

On the bright side, this will give Bristol an excuse to call off the wedding, so there’s that.


5 Responses

  1. Cous, ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! You’ll spoil the surprise! A friend of mine was saying the same thing this morning and he said, “Remember you heard it hear first.” Sorry.

    Baby you need to go out tonight and party a little. We can’t let the terrorists get to us or they win! NONE OF THE MOTHERFUCKERS! NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE! Raise your cup tonight, Obama is up in the polls!

  2. Correction: “…you heard it HERE first”. I started celebrating a little early.

  3. I raise my cup every night. That Bacardi logo on the right hand sidebar ain’t there cuz I’m a Bruce Wayne fan. Have you read my post “Bacardi 152”?

  4. LOL. So he says, “Herd of cows?”
    I told him of course I’ve heard of cows.
    “No…no…a cow herd.”
    WTF do I care what a cow heard? Far as I know, they don’t even understand English.
    Then the sonuvabitch HIT me.

  5. Oh yeah. Actually I thought you might be a vampire. I’ll have to check out your post. Don’t let any cow pies hit you in the face! Good one Cous! Kisses!

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