Sarah Palin – Vicious, Ignorant Narcissist AND Mentally Ill

It’s one thing to find Sarah Palin’s elevation to vice presidential candidate offensive because she’s simply unqualified, intellectually vapid, linguistically challenged and staked out as bait rather than anything resembling a seriously vetted, sound nomination for the 2nd highest office in America.

It’s yet another to examine the mounting evidence and conclude (and this from a purely layman’s perspective) that the snarling, snotty witch of Wasilla is mentally ill.

Noam Scheiber of The New Republic traveled to Alaska and found, in a box of documents retained by one of Sarah’s helpers in her campaign for Mayor of Wasilla, this very telling doodle.  Click here for a larger PDF version.

It’s noteworthy that her name is not only WRIT LARGE, but that she used two different pens and outlined it in a manner that can only be described as juvenile and inescapably ego maniacal.  She’s not merely making notes…she’s fantasizing, right down to the “check here” box complete with check.  On such a page, one would not be surprised to find “TP+SH FOREVER!” surrounded by a curlicued heart.
One suspects that Palin is carrying a “Campaign Journal” around with her to document the experience and if we could get a peek inside, we’d find page after page of practice signatures with varying degrees of flourish:  PRESIDENT Sarah Palin…Madam President Palin…President Palin!

If one takes a closer look (PDF), the document further reveals that Sarah intended to promote the fact that she was a taxpayer – always a good sign when one wants to be mayor, not avoiding one’s taxes.  And so to self-possessed we may add shallow:  Vote for me!  I’m a taxpayer!

Taken alone, this little scrap of paper from long ago would not amount to much.  However, considered with the accompanying article by Scheiber which contains the perspective of those who found, mentored, groomed, worked with and subsequently suffered Sarah Palin’s Machiavellian drive to power – those who arguably know her best – one cannot escape the depressing conclusion that this woman is dangerous.

Palin in High School:

Rodger Foreman, one of her English teachers, would allow students to appeal their exam grades if they felt they’d been scored harshly. Foreman recalls that Palin regularly availed herself of the appeals process. “She was kind of like that. She thought she was right.”

Palin on town council:

In 1996, Palin was also asserting herself more and more. For example, she’d demand to know why Stein, the mayor, had “raised the budget.” Stein and Carney tried to explain that he’d done nothing of the kind–that, when a city grows, businesses collect more in tax revenue, but that new residents also increase demand for public services. Palin wasn’t appeased. She’d say things like, “‘Oh, okay. Well, that’s the way you think about it,'” Stein recalls. “I was thinking–these are things she should know better. Why is she asking me these stupid questions?”

Palin’s run for Mayor:

…in a move practically out of Karl Rove’s playbook, she dwelled on how Stein’s wife used her maiden name, going so far as to demand a marriage certificate as proof of their nuptials.

Palin’s attacks on her “enemies”:

Upon winning, Palin moved quickly to punish her snooty tormentors. Days after she was elected, the city council became deadlocked over how to fill two seats–Palin’s and another that had opened up when its occupant won higher office. Palin insisted on making her own appointments, a move of dubious legality sure to irritate Carney. When he objected, she simply cut off discussion. She later accused him of sabotaging her proposed candidates. As she explained to the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, the local paper: “‘It was brilliant maneuvering I had to do to deal with the impasse.'” “And,” the same article continued, “the look on Carney’s face when she appointed Steve Stoll and Dianne Keller told her the strategy worked, she said.”

Within a year, Palin had blown through her personal enemies list. She had demanded the resignation of Emmons, the librarian opposed to censorship (who successfully fought for her job), and Irl Stambaugh, the city’s police chief. Among Stambaugh’s crimes? Insufficient enthusiasm when Palin asked him to file a weekly report listing “at least two positive examples of work that was started, how we helped the public, how we saved the City money, how we helped the state, how we helped Uncle Sam,” according to The Seattle Times.

Some perspective on what drives this brainless over-achiever:  A desire to extract revenge against those she sees as competent and qualified:

Carney had a wry sense of humor. He was fond of joking that he’d graduated from Wasilla High School in the “top 20 percent”–by which he meant he was valedictorian of his five-person class. Sometimes Palin was the only colleague who didn’t get his jokes. “I don’t think he had too much patience for her lack of understanding,” says John Stein, then the town’s mayor. In internal discussions, Carney would be relentlessly logical while Palin was vague and intuitive. “Nick had a way of being direct and to the point, something that Sarah was uncomfortable with,” recalls Chase. Which is to say, when it came to garbage removal, what Palin seemed to have chafed against was less the substance of Carney’s position than what she felt was his elitist, Ivy League bearing.

Palin…may be the first conservative politician since Nixon to experience resentment so authentically. For her, it’s not so much a political tool as a motivating principle. A trip through Palin’s past reveals that almost every step of her career can be understood as a reaction to elitist condescension – much of it in her own mind.

There are so many things wrong with the idea of Sarah Palin being a heartbeat away from the presidency, it boggles the mind.  It goes so far around the bend that it comes back on itself like a dog chasing its tail.
Everything that is learned about Palin’s rise to power from beauty pageant obscurity speaks to a craven and desperate willingness to do anything to achieve that which she sees as her deserved reward if not God’s plan.  It is thus no surprise that she so eagerly takes to the campaign trail, spouting slanderous lies, distortions, smears, insults and the worst kind of hypocritical invective in pursuit of that goal even as, in so doing, her own lack of gravitas, vocabulary, comprehension, insight and competence is revealed for all to see.  She brushes it off and soldiers on, convinced that she is right, just like when she marched into her high school English teacher’s classroom and demanded a better grade.  She damn well DESERVES it, no matter what “competent” people think.  She’s right.  They’re wrong.  They’re disloyal, elite, myopic and not part of God’s righteous plan.

What’s becoming more and more obvious – or should be – is that Sarah Palin is ill.

From the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the elements of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

  • has a grandiose sense of self-importance
  • is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
  • believes that he or she is “special” and unique
  • requires excessive admiration
  • has a sense of entitlement
  • is interpersonally exploitative
  • lacks empathy
  • is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
  • shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

Which of the foregoing DON’T apply?  Sarah Palin?  Toys in the attic.  Truly gone fishing.


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  1. All I have to say to all those who “hate” Sarah Palin….get a life and read up on what really matters.

    Do you want to live in a free country or all become Muslims!!!! Me thinks Obama doth protest too much that he is not a Muslim. AND…why does he not admit that he is half white…his white grandmother supposedly raised him, yet he has not posted pictures of that family all over the internet!!!! Seems he has a lot to anser for that is yet to be revealed. (emphasis added – Avi)

    As for McCain/Palin….they would not be my first choise but that choice has passed. They are by far the lesser of two evils. In fact I don’t really consider them evil. At least they have the experience needed to be in the White House….But Obama…right! He forced his way into politics and has little experience period.

    As I said before….get a life.

  2. And here, the perfect example of what the McCain campaign relies upon in a last ditch effort to pull their shallow, worthless. total lack of vision out of the fire – the racists.
    Bonnie, giving her the benefit of a giant doubt – probably thinks she is insightful; sees things as they are; is not “fooled” by the conspiracy. How sad and pathetic for Bonnie. One wonders if she is guilty of raising children and exposing them to that sort of mothering; that sort of thinking.
    If such a thing can possibly consider itself a patriot, what hope is there for the country…for the very notion of America?
    Bonnie, I allowed your comment only to expose the depth and breadth of what is WRONG with far too many Americans. It will be the last time you comment here, you empty-headed, ignorant, vicious, RACIST BITCH.
    Go fuck yourself.

  3. oh but avi, Obama’s a secret Muslim terrorist! I’m scared, and just wet my pants! Save me! Save me!

    I see these racist fucks as David Spade in black sheep when Gary Busey threatens him with an MP5. Just scared out of their gords.

    And to your point about Palin claiming herself to be a taxpayer, THIS should prove an interesting development.

    And to Bonnie’s point about “hating” Sarah Palin. Bonnie, you’re projecting so hard your forehead has a hot lamp. I mean, these are the same people yelling “kill him!” and “terrorist!” and telling a black cameraman to “sit down, boy!” at official campaign rallies. They have a seething hatred so deep they’re getting ulcers.

    I would say we’ve gone through the looking glass, but these days, I don’t even think that’s a succinct analogy. It’s like we’ve went through it, came back to an alternate universe, went back through it, took the blue pill and read from the Necronomicon. And all I can say is, “Workshed.”

  4. It sorta worries me when someone called Constance Rifle gets so frightened they piss themselves. Now I’M SCARED!

    In times like these, I advise taking the red pill, the blue pill, a handful of yellow ones, a few of the green and black capsules, a HUGE snort of whatever that powdery stuff is, a gulp of ether, and keeping a loaded shotgun at hand just in case.

    After all, you never now when you’re gonna meet Bonnie in the flesh. It would be, if not self-defense, certainly defense of country in time of war. It sure as hell can’t be called murder.

  5. Oh I’m down here in NC, I meet these people every day. Hell, I can’t even discuss politics with half my family because it devolves into race-baiting and fear-mongering.

    I’m more worried about Obama supporters in the UK–wearing-Barack-Obama-T-shirt.html

    That’s some scary shit!

  6. Try this one on for size:

    Fred Thompson’s line in The Hunt for Red October keeps coming back to me: “This shit is gonna get out hand and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

  7. I feel sorry for those who must use such undesirous language in their comments. May God forgive you for your hatred of white. I don’t hate anyone. I have some very good friends of color…many colors. (emphasis added – Avi) I am most definitely not a racist and am not a b……! I love God, my country, my countrymen, and my enemies. No one can fault me for being a person who does not want to become a prisoner of a Muslim bunch of terrorists. I am for freedoms of all kinds. Even your freedom to run me down for my beliefs which are pure while I do not run you down for your beliefs though they are very short sighted. May God have mercy on your soul.

  8. Jumped up jebus on skis! You’re back?
    Aside from the fact that undesirous isn’t a word, you ignorant freak, you are also too stupid to understand that your own words about Muslims reveal you as exactly what I said you were: A racist.
    That you equate the election of Barack Obama as somehow making you “the prisoner of a Muslim bunch of terrorists” further proves that you are incredibly…breathtakingly STUPID as well.
    You say out of one face that you do not run down the opinions of others, while spouting pure, ignorance and hatred with the other. It is not MY opinion that’s short sighted, you pathetic waste of DNA.
    Friends of many colors, indeed. How many colors? You pal around with fucking rainbows?
    The fact that you bother to count the NUMBER of colors; that you consider my opinion to reveal a “hatred of WHITE” demonstrates beyond question that you’re shallow, ignorant, stupid, damaged, brainless and pretty much all around the very thing that’s WRONG with America.
    “Oh…not ME! I have red friends, and yellow friends, and black friends…”
    Stupid. Racist. Bitch.
    Now stay the fuck off my blog, you ridiculous, imbecilic CUNT…and may your non-existent sky wizard take a giant omnipotent SHIT in your cornflakes.
    Oh…and just so you’re a little, tiny bit smarter than you were when you showed up the first time…YOUR “God” and the Muslim ALLAH are the SAME GOD! Did you know that? I bet not. Stupid, racist fucktard.

  9. Wow I saw this piece of paper yesterday and thought it was a joke. I mean really, this is someone in elected office doodling their name in huge letters with a checkbox next to it? Huh? This is really adolescent.

    Bonnie, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:54:
    “Do you want to live in a free country or all become Muslims!!!!”

    is this a joke? is someone really that scared and vacant to believe that someone is going to force americans to become muslims? this is preposterous.

    then Bonnie, later:

    “No one can fault me for being a person who does not want to become a prisoner of a Muslim bunch of terrorists.”

    okay I see I’ve been had. this person must be a paid hack for the “base.”

  10. As a white man, I have much “hatred for whites.” Ohhhh, how I loathe the white race!

    Seriously, Bonnie, if you want to have a productive conversation based on merits and policy, let me know. We can discuss McCain’s plan to tax your healthcare, or Palin’s utter ineptitude at answering a question.

    “I don’t hate anyone” -Bonnie

    heh, indeed.

  11. Hey Cous, please say you just have someone that is pretending to be “Bonnie” responding to your page! Please baby SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Apologies for the delay in posting your comments Constance and Future.
    I’ve pegged all comments originating from Bonnie to hold for moderation – first time I’ve ever done that. You folks triggered the mod string. While my notion of freedom of speech is rather more restrictive than you might expect for someone who tosses the word FUCKWIT around so cavalierly, I intend to ensure that Bonnie’s most recent hate-filled racist blithering is the last of hers that appears on VNV. She’ll have to apologize, promise to vote for Obama AND bear the bastard children of a Los Angeles Crip named Tonto Raheem Lipshitz before I ever let her back in here.

  13. You triggered it, too Pol.
    What’s a White-Hating, godless fucker to do, eh?
    No, man. She’s real. I can always recognize the painfully insane. May be a ‘Takes one to know one’ situation, but my brand is manageable.

  14. “Oh Rhett!”
    “It’s obvious she don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no babies!”
    “Let her live Rhett!”

    Listen shitbag, go find a Karl Rove blog to post on! I was just sort of setting up shop here a few days ago and I liked it until you rolled in.

    (Karl with a K, Pol. Call the Devil by his proper name. FTFY. Avi)

  15. no prob bob, it’s your blog, moderate to your heart’s content.

    Personally, I’d let her keep posting. We could probably whip her into such a frenzy that she’d just come right out and use the n-word.

  16. Thanks Cous I needed that.

  17. Hey Constance, we may be radical liberals but we aren’t that cruel are we? Oh uh, yeah, whelp guess we are. On second thought Cous, I vote to begin the slaughter!

  18. I’m not even that fucking liberal…as far as economic policy anyway, I’m kinda middle of the road. Socially, definitely. Being an atheist, it’s hard not to be. But I may as well be liberal as hell, our country has taking such a hard right turn the last 30 years, anyone to the left of Ayn Rand is considered a commie pinko these days.

    And yeah, I’m that cruel. At least anonymously 😉

  19. has taken*….Avi, feel free to correct my rushed transcripts

  20. anyone to the left of Ayn Rand is considered a commie pinko these days LMAO

    I’m only that cruel in person, Connie.

    It’s only to do with my severe intolerance for stupidity. It’s amusing, sure…to a point. Insistent stupidity, however…well, ever since they made online threats potentially criminal, I tend to wait UNTIL I can get some fleshy bang for my buck. If I’m gonna do the time…understand?
    And, in all honesty, Bonnie’s welcome to post again – but she’s not as welcome as the rest of humanity. SHE gets modded first. Racism is one thing. Stupidity is another.

  21. Are you folks emailing this link around or something?
    I’m not used to traffic like this. Jeepers, even.

    I’d get boastful and reveal the count, but it might seem small relatively speaking…but still…this may be my first single post to hit four digits (buffing fingernails on shirt)

  22. Understood…I have a short fuse for the stupid as well, though I have found I have a morbid curiosity for the left side of the Bell Curve. It’s why I enjoy the Office so much, both the BBC and NBC versions.

  23. Had to run down for my cheese grits and lace them up with protein powder. What’s up? Where’s Bonnie?

  24. Are you folks emailing this link around or something?

    It may be a couple of us refreshing. Do you have page count by the IP address? Or is it just by page view?

  25. Cous I think you’re getting fan blog.

  26. Ok I see we have turned to the really serious stuff now. Guess I’ll cut the shit.

  27. As between your depressing refreshing, and Pol’s suggestion that I’m developing an (ahem!) fan base (and I said that with a perfect William F. Buckley accent and intonation), I must say that I prefer the latter.
    Whatever. Refresh away, you twitchy little click monkeys! Hehe.
    I think Bonnie is not made of very stern stuff. She spouted her nonsense, and is now occupied reading Revelations, gloating over my impending toss into the Lake of Fire, lighting candles to atone for feeling schadenfreud at the prospect of my eternal damnation, and repeating, “I sure told HIM, though!”

  28. LOL @ Constance.
    Well, speaking for the tail end of the right side of the bell curve (more Buckley, there) I can’t say I have much patience for them.
    Love me some Ricky Gervais. Have never seen the US American version.

  29. Cous I saw your question on Bob’s place regarding trouble with your u-tube. I’m having the same issue. It worked fine the other day and now it’s starting and stopping and generally acting like a frigid sex partner. Did the fix work for you?

  30. As between your depressing refreshing, and Pol’s suggestion that I’m developing an (ahem!) fan base (and I said that with a perfect William F. Buckley accent and intonation), I must say that I prefer the latter.
    Whatever. Refresh away, you twitchy little click monkeys! Hehe.
    I think Bonnie is not made of very stern stuff. She spouted her nonsense, and is now occupied reading Revelations, gloating over my impending toss into the Lake of Fire, lighting candles to atone for feeling schadenfreud at the prospect of my eternal damnation, and repeating, “I sure told HIM, though!”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Cous you silly thing you!

  31. Well look at it this way…if you ever want to start shopping your blog around for ads to bring in a little revenue, these inflated (?) numbers can help you make your case.

    And I will have to say, Bill of the Buckley’s does tickle a particular funny bone. A reluctant Obamacon, but only because a McCain/Palin presidency would be GOLD JERRY…GOLD!

  32. Love me some Ricky Gervais. Have never seen the US American version.
    In truth, it is a bastardized, Americanized version, but Gervais produces it, and Steve Carrell as Michael Scott is one of the greatest pieces of comedic acting I have ever seen, ever. Plus, it has much better character development.

  33. Well…here’s where I’m at on the vid playback issue.

    Just restarted and am playing the Cohen link from a scroll down VNV. But it ALWAYS works after a restart, so that means fuck all.
    I’ve, in the past ten minutes, DL’d and reinstalled latest FFox. On restart, FFox told me it couldn’t play files on this site (presumably video).
    DL’d and reinstalled the flash player extension (had to do it manually – FFox tells me there’s nothing available), now FFox is playing…but, like I said, time will tell.
    Dunno why, but I have a sense it has something to do with Cesca’s joint. Just seemed to always lock up when I went for one of his vid clips. Doesn’t seem likely…would be sorta cool, tho, if some Palinite hacker was pissed at Sir Bob and decided to fuck with his front door…some sorta “No more mean Palin videos outta YOU” bit of front end code.
    That’s the purest speculation. I’m only aware of such tings in theory – you know, Sandra Bullock movies. Those fuckers need only a laptop and 30 seconds of WiFi at Starbucks to hack the whole North American defence network.

  34. I also like The Office. My all time favorite comedy in the whole wide fucking world though is the BC comedy Absoutely Fabulous which I think is no longer produced. I play Eddie in real life occasionally. Later buds. Oh Cous, great fucking post!

  35. Thanks for the dope on the tube. Think I’ll see if I can just go to tube and play one.

  36. Inflated numbers.
    Inflated numbers?
    Fuck you.
    I’m popular, goddamn it.
    I’m not one of those Blog insiders, with lotsa, y’know, political insider blogging years under my belt. I’m just a maverick blogger, from Taiwan (Foreign Policy EXPERIENCE!) by way of east coast Canada (SMALL town), connectin’ with Joe Bandwidth out there and all those angry snooker players dontcha know….
    Fuck it. I’d go on but it actually offends me so fuckin’ deeply I can’t even mock it.

  37. Oh god damn, I tried imitating Palin for about 30 sec., and had to wash my mouth out with a 5th of Makers.

  38. hey bonnie- time for a revisit of your opinions…did President Obama take off that mask you envisioned he was wearing and reveal himself to be a Muslim? did he turn America over to the terrorists? no, because you are, and I don’t like labelling people, an idiot. You have difficulty deciding for yourself what is reality versus what FOX news scares you into believing. Wake up, you were wrong. Be a standup person and admit that, question where you aquired your erronous view and educate yourself.

    • My goodness! Banyan Tree! What has become of you? Apparently a diet of leeks, rice and imaginary meat has rendered you titchy.

  39. Man cousinavi, you called it a year ago.

    Bullshit “Campaign Journal” (dreaming of a book deal) and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder made very identifiable and popular by Purdum’s VF Palin hit piece only in the last few months.

    I am Alaskan, I remain horrified at how this whackjob made anything of herself outside the ‘Valley.”

  40. How does the song go? “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”. You identify a sociopath by one outstanding symptom. The first thing a sociopath does is elicit sympathy. People are “victimizing” them. So watch for that. She’s going to go on and on about being a victim.

    Palin is exactly like my mother. My mother did the same thing. My mother would have run for president if you asked her. She always had to be at the city hall causing problems. If there weren’t any problems, she would make problems – like throw a rock thru her own window, or set off her own burglar alarm.

    My mother also preyed on me and made my life miserable. When I was little, she would put chemicals in my formula. Then she would claim that she had a sick baby. My aunt finally caught her. The best thing about having Palin in the public eye, is that there’s a lesser chance that she will go around hurting people.

    Notice how she doesn’t really care about her children? She sort of dumped them? No mother does this. Sarah spun it as patriotism. She dragged her little kids out into the public eye, never gave a thought to their mental health.

    We’re going to hear stories about Palin after her kids are all grown. I finally took my mother to a shrink when she was 89. She refused to go anytime before that and the law didn’t require her. My mother hit people with her car and called it an accident. She did things to me when I was little that she should have been in prison for doing. If I told anybody, they didn’t believe me.

    It took the shrink about 10 minutes – then he wrote a note and held it up where she couldn’t see it – the note said “How long has she been like this?” I said 89 years. She’s nuts. He ordered her placed in an institution.

    When he called the police to come over there, they refused to come. The ambulance crew refused to transport her. She finally had to go home and I had to baby sit her for 4 years. The shrink said he’s never had any problem getting cooperation from the police and ambulance crew.

    Why didn’t they transport her? My mother spent her whole life getting favors from the police and the city hall, lying about me, lying about other people, causing problems for innocent people. And by 89, the police loved her. They thought she was a “kooky” old lady. As long as she kept sending donations to the police officer’s association, they loved her.

    Palin is exactly like my mother. She’s covering herself by immersing herself in the public eye, where nobody can expose her. Nobody will believe anything. She would have to stab somebody in public, or shoot somebody – and then she would call it self-defense. She’s diabolical.

  41. To Shari Hodges,

    Thank-you for sharing- it’s hard to believe if your story is real or not, but it is extrordinary and thought provoking.

  42. I believe Shari’s story absolutely. If you’ve ever had experience with a mentally ill family member you would fully recognize the difficulties in getting them treated. My brother, who is a nuclear physicist, suffers from schizo-effective disorder. He lives with my 76 year old mother. During one particularly bad episode my brother, who is normally a very passive and gentle person, became verbally very abusive towards my mother and she felt physically intimidated. She did throw some milk on his shirt at one point – a sort of knee-jerk reaction to something especially offensive he had said. When we called the police to intervene they almost arrested my mother rather than my brother. They claimed that throwing the milk was assault! We did finally go to a justice of the peace the next day and we swore to a Form 2 which allowed us to have him committed for 72 hours. The police were then forced to pick him up and take him to the hospital. Incidentally my brother was horrified at his own behaviour when the meds finally brought him back down to earth.

    So Shari, I totally empathize with your situation and I do agree with your assessment of Sarah Palin.

  43. Shari,

    I empathize and believe every word.

    I’m a 64 year-old retired HS teacher.

    My mother was also “diabolical.”

    Cold as ice. Unloving. Abusive both physically and emotionally. Attention-seeking. Raging alcoholic. Mood swings (diagnosed in the mid-seventies as manic-depressive). Never would accept any treatment or responsibility.

    My father was a prominent, hard-working business man. Our family would have been considered “well-off.” Country club membership, etc. ‘Course I didn’t know it at the time.

    I did know I never would have friends over. She pushed my first husband down the stairs, chased me and my sister with a knife, threatened my beloved father with a gun, just for starters. I was slapped in the face so many times I lost count until my 16th birthday when I slapped back.

    The stories I could tell would cause people’s mouths to hit the floor.

    People don’t make this “stuff” up. Shari is telling the truth.

    Unless you’ve suffered a similar parental nightmare.

    I never blamed her for my mistakes and how my life unfolded.

    She had delusions of grandeur like Palin. Didn’t care about her kids like Palin. Used us as props so she looked better like Palin. Never accepted any responsibility for any thing she did like Palin.

    On and on and on.

    I’ve taken my share of psychology classes in college and after. As a high school teacher, I used what I learned. And my family has a history of alcoholism and depression.

    I couldn’t agree with the author of the original post.

    Palin is absolutely mentally ill. She lives in a land of delusion and entitlement. Victim is her middle name. No one is ever “right” except Palin. And the woman could justify killing someone. After all, she IS murdering defenseless wolves from planes.

    She hids the fact that she was pregnant when she married in haste. Yet judges the actions of others.

    Her relationship to her “god” is positively frightening. Which is fine IF she didn’t try to shove it down everyone else’s throats.

    She NEVER answers a question. Deflection. Side-stepping. Rambling on until the audience is either dazzled with her “BS” or asleep.

    And lie!!?? A professional. I guarantee you she didn’t write one sentence in her so-called book. Not one. She doesn’t know what a subject and a verb are.

    So back to Shari! I empathize. I understand. And I feel your pain.

    I wonder how my life would have been different had I really had a mother. She died, alone in a room, 11 years ago. She never wanted to have anything to do with my sister and I or her grandchildren no matter how much we tried to help.

    One has to let go of something that “toxic” or be swallowed up by it.

    Some mothers do eat their young.

    And Palin IS one of them.

  44. A politician said that where Sarah Palin is from, thats the white trash. Yes, Sarah is street smart white trash. Her son had to go into the military for vandalizing school buses, Bristol knocked up, Willow recently arressted. Sarah is not educated and very jealous of the elite, because she was poor and trailor trash. Sarah is vapid, stupid, sarcastic, mean, petty,
    vindictive, greedy, ignorant, a big lier and really has no morals and certainly no decency. She is a terrible mother, all her kids are in trouble, stole clothes from Meiman Marcus etc. The list gos on and on. She uses her palm as a Hill Billy Palm Pilot. Please, make this ridiculous witch go back to Wasilla, Sarah Palin is a NATIONAL DISGRACE. Thanks John McCain, you are another moron, thats your legacy, The Wasilla Hillbilly, Sarah makes me puke! The people of Alaska are a bunch of malcontents!

  45. […] is an interesting analysis from a blogger in 2008: A practicing psychiatrist weighs in on this one. […]

  46. It’s always interesting to again witness the stunning hatred and intolerance from the so-called liberal left in America.

    • How big of you. And what is it I hate or fail to tolerate? It’s a simple, blatantly obvious truth that for 30-plus years, the Republicans, and especially their most prominent mouthpieces (Reagan, Gingrich, Bush, Palin, Bachmann, Barbour, DeMint, Cheney, Cantor and on, and on, and sadly on…) have been engaged in the worst sort of boneheaded, bullshit, lying, corporatist hate-fucking of America and the principles on which it was founded; they’ve been simply and dramatically wrong on every fucking issue they’ve touched, touted not a single policy that helped anyone but their own pockets and those of their greedy bastard uber-capitalist masters.
      As for Palin…if you DON’T think she’s a deranged, egotistical simpleton too stupid to ever know how stupid she is, you must be just as imbecilic or willfully blind. But that’s part of the profile – it’s simply impossible for you to ever look honestly at the horror you’ve wrought by drawing racists and the stone ignorant into the base of your party.
      And what do I get for pointing it out? Called hateful and intolerant by some fuckwit simpleton like YOU.
      Fuck off, you asshole.

    • Is that any worse than the stunning hatred and intolerance of the so-called conservative right in America? You know, conservatives. The guys who are supposed to be restrained, intelligent, unemotional, rationalists? But for all of 2010, I saw them running around yelling, screaming, waving hyperbolic & irrational (at best) placards and even loaded weapons at protests. The entire political subtext of 2010 was “Let’s take our country back…from the Negroes and the women (aka Obama & Pelosi) and those fucking Beaners too!”

      Because minorities and women totally run America, don’t you know?

      But at the end of the day, an American’s American-ness trumps political affiliation. To ironically paraphrase well known American pacifist H. Rap Brown, author of Die! Nigger Die! :

      “Hatred and intolerance are as American as motherfucking cherry pie.”

      Show me an American who isn’t driven by hatred and intolerance and I’ll show you a Canadian. 😉

  47. Let me start off with something simple even for someone like you to understand.

    Haters will always hate.
    Haters are like an impenetrable brick wall.
    Haters spout hate speech because of the following – They no have defensive argument.
    – They use hate speech because deep down they know the opposing view is “right”, and they can’t stand it much less accept it.
    – Lastly they are absolutely closed minded and it shows immaturity.

    You know cousinavi, it really shows your level of intelligence, if any, by using inflammatory language and hate speech. Using foul language does not support your argument or “difference of opinion” what so ever. Apparently, you don’t care about other people’s opinions and arguments do you? In your delusional perspective, you view your opposing side as a bunch of stupid, ignorant, and racist morons.
    Am I right so far?

    You are blind by your extreme prejudice towards Sarah Palin, of her beliefs, her values, as well as those same beliefs and values for most rationally, fair-minded thinkers alike. Would it sastisfy you to fantasize a world without people like Sarah Palin if you had the means to get rid of them or anyone who doesnt agree with your views?

    What kind of world would be?

    Well, although I may have wasted my time trying to convince you of you immature blogging, hopefully this will rattle your cage in some effect.

    So I can only hope that true “Enlightenment” will reach you someday. Until then, please do continue living within your delusional bubble, and keep on hating cousinavi with your insignificant rants and hate speech. You and others alike will just make people like Sarah Palin only stronger.

    • When you achieve a minimal degree of literacy I trust your opinion will similarly evolve. Until then, you’re just another Palin American whose language skills mirror their ability to think.

      What kind of world would be, indeed.

    • First of all, logic does not win. We are an irrational species ruled by our egos and appetites. Logic rarely even enters the equation, let alone wins. Unless your moniker is ironic, it pre-labels you an idiot not to be taken seriously.

      Second, if you can’t see through Sarah Palin’s bullshit act by now, you’re dumber than she is. Behind that beauty queen face is exactly what the title of this topic claims. She is a nasty, manipulative, narcissistic, attention seeking, media whore.

      She’s a walking con-job. Forget her “beliefs” and “values”. Even if they exist, they are irrelevant. The only thing she truly believes in and is talented at is making everything about her.

      The only reasons people pay attention to her is because:

      1) She’s purdy.
      2) She sells papers and generates ratings because of her looks and the emotional reactions to her.
      3) She spouts stuff a certain demographic wants to hear, even though she barely understands any of it. That’s the beauty queen training at work. Tell the judges what they want to hear and they will reward you. Blow them if you have to.

      She is a completely empty package. I don’t understand why right wingers who are serious about their honestly held beliefs don’t draw and quarter her. I would. She is a mockery, a complete fucking joke.

    • Dear ‘Logic’wins,

      Idiots will always be idiots.
      Idiots are like an impenetrable brick wall of idiocy.
      Idiots spout idiot speech because of the following – They are idiots.

      I note that nowhere in your comment do you actually reply with anything of SUBSTANCE. No rebuttal of the observations about Sarah Palin’s behavior in her various roles, or about her lack of knowledge, not just of issues or policy, but of basic facts- no reply at all other than an attempt at patronising warmth. You said nothing and what we’re looking for here is intelligent discussion of observation and ideas. We’re not Haters, we’re Lovers, Lovers of life, of freedom and of the truth as it can best be found, but you, sadly, are just an ass-backward fuck-wad moron who doesn’t know their anus from their birthday dinner. Suck it with a straw, Logicwins- you have yourself proved to everyone that you are a quavering idiot.

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