Kathleen Parker – One Rockin’ Right Winger

It’s refreshing to find someone on the right besides George Will that doesn’t make me instantly want to punch something every time they open their mouth.  Kathleen Parker appears to call it as she sees it and refuses to blindly and glibly cheer lead for what she views as a weak choice in Sarah Palin.  Ever since Bill Buckley shuffled off to Buffalo, I was beginning to worry that there weren’t enough decent conservative brain cells left to save the brand.  That would be a shame.  I prefer having something than utter contempt for the other side.

Thanks, Kathleen.  I wonder, though, if the response from your base – the emails filled with hate and vicious threats – have given you pause…made you consider who’s buying conservative stock these days.  After all, when one looks around and finds oneself surrounded by small-minded, ugly, petty fuckwits, doesn’t that make you wonder if perhaps you’ve wandered down the wrong path?

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