Erratic Old Coot

Noam Scheiber has a great piece in The New Republic on tonight’s debate.  He points out:

What McCain doesn’t realize is that his greatest enemy isn’t Obama, or even the collapsing economy. It’s the perception that he’s an erratic old coot. That creates a deadly Catch-22: The only way you erase a 6-point deficit is by doing something dramatic. But the moment  McCain does something dramatic, he reminds people he’s an erratic old coot–the reason he’s down in the first place.

Not sure why Noam calls it a 6-point deficit – most of the polls are stretching 10.  In any case, I expect McCain to come out swinging aggressively.  It’s in his nature and he hasn’t got the right stuff to stand toe-to-toe with Barack Obama on the issues.  Smear early, smear hard.  Bite, kick, gouge.  Difficult to predict how that strategy will work in a format where the audience is asking the questions – McCain may have to pull a version of the Palin:  “I’m not going to address that question.  I want to talk about how my opponent is a lying, unpatriotic, elite naif.”


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  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts, but not logged into messenger. Conversing through comments is not preferred.

    Also, McMumbles IS an old coot, that’s why he is perceived as such. I mean Jesus, when is 70 NOT old.

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