Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton

Rumours are swirling that the reason Hillary has been largely absent, and tepid when present, in her campaigning for Barack Obama is that the Big O refused to promise her a nomination to the USSC.
Christ, Hil…WTF?

George tried to slide Harriet Miers through and got stomped for it.  Now you think you’re ready, above and beyond all the sitting, working, experienced appellate judges hearing argument and writing decisions every day in the whole United States?  (Assuming said rumours are remotely accurate.)  This speaks more directly to a misplaced sense of entitlement than anything resembling merit, and failure to recognize that renders you incompetent for the bench.
You might be a hell of a driver.  You might even own your own racing team.  Engine design is another thing.

Here’s the deal, doll face.  The NEW way of doing things doesn’t pay off political hopes, dreams and quid pro quos with meaty bones tossed to the unqualified.  Sure, you have a law degree…but it’s been far too long since you cracked open a book to look up a cite, argued a case (much less an appeal), or took the time to examine in detail the obiter dicta of a well-written dissent to make the argument that in any way, shape or form you’re the BEST suited to sit on the highest court in land.  Without putting too fine a point on it, you got up to some shady shit during Nixon’s impeachment that even cursory examination suggests is sufficiently questionable to render moot any question of confirmation.

And in Obama’s world, you’re either the best-suited or an also-ran.  Sorry.  Welcome to the New Boss…not the same as the Old Boss.

In the New Game, you do your best and are rewarded appropriately.  Failure to make your best effort out of spite, childish petulance, or “I get mine, you get yours” is a quick trip to, “Oops, your invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.”
Incompetence, while undesirable, is forgivable.  Willful negligence is not.

You should have been reasonable – suggested in passing something like Solicitor General…perhaps even a mid-level cabinet post dealing with health care reform.  You’d have been a shoe-in.
But you ought to be working harder to make sure Caribou Barbie doesn’t bust right the fuck through YOUR cracked glass ceiling.
YOU, Hillary, ought to be out there gnawing the flesh from Sarah Palin’s hollow skull!

I am forced (and at this point in the game, sadly) to stand by everything I’ve ever written about Hillary Clinton.


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