Proof Republicans Are Teh Stupid – VP Debate Polls

In the wake of the Veep debate, snap polling provides the following head scratchers:

Now, look…anyone who thinks Sarah Palin didn’t have her vapid ass and empty head handed to her by the better candidate; wasn’t completely dismembered by her own incompetence, has their head so far up John McCain’s wrinkly old arse that they shouldn’t be trusted to butter toast.
Dems saw it right.  Independents saw it right.  But LOOK at those GOP hosers, eh?  It make me to fall over and to the floor.  I must to hold my side and gather tears of joy and wonder, even as they are to make me inquire, “Comrade, have you done your eyes an injury?”

Pffft.  Un-fucking-believable!  Whistling past the graveyard.
This is like the Dead Parrot sketch.
“No…it’s only resting!  Pining for the fjords!”
Lovely plummage, the Alaskan Green.
Listen up Republicans.  You can nail her feet to the perch all you want.  It’s still a dead fuckin’ parrot.


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