No WHARGARBL! Only Death.

I have twelve pages of notes.  I have been without sleep too long.  These are my thoughts on what transpired.

It neither flipped nor flopped.  I had envisioned a well-coached Palin delivering rehearsed talking points in perfect GOP cheerleader cadence:  Gimme a Freedom!  Gimme a Liberal!  Gimme a tax hike!
Failing that I wanted – we were all primed for (and, come on…admit it…you wanted it) – a total meltdown; moose in the headlights; crickets.
Well that ain’t at all how it went down.  Palin appeared, when not delivering lines well learned, to be on giant doses of speed.  I know it wasn’t coke because cokeheads make more sense than that and don’t seem quite so desperate so early into the game.
It was the death of a thousand incompetences.  There was not a single issue, a single round, a single point that went to Flailin’ Palin tonight.  She was exposed.

Biden had far and away the best lines:

“If that isn’t proof of what I say, I don’t know what CAN be.”

Palin was insistent on talking points, only talking points and obviously so.

It was ugly for Palin early and never got any better.  Her best were rare moments of bare posturing – an acceptable facsimile of competence, and even then only in theory, certainly not in comparison to Biden.

Biden just horribly strong throughout.  Never condescending, never dismissive.  Just clear, clean proof that he knows more about everything…just EVERYTHING…than Sarah Palin, and without doubt John McCain, too.

The Same Sex Moment. Good-bye X-tian fundie homo-haters.  Sarah makes no judgment on whether that’s right or wrong.  Well played, Biden.

Palin pulls scripted “White flag of surrender” line.  Weak.  More interesting the line, “…that victory that lies within sight.”  Probably good Biden didn’t follow that one, but an interesting thing to say.

I win my prediction on “Israel wiped off the face of the earth,” and, “Stinking corpse,” quotes.  A gimme…I take no pride.

Palin elevates The Castro Brothers to “Dangerous Dictator” status. Am sure Castro Brothers will be pleased.

Palin invokes 2nd Holocaust.  They are coming for the Jews again!  Vote McCain!

Biden reminds everyone he’s a friend to Israel.  That’s just true.  All the old Miami Jews know that.

Palin is too folksy.  Too flippant and ‘Aw, gosh darn!’ about fucking SERIOUS business.

Got a slight notion Ifill was controlling the timing.  Consciously?  Subconsciously?  Just no way to avoid it because one side was a yammering mannequin?
If Biden is always strong and Palin is always weak, the very act of tossing the ball over the net tends to look a little mean no matter when or how one does it.
Fuck all that.  If the timing was designed to make Palin step up or fail, the strategy worked fine.  Palin failed.
Biden had the same opportunities to say something stupid, to fuck something up…he didn’t.  1A – 4F…no contest.  I had expected well-rehearsed Obama attacks from Palin.  Vicious attacks.  They never materialized.  She was too concerned with being the Jo Six-Pack everyone wants to be pals with cuz she’s just so fuckin adorable.

Palin comes out strong on SURGE.
This is stuff she has learned and said many times.  Comfort zone.  Power increasing.
Biden stronger!  Sorry, Barbie…I KNOW this shit.  I didn’t cram it…I KNOW it.
GREAT LINE to BIDEN: “America has a stomach for success.”

Palin slides, wiggles and yammers her way from “I’m a Washington outsider, through Sudan, Darfur and some other blither, to Iraq policy, to John McCain was a POW and knows how to win wars.


Biden is obviously qualified to take the reins in the event of that horrible contemplation.
Palin is obviously not.

Palin says, “Doggone it!”
No…really.  She said it and I ain’t even making this shit up.  Palin said, “Doggone it!”
Call me a liar and I’ll knock your ass unconscious.  “Doggone it!”  She said it.
Lard T’underin’ JAYziz, eh?


Palin:  I’m a bit of puff piece effrontery – a facade for the pretend version of alternative energy development!
Biden:  I’m a sought out, listened to, seriously considered, present, supportive, experienced aide in whatever fashion I can bring my skills to bear in the service of the president…and I got some skills.
TKO.  No…KO!  Massive drop-your-ass-to-the-canvas right hand.  Nighty fucking night.

Palin goes personal!  Son in the war.  Special needs baby Trig.  Me an’ Todd an’ a dog named Boo.

Oh.  MY.  GOD!!!
That shit was real.  That was not scripted.  He was overwhelmed by the moment.
Biden.  KNOCKOUT!  This shit is over.  Please…someone make it stop!  It’s not even a contest anymore!  10 RUN RULE!!!
Smart and has feelings.  Mrs. Biden best watch out.  Joe just became about as hot as Sean Connery hopes he still is…maybe ever was.  That was real and NO ONE fools a vicious bastard like me with fake tears.
No shit – I’m tearing up now just recalling it.  This is Ol’ Yeller territory…no joke.

Palin is just over matched.  It really was that simple.  Just out of her league.  She was a fair fish in a medium pond – cut off from all the other ponds.  The transfer was not successful.  Palin did not thrive in deeper waters.  She’s a shallow water fish and there’s nothing to be done for all that.

Palin:  “If we all work together, it’s all gonna be okay!” (nose wrinkle)
WTF?  Who are you?  Fucking Tinkerbell?

Closing Statements:

Palin weak and rehearsed and STILL weak.  Weaker for knowing it was rehearsed and still so poorly delivered.
Directly mentions average families, so blessed, gins up some fear and sprays some POW around.
Biden closes STRONG.

Verdict:  Biden, by a margin so wide as to be utterly embarrassing for both parties.  A pathetic and sad mauling of an incompetent, under-skilled and ill-prepared opponent – someone with absolutely no business even being in the ring.

Somewhere, in a small room where no one speaks or breathes because Caribou Barbie said, “Shhhh!,” Sarah Palin is watching the tape.  And while her friends and family reassure her that she did a great job, she knows.  She can taste it.  And it’s not the chocolately goodness she was led to expect.


12 Responses

  1. Hi Avi – Im a fellow Bob Cesca commenter and always enjoy reading your comments. Thanks for the link to your blog…i’ll be visiting you here from now on.

  2. Glad you stopped by, Caroline. Great debate, eh?

  3. Hey Avi – I couldn’t agree more.

    You know what kills me about McCain’s “I know how to win wars” line? Really? The only war you were involved in, you got shot down and were a prisoner for 5 1/2 years while it was fought. And if you DO know how to win wars, why aren’t you sharing that info with the Generals you love to quote? Or are you just holding that info ransom for the Presidency? Dipshit.

    Hope you stop by my site as well. See you on the Cesca comments.

  4. My my, loved it. Now I remember you from last night. You were the one pointing out she was a doll on speed. Hahahahahaha! Yup yup.

    Why in the fuck ANYONE would want to be part of the “Joe-6-pack, hockey mom’s across the nation” crowd is beyond my ability to reason.

    Very astute observations Avi!

  5. Glad you stopped by, Poleezz.
    See you over at Cesca’s joint 🙂

  6. What’s up, Cousin (Snoop Dogg-style)?!
    Pecos representin’!!! I dropped in to say, “thanks” for the enlightenment on ALL the bullshit the BBQ try to serve us!
    Ole girl wasn’t so bad last nite. That fuckin’ sexy wink had me throwin’ dollah bills at my TV!!!

  7. Hey…the law west of the Cesca. Nice you stopped in.
    Awful? She was a train wreck that never had the sense to get off the tracks and skid to a halt. Just kept grinding along until the time ran out and someone could throw a spanner into her gears to get the wheels to stop spinning.
    The WINK. OMG…the wink. It will be mocked mercilessly and deservedly so. It is the height AND depth of shallow, vapid, putrid, slimy, insincere SHIT – a true tell. Proof that she’s a con artist who has always gotten her way – everything she ever wanted – by being cute and folksy. It was, all things considered, a gorgeous and sweet full frontal exposure of a pathetic and incompetent heap of steaming moose shit.

  8. Cousinavi,
    I am glad you brought up the Castro Brothers, I nearly shat myself when she pulled that one out of her wig.
    I think Biden choking up really allowed SP to show her true colours. That moment was so real and what does she do? Grin like there’s no tomorrow. Made me sick to my stomach (although that could have been the beer I shotgunned when she said ‘stinking corpse’)
    As always, a very insightful commentary.

  9. Oh. MY. GOD!!!

    When he did that, I looked over at my girlfriend and she had a tear in her eye. Fucking brilliant moment, and the fact that it was real makes it even more so.

  10. Hello Constance. Glad you stopped in for a peek 🙂
    Yeah…that Biden moment was perhaps the highlight of the night. Certainly not theater – perfectly genuine.
    Conventional wisdom – VEEP debates change nothing unless there is a monstrous gaffe. I disagree. I think THIS debate was a game sealer.
    Biden is strong, able and confident. Palin is a joke.
    It demonstrates Obama’s sound judgment over McCain’s rash senility in ways that the two principals could never settle in twenty debates.

  11. @ BearsWife
    LOL. Yeah…gotta figure Raoul and Fidel and happy to be promoted from Caribbean poverty-stricken backwater despots to Dangerous Dictators.
    Do they get a raise in pay?

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