Just Scroll Through the Comments!

CNN Headline quotes McCain:  “Obama’s poll numbers are up because life isn’t fair.”

Here’s the link.  Just scroll through the comments.

I’d lay odds on McMumblefuck turning this shit around, but it’s a sucker bet no matter how you play it.  All that’s left is the over/under and even that’s starting to look like it has be cut 70-30 to get any serious action.

Concede now, John.  Save yourself the embarrassment of the Guy Fawkes Day concession speech.

Remember, remember the fifth of November
WHARGARBL, voters and plot.
I see no reason incompetence and treason
Should ever be forgot…

(It’s a fact: 05/11 was me Pa’s birthday…and if he were still alive, he’d be violating US election law to send Obama money from Canada.   “So?  Let them arrest me.”)
LOL!  When Joel reads that, he’ll laugh, too.


5 Responses

  1. Nothing like a good Guy Fawkes WHARGARBL, huzzah! V For Vendetta made me want to overthrow my government. That’s why I love that movie. Of course, simply watching CNN for eleven seconds makes me want to overthrow my government, so there’s that.


    Cheers, mate.



  3. LOL.. Did I mention I’ve been drinking for uhhh about 10 hours now. Certain I said my pipe was also handy.
    And the debate is coming. I’m all a’twitter!
    Have some fucking patience, ya fuckin’ SCOUSER!

  4. Wish I’d saved the four posts I just spammed. Did snatch the video – will send you the link later when things calm down and you’ll understand why i moderate comments. I’ll take almost anything – even the fuckwits – but some things are just over the fucking line.

  5. it’s true.. I did laugh, and if you got censored, it’s only because you needed to be, just be glad it was him, if it were me, ask avi about the the knife/ the screwdriver/, and the frog gun… I censor different

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