Advice for Palin – Michelle Cottle

Michelle Cottle, a senior editor of The New Republic, offers some sage advice to Sarah Palin for the looming debate.

So, my advice to Governor Palin is to stop letting your fussy handlers freak you out. You’re going to do just fine. You won’t be on that stage alone. Biden is bound to open himself up for at least a couple of good scoldings. The media is poised to write your comeback story. Your base is going to love you no matter what. And if things do happen to go badly, you can always claim that Ifill wanted to take you out as a way to sell more books. All things considered, there’s really no way you can lose. Unless this Ifill book dust-up compels the debate commission to replace her with Katie Couric tomorrow night. Then you’re pretty much screwed.

Join hands, kids, as we pray for a giant WHARGARBL!

And here, from, one of the better assessments of debate skills exhibited in the past vis the current situation into which Caribou Barbie has been Post Turtled:

Still, for all her success on Alaska’s small stage, her contest with Biden will be different than any other debate the governor has participated in, and not just because of the size of the television audience.
In a one-on-one debate with Biden, Palin will not be able to position herself above the fray, as she did so effectively in the gubernatorial campaign. She’ll have to confront Biden much more directly, and the Delaware senator may not be as easy to bait as her dyspeptic primary opponents.

Our Father, who art in Heaven,
WHARGARBL be thy name,
The debate come,
The truth be done,
In politics as it ought to be.
Give us this day our daily WHARGARBL!
and forgive Sarah her incompetence
as we forgive those who nominated the dizzy flip.
Lead us not into another GOP administration,
but deliver us from McMumblefuck,
for thine is the Republic,
the power and the glory,
unless you let McBush trash it completely,
forever and ever,


2 Responses

  1. I’m betting that your prayers will go unanswered – unless you’re willing to count some gaffe of Biden’s as fulfillment of them.

    Palin didn’t become Mayor and then Governor by being stupid. I’ve followed her career as best as I was able to and what I’ve seen of Palin as VP candidate doesn’t match up with Palin as Governor or Palin as Gubernatorial candidate.

    Expect a very different person in this debate than what you’ve been allowed to see so far.

  2. @ jonolan

    I do. If you scan about some other posts, you’ll realize I expect the vapid fuckwit from Wasila to put on her level best Miss Congeniality / Pit Bull attacking conservative talking point crap fest EVER.
    None of that makes her qualified to drive the fuckin’ TOUR BUS that takes Alaskan retirees to VISIT the White House, much less serve as Vice President.
    She’s a con, a sham, a put-up job…BAIT staked out in the clearing – and too stupid to know it.

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