Palin Brain On A Leash

Senator Gimpy McMumblefuck puts his little yapping idiot Pit Bull on a snap choke and keeps her heeled in this next Couric clip.

In this episode, Caribou Barbie doesn’t run off the reservation too far.  There are still danger signs that she’s not ready to play with the big dogs but that’s not the interesting bit.
In a truly lame attempt at explaining why his Pit Bull misbehaved on her last visit, McCain says that we all understand “Gotcha journalism…is that the name of a pizza place?  Henhhenhhh!”
It wasn’t a case of Gotcha! journalism, John.  It was a question that Palin couldn’t handle and buggered severely.  By casting it as something it was not, then dismissing it out of hand, McCain is merely trying to make out that it was not yet another example of Sarah Palin’s utter vapidity and incompetence, but rather those nasty left-wing journos playing their nasty Obama-loving tricks; asking tricky questions with the intent of tripping up the candidate.   One might remark, in any case, how easily tripped, eh?  And having been tripped, she didn’t merely stumble – she face planted into the sidewalk and took out a stack of cans on the way down.
The truly weak attempt at making a joke – Is that the name of a pizza place? Henhhenhhhh! – only makes the stench worse.
Firstly, it ain’t funny.  Not even a little funny.  If I saw anyone slap their knees and chuckle, “Oh, that McCain!  Good one!  Pizza place!” I’d kill them on the spot for lacking a sense of humour and being too stupid to live.
Secondly, it’s not a real attempt at humour and that shows all over McCain’s face and body language.  It’s condescending, dismissive, contemptuous and reveals nothing more than a frustrated and over-eager attempt at a bait-and-switch.
There’s also something else patronizing and disgusting in his tone – the rising interrogative he employs when he says, “You don’t tell them your plans.”  It’s the same tone he uses whenever he says, “That’s not change you can believe in,” or “That’s not leadership you can believe in…” or any of the other canned lines that dismiss his opponent.  The tone speaks to that same smirking crap we’ve heard from Bush for the past eight years – that inner certainty that anyone who doesn’t completely agree with him is not merely wrong but simply incapable of understanding.

There’s one other thing I note from this clip:  Palin’s eagerness to leap first without thinking and the flash across McCain’s face the moment she starts yammering – a flash that looks to me like, “Jesus, she never shuts the fuck up!”  McCain is the Big Dog, yet the little yipping Pit Bull starts barking without so much as looking to her master for permission.  It looks to me like a man who wishes he had a rolled up newspaper and can barely restrain himself from shouting, “I TOLD YOU TO SIT!”

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  1. Haha! Great post! I love how they have to keep coming back to Katie to fix Palin’s mistakes. Who’ll be there at the next interview? A Palin-to-Logic interpreter? They’ll certainly have their job cut out for them.

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