McCain Brain – Befuddled

McCain keeps repeating, in his attacks on Barack Obama’s willingness to attack Al Qaeda inside Pakistan (and when correcting his yippy little Pit Bull who apparently agrees with Obama), “You don’t tell them your plans.”

How is one to take this?  Clearly it can only be understood in two ways:

1.  It is not an objection to conducting military missions inside Pakistan in order to capture or kill Bin Laden, but rather a tactical objection to saying that’s what you will do.
2.  It IS an objection to conducting military missions inside Pakistan, and saying you would do so is a myopic threat that should never be spoken and cannot be carried out.

That’s wrong, no matter which way you slice it.  Not only wrong, it’s silly.  Of course you tell them what you are going to do, and then you DO IT.  That’s how you demonstrate both seriousness of purpose and that you are a country that is as good as its president’s word (which would be a nice change).

McCain would apparently prefer to tell Pakistan nothing and draw no lines in the sand for anyone.
He isn’t interested in warning anyone of the consequences of failing to live up to their word, or for taking actions they’ve been warned against.  He would rather, without warning or notice, simply exercise American military force anywhere he sees fit, whenever he sees fit, without so much as a tip of the hat to America’s alleged ALLIES.  It’s either that, or he would refuse to act at all because Bin Laden is inside Pakistan.
There’s only two ways to take, “You don’t say things like that outloud,” and neither of them reveal McCain as competent upstairs or down.  Balls or brains – take your pick –  McCain is impotent or stupid.

Barack Obama, conversely, thinks it’s a good idea to tell Pakistan to get their shit together in the War on Terror BUT if they can’t, America will not pass up Bin Laden for any reason.  Period.
“Here’s your responsibilities.  Meet them or there will be consequences AND, spotting a chance to achieve the goal, we’ll come in and do the job if you can’t or won’t.”

One of those positions seems to have some stones and some consideration behind it.  The other seems like flailing madly about without comprehension or a plan.  Trust me, I know how to win wars.  Trust me, I’d follow him to the gates of hell.  Trust me, I was a POW.  Don’t ask me any fucking questions!  I KNOW HOW TO WIN WARS!

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