McCain Said “HORSESHIT!”

It has been asserted that Senator McCain uttered the word, “Horseshit,” during the debate.  Did he?

If he did, there are two problems with McCain saying “Horseshit.”
1.  It reveals a disqualifying degree of intemperance; a man who can’t control his emotions or his tongue
2.  If anyone was going to use the word horseshit, it should have been Obama in reference to McCain’s yammering, talking point horseshit.

The McCranky campaign issued what might technically be termed a horsehit denial – which is redundant, ironic or both.  A spokesman for Senator McMumblefuck insisted that what he’d actually said was, “‘Course not,” despite the fact that “course not” would seem to make no sense in the context of the moment.  It does, however, sort of rhyme with the word horse, so when scrambling for an explanation it would, at first glance, appear to be a better lie than insisting McCain said, “Fuddle duddle!” (Ah, Pierre…those were the days, n’est pas?)

From a bit at Bob Cesca’s Goddamn Awesome Blog, a truly great comment.  This one’s a keeper.  On this evidence, we can go before any jury not made up entirely of Rush Limbaugh’s bastard children.

I was born hard of hearing. I had 6 years of extremely demanding speech reading from age 7-13. Face straight on, from an angle, it’s easy. From the side it’s much harder….

Now I’m post lingually deaf. My eyes have totally compensated for my ears. I lipread tons of different lips and jaws everyday. It’s my second, third, fourth and fifth nature.

I know every “dupe” out there. For example, I can distinguish between these:
I love you
Island view
I’ll have two
Olive juice
Elephant shoes

I don’t need a clean, straight on shot to tell you that I’m 100% certain that he said “That’s horseshit… horseshit”. Look in the mirror and say “course not” Notice how your jaw drops straight down for “not”. Then say horseshit and you can see your jaw doesn’t need to drop as much.

The “sh” in shit forces your lips forward into a semi-grin. It’s clear as day that McCain is saying horseshit.


Posted by: FrictionSoul at September 27, 2008 01:47 PM

+1 Internets for FrictionSoul.
I hope we meet someday.  I’ve been rolling I love you, island view, I’ll have two, olive juice and elephant shoes around my perfect mid-Atlantic accent for awhile now.  I want to challenge you to tell the difference.
Fair warning:  I teach Asian kids to pronounce Play and Pray properly and to make the TH sound (Stick that tongue OUT!) …and I ain’t jokin’ ’bout dat mid-‘lanic accent neither, eh b’y?
I’m really quite curious.  Do accents affect your read?  Would it make a difference whether I did Foghorn Leghorn or the wee Chickenhawk?
If you get it right the first time, we move to the video/sound off round.  It’s not nice to pretend to be deaf.
If you win that round, I will only speak to you in my really weak ASL alphabet…


3 Responses

  1. Posted by FrictionSoul in thread at (link above)

    Why do farts smell?
    So deaf people can enjoy them.

    I read your post cousinavi. I don’t have an account set up to comment on WP blogs, I don’t respond very well to pressure because to me, it’s artificial and pointless. Before I made my comment above I played that video about 50 times, as well as reviewed the debate itself to pick up his speech patterns.

    His body language is a dead give away. I’m sure others caught this: whenever he was getting worked up he did that whole inspector clouseau thing with his face and eyes. I hated it because I hated it when my dad did it. I knew what was coming: horseshit. I mean pure inane bullshit lying.

    And when he wasn’t worked up, his eyes were like pure black, like the black oil from the X-files. And then I knew the aliens had him controlled again and would try to say something intelligible through the drool hole. They did a good job.

    And I did a good job of mimicking him so if I am ever abducted I know exactly how to act so they know I’m already controlled and no invasive procedures necessary. Just drop me back in the field by my house.

  2. I was only kidding about testing you. But not about being unable to “feel” much difference between the noted phrases.
    If I couldn’t hear me inside my head, I’d have no idea which one I was saying. LOL.
    Your skill is on the order of one of those blind ninjas who can slice a tossed apple in mid-air.

  3. We could do audio forensics on this but I’m voting HORSESHIT!!! Why would he say “course not”????

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