Legalize Pot – Fix the Economy

Cost of the War on Drugs:  42 BILLION dollars per year (Federal – does not include State figs…add those in and you’re talking about some REAL money.  /sarcasm)

Value of Annual Pot Crop:  18 BILLION dollars per year (estimated…It’s not like they issue receipts, eh?  Also strictly domestic – does not take into account imports.  Add in Canadian hydro, which is allegedly very good shit, and Mexican ditchweed the total jumps approximately 30%.)


Taking billions away from narco-state despots and cartel swine, waking up to a sane and reasonable drug policy, and amortizing a $700 billion bailout of Wall Street greedheads over ten years without costing the taxpayer a single fucking red cent:  PRICELESS.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been scratching my head over the pot laws for decades. This makes perfect sense (which is why it may never happen). Farmers can’t even get laws in any but a handful of states to grow freaking hemp, a product that would do wonders for parts of the economy–starting with the farmers–but most dingleberry heads in DC think their kids will be raiding the fields, NOT getting a buzz. Christ on a crutch what a stupid law. And these are the kids, the ones busted for selling a few ounces to fund their own, who end up brutalized by prison and fucked up for life (but not in the way they originally intended). Still scratching head. Maybe I should check for lice. I do that a lot.

  2. For a country so obsessed with its opiums (religions, mind numbing entertainment, sports, booze, prescription happy pills) it is truly laughable that weed is so demonized that you can’t even grow its non-THC cousin, hemp, which is an amazingly useful product..and tastes pretty good in yoghurt too.

    Prohibiting grass is as pointless as it sounds. If you did a house-to-house search of any suburban crescent, you could probably find enough weed to keep Cheech & Chong going for years.

    It is one of those laws that was largely passed to please corporate lobbyists (especially those seeking to drive hemp out of the marketplace). Banning weed, having the drinking age at 21, Age of Consent Laws and any other laws aimed at keeping (especially young people) from getting wasted and/or having sex are the most ignored, useless, waste-of-money, killjoy laws on the books. Yet they get enforced more than many decent laws. They are such jokes, they drag respect for the law and government down with them, starting at an early age. And, if anything, the illegality makes these activities more enticing.

    Of course weed should be legal! But both organized crime and the criminal-industrial complex have far too much to loose from legalizing. That’s why it will probably never happen.

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