CBS Pissed at Letterman? I’M PISSED AT CBS

John McCain was slated to appear on Late Night with David Letterman.  He ditched it, claiming he had to rush back to Washington immediately to provide his unique brand of help to solving the economic crisis threatening to engulf us all.

Letterman, when he learned that he was stuck with Olberman; that McCain was a no show, was slightly miffed.  Rumour had it that Senator Mumblefuck was still in New York, prepping for an interview with Katie Couric.  Dave, being Dave, grabbed the CBS news feed and aired Senator Cunt McBush taking make-up for his hard-hitting Couric encounter.

It is now reported that the honchos at CBS News are pissed at Dave for grabbing their feed and airing it.  Some sort of, “S’posed to ask first” bullshit.
Fuck all that.  And fuck those News Jackal Bastards, too.
Why does it keep coming down to David Letterman, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to tell Americans what the fuck is really going on – to provide anything remotely resembling cogent analysis and sane perspective?
Why is it that every fucking time I tune in to that gasping, grunting, yammering fuckwit Wolf Blitzer, it’s another simmering pile of crap that ne’er bothers to distinguish between a goddamn fact and an outright fucking lie?
WHY does CBS News want to keep it a secret – the difference between what John McCain TELLS PEOPLE and what John McCain actually DOES?  Why is it a problem when the pictures speak louder than any words ever could?
That would be, you know, what a NEWS ORGANIZATION might occupy themselves with, were they at all interested in DOING THEIR GODDAMN JOB!

Cronkite would gnaw their pissant heads off, shit down their necks, and stomp their twitching corpses up and down the street for this sort of grossly negligent, shockingly incompetent, embarrassing and insulting degree of willful nonfeasance.

Imagine that voice, that inflection:  “Tonight Senator John McCain, Republican candidate for President of these United States, cancelled a scheduled interview saying he had to rush immediately back to Washington; that he was needed in this time of economic crisis.  CBS news has learned, to the contrary, that the Senator is not in Washington, nor even in transit.  He is currently having make-up applied, here, in our very studios.”

CBS.  The Central Broadcasting System.  You disgrace yourselves.  You disgrace Bill Palin.
And as for being pissed with Letterman, the degree to which every thinking person ought to be pissed at YOU and your anal-tonguing SHAM of a news division makes that seem rather trifling by comparison.

Fucking lightweight, ignorant, negligent fuckwits, the lot of you.
SHUT THE FUCK UP, GET TO WORK, and be thankful Dave doesn’t come down there and STAB you on principle.  You stopped being the cop on the beat long ago.  You haven’t even got the spine to be a decent fucking pimp.  I’d call you a dirty, crack-addicted whore, but that would be an insult to dirty, crack-addicted whores.


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