You Can’t Blink – Foreign Policy For Dummies

It’s been 26 days since Sarah Palin accepted the nomination for Vice President.  She has done one interview, been butt-nuzzled by Sean Hannity, and smiled at Henry Kissinger.  She has seen Russia…from her back porch.  Since getting her first passport last year, her plane stopped for gas in Ireland and she visited an American military base in Kuwait.  This, said the GOP (until the details came out), shows international travel and experience.  Foreign policy expertise.
Otherwise, Sarah Palin has been in seclusion.  She does not hold press conferences and has never once fielded open questions from reporters or anyone else.  She does not answer questions except when tossed creampuffs from plants in pre-ticketed Town Hall meetings with McCain by her side.

When asked if she had the chops to engage foreign policy issues on the world stage, she replied:

“I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can’t blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission…”

What does that mean, in the absence of any exposure whatsoever to foreign policy issues or how to deal with them?  Not blinking?..confidence?  Committed to the mission?  To believe that you are capable because you have the confidence not to blink:  What does that mean?
Does that sound dogmatic, unthinking, and dangerous to anyone else?  Steadfast is one thing, unalterable and unyielding is another thing.  It is, frankly, chillingly reminiscent of George W. Bush – a man who lacked both the vision to see facts and the ability to change course when the evidence became overwhelming.
The confidence not to blink.
Commitment to the mission.

Palin:  Qualified because she believes she’s capable; capable because she believes she’s qualified.  It’s not about knowing their names, their history, where they are on the map, their relationship with friends and enemies… Just confidence and commitment to the mission.  And what’s the mission?  Whatever someone tells her it is.  McCain?  Rumsfeld?  Rove?  God?  Can she differentiate between them?  What happens when McCain’s mission conflicts with God’s mission?  Would that induce a blink?  Or does she believe that McCain is divinely inspired – that his thinking comes with the imprimatur of the Almighty?  It must!  He chose Palin and that’s part of God’s plan.  McCain is a tool of the Lord!  She has the confidence.

The degree to which Palin is nothing but a prop in a desperate last ditch effort to game the election would render this question moot if it weren’t for the fact that they might actually succeed.  She’s a brilliantly laid trap, too stupid to see that she’s nothing more than a bleating goat staked out in a jungle clearing.  A pure tool, blinded by the intense glare of the tightly controlled GOP spotlight; a strategic counterpoint to Barack Obama:  White, female, guns, God, abortion, willing to lie with both faces for personal gain…and whatever you do, don’t let Caribou Barbie near anyone who might ask her a real question.

What does that say about McCain?  That he would stake the goat out in the clearing in desperation; that he would insist to the voter’s face that she is qualified, competent, able, suitable…that she was chosen on the merits.
The degree to which Republicans appear ready, able and willing to strut jauntily down this path of blithering stupidity and outright lying defines the near edge of the massive fault line running through a two-party system, if not through democracy itself.


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