Fuck You, Senator Mumblefuck. In or OUT.

John McCain wants to use the economic disaster he helped create to weasel out of the long scheduled debate slated for tomorrow night.  The move of a coward.  Hero, my ass.

In what is transparently a desperate ploy to avoid answering for his flip-flopping, lies, responsibility, culpability, lack of comprehension and lack of anything resembling a reasonable solution or plan for the future, McCain wants the debate called off so he can rush back to Washington and take emergency meetings with the vapid, shallow and ignorant President Bush and a leg’s length list of the very CEO’s, lobbyists, pols, hacks, flaks and bag men that created this apocalyptic financial disaster – so he can appear proactive, on the ball, committed to the common man…so the lying, cheating fuck can look presidential.

Caribou Barbie ate up four fucking weeks of the campaign and still has legs.  If they can milk this financial disaster for four more, they might be able to cut it to a single debate, and never expose Miss Congeniality to a single fucking question from anyone.

It’s not sufficient that McCain has been dodging the press entirely as he squires the Wicked Witch of Wasila from one scripted debutante ball to another redneck coming out party.  It’s not enough that his candidate for vice president has answered fewer questions than are found on the average credit card application.  It’s not even enough that Senator POW Crash Pilot Cunt McMumblefuck can’t decide from one day to the next if Americans are better or worse off, the fundamentals of the economy are strong or not, or whether he’s for or against regulation of the financial sector, tax cuts, or any other goddamn thing.

He wants to forego making his case before the American people, who are bearing the brunt…the full fucking weight of this meltdown of his making.  He’s not ready to explain what he thinks needs to be done – needs some high level meetings to figure that out.  Oh, my mistake.  John McCain wants to take immediate action to help the American people – they, and country, come before niggling things like electing the next president.  He needs to huddle with that economic genius George W. Bush to figure out what to do.  He’s not waiting to see if shit flips or flops…cramming with Karl Rove how best to spin this into “It’s Obama’s fault!”
No, sirree Bob!
He’s taking decisive…PRESIDENTIAL action in the face of calamity!  Just the sort of can-do, nothing’s too good for Joe Six-Pack sorta cowpoke we elected last time.
He called off the RNC for a hurricane disaster that never materialized – goddamn unpredictable weather!
Now he wants to call off a debate because of an economic downturn everyone and their fucking dog has been anticipating for months, if not years.  McCain himself said he saw it coming…warned against it…tried his best to prevent it by voting against…for…against…for…always supported…never supported tax cuts for the rich.   But NOW…now it has reached the point, despite his freakish economic insight and foresight, that we must abandon partisan political concerns like bringing one’s vision for the future before the voters.  We must not present our positions because circumstances are such that to do so would diminish the responsibilities to which POW John McCain attends before personal interests.
Another fuckin’ decider who lies, dodges and grins a lot, my friends…henh henhhh.  That’s not change we can believe in.  Henh henhhhh.
One can only wonder what cataclysm will drop next week to prevent McCain/Palin from taking questions or facing a voter that isn’t a hand-picked plant until ballot day.

He asserts that he has the experience and wisdom to lead, and that his opponent is a naive lightweight.
Yet Fighter Pilot POW John S. McCain is plainly quaking in his very expensive shoes over facing this uppity negro in a debate.
He wants to bypass having to fence with his opponent on the topic of which of them is better suited to take the reins in the midst of this emergency.
No…what Mr. Cindy McCain wants to do is avoid the whole messy problem of defending his actions, his votes, his philosophy and being exposed as part of the problem; being revealed as the diametric opposite of anything resembling a solution.
He wants to cover up that his campaign manager has been billing Fannie Mae $15,000 a month, hole up somewhere safe with Dubya and a slate of Golden Parachute cocksuckers, and figure out a way to keep all their shit hidden until after the election.

He wants to play out this fear – this threat to America and all that is good and just.
Fuck the red level terrorist alerts.  They’ve cranked up the threat level to your wallet to goddamn ultra-violet – a threat so fucking serious it’s not even visible to human eyes.  Just be thankful you’re not a squid.

John McCain is not merely hiding from the press.  He’s hiding from the people.

At what point does serial lying, pathological flip-flopping, sheer cowardice, desperate hail Mary’s, manipulative gambits, fear-mongering, procrastination, avoidance, pandering and obvious senility cease to be an effective election strategy?

Please.  I really fucking want to know.


2 Responses

  1. Sooooooooo, who are you voting for?

  2. LOL..
    You’re timing is sweet. Love the Steve Martin-esque “Soooooo”.
    No one has yet accused me of being one of the Obama-bots – besotted by the celebrity or charmed by the rhetoric.
    And I’m not. His requisite professed faith in a god rubs me the wrong way rather severely…but it’s an all else being equal thing (except for Palin…her Jesus trip makes the rest of them seem like Satanists). He can speechify, tho, huh?
    Being inspiring counts for something.
    Nevertheless, at what point does incompetent, ignorant, anachronistic, prevaricating, distorting, smearing, vicious ineptitude cease to be electable?

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