Palin Now Qualified in Foreign Policy

As if being able to see Russia on a clear day weren’t enough!  Caribou Barbie MET HENRY KISSINGER!

They met.  They sat near one another.  They may even have exchanged pleasantries.  She smiled, Kissinger smiled back…well, as much as Henry can smile.  He’s sorta like Cheney there…he grimaced.
You can see from the look on Wasila moose mama’s face that she’s literally soaking the foreign policy experience out of Kissinger with some sort of powerful, grinning Vulcan mind meld-like technique.
Henry now knows how to field dress a moose and wants to convert to Jesus – information flows both ways in the meld.
At this rate, Sarah’s going to have to update her resume AND her MySpace page.
Experience:  Mayor of Wasila, Miss Congeniality, Foreign Policy Expert, skilled at coordinating fashion accessories…




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