McCain Lies, But Obama’s BLACK!

John McCain lies about everything.  His record, his adultery, his ties to flaks, hacks, pols, lobbyists, bagmen and cronies, regulation, deregulation, how deeply he gobbles the cock of the religious right, his opponent, his plan…EVERYTHING.  It’s reached the point where it’s only common sense to check with an independent source if the senile, doddering old cunt says he had eggs for breakfast.

In any sane assessment of who is best suited to lead America into the future, even if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Republican fuckwit who hates everything the Democrats stand for, John McCain should be disqualified.  No one needs another puppet in the oval office – another Pinocchio, who couldn’t even defeat the brain dead smirking buffoon that got us into this mess back in ’00; a stupid, incompetent fool who takes his marching orders from the shadowy neocon cunts who dragged America into Iraq for no good reason and are now eyeing Iran in exactly the same way.

And yet the polls show McCain and Obama running within the margin of error.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
A Harvard educated lawyer, professor of Constitutional Law, member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who is thoughtful, intelligent and has proven himself not merely popular but capable, is running neck and neck with the adulterous, lying, cheating, Crash McTestpilot who got everything in life as the result of being The Admiral’s Boy and Cindy’s Husband – an incompetent fuckwit who doesn’t know the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, admits he doesn’t know a dime from a dollar in terms of the economy, flip-flops on every single issue from one day to the next, needs help recalling how many homes he owns, tells UAW workers that he buys American because his HONDA (one of THIRTEEN cars) was assembled in the USA, and still has the cojones to call his opponent ELITE!
This shit is so far through the looking glass it’s past satire and deep into farce.

McCain and his butt-boys have the nerve, after running the most despicable, sleazy, underhanded, gutter campaign of lies and smears in living memory, to accuse Obama of “injecting race” into this campaign.  As if race were not already the elephant in the room everyone is ignoring.  There is no other explanation for the fact that McCain has not been laughed out of Washington and maintains his wrinkly, septuagenarian ass somewhere within striking distance of a man who is plainly his intellectual superior on every single issue.

Senator McMumblefuck nominates the totally unqualified Wasila moose mama – a fundamentalist Christian whose credentials are built on lies and being able to see Russia on a clear day – then sequesters her from  the media except for staged photo-ops and a softball chat with GOP anus-tongue Sean Hannity, and people are still taking this gimpy, old fucktard seriously.

The Straight Talk Express, indeed.  The SAY NOTHING express is more accurate.  And is it any wonder?  Every fucking time that cunt opens his mouth, out tumbles another gaffe, flip-flop, lie, distortion, display of ignorance and ineptitude of truly mind-boggling proportions.  Locking Palin up somewhere safe is simply necessary.  As between a senile liar and an incompetent imbecile, only one is even remotely passable.  Imagine, just for a moment, what would happen to Caribou Barbie if she were exposed to real questions about real issues.  “In what respect, Charlie?”

People have been asking for awhile:  Why can’t Obama, in this time of frustration and hatred for all thing GOP, close the deal?  Why isn’t he crushing McMumblefuck by 20 points?
The answer is as obvious as the elephant everyone refuses to mention.  America is still populated by a bunch of racist bastards who have simply learned not to say nigger, or call Obama “boy” within earshot.
There are simply enough ignorant, backward, pathetic racist fucks wandering around with “He’s too inexperienced” as an excuse for casting their White’s Only ballot.

It’s not just that fat, drug-addicted windbag with the cigar/cock jammed in his repressed mouth Limbaugh, day after day telling people that Obama’s an ARAB; that arrogant, moronic, right-wing imbecile pervert O’Reilly screaming SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! as he hollers over reason and fairness.  It’s the spineless, spiteful, chickenshit fuckwits who listen to them, gobble it down like candy and swear on the eyes of their children that they really don’t care if Obama’s PURPLE…they just think McCain is stronger on national security because he got shot down and didn’t die.  Stupid is as stupid does.
The fact that McCain was wrong about every fucking aspect of the Iraq war – from the beginning to today – while Obama was not only right, but goddamn prescient about it, apparently counts for little or nothing.  McCain was a POW, damn it!  He knows how to win wars!  He knows how to capture Bin Laden!  He says so, and he was a fucking POW!  How dare anyone question the integrity of a POW who lies, cheats, flip-flops and thinks Iraq and Pakistan share a border and that Spain is in South America?  HE WAS A POW!  POW! POW! POW!

Some people insist that Senator McMumblefuck is a man of honour and integrity.  Bullshit.  The first thing he did after being released from the Hanoi Hilton was to embark on a course of serial adultery and divorce his disabled wife to marry his super rich mistress (after signing an iron-clad prenup to ensure he couldn’t get his gimpy claws on the family fortune.  Apparently Cindy’s dad was smarter than his daughter).  And lying runs in the family.  Heiress Cindy repeatedly calls herself an only child.  That’s a lie.  Ask her half-sister…the one who DIDN’T inherit the family fortune.  Lucky for her, else Gimpy McMumblefuck might be sneaking in her window in the middle of the night while his wife waits at home with the kids.
You know what the downside of The Keating Five Scandal was?  No more bimbos and booze with good ol’ Charlie Keating in Bermuda.  Shit.

And now the latest news on the Straight Talk Express.  McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, was a lobbyist for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – took $30,000/month to protect them from the sort of regulatory oversight that might have headed off some of the economic disaster the current adminstration wants to shift onto the taxpayers.
Rick Davis SWORE he’d had nothing to do with either of the FM’s for several years.  Oops.  Turns out the truth is not quite as Ricky “Pay Me Motherfucker” Davis says.  His lobbying firm has been taking $15,000/month from the FM’s since 2005 in a backdoor deal that provides NOTHING – get that? NOTHING – except potential access to an anticipated McCain presidency.  An example of precisely the sort of “pay to play” lobbyist ass-raping that McCain swears he wants to reform.  These fuckers couldn’t tell the truth if you asked them if water’s wet.  The doddering mumblefuck from Arizona, Captain POW himself, has lobbyist cash and cock so far up his backdoor, he’s spitting quarters and offering blowjobs to get the taste out of his mouth.  And still, Crash McTestpilot and Caribou Barbie are running neck and neck with a man who earned every single thing he ever got, never fucked around on his wife, doesn’t lie, has an education (as opposed to graduating at the bottom of his Naval Academy class or taking six years to complete a bachelors degree in journalism from five different podunk schools) and understands the idea of serving others as opposed to cravenly serving oneself.

Yeah…this all makes sense.  I can understand why this is such a close race.  On the one hand incompetence, greed, lies, facades, bullshit, flip-flops, foolishness, excuses and fuckwittery of unprecedented degree.  On the other hand, integrity, intelligence, ability, commitment, honesty, thoughtfulness, insight and wisdom.  It’s a fucking toss-up!

It may not be the case than everyone who votes for McCain/Palin is a stupid fucking racist, but there’s enough of them.  Take a satisfied look around and see who your cohorts are.  You may not be one, but you’re standing with them…so when you get painted with that brush, you can shut the fuck up and take your GOP fucking with the rest of us.

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you for telling it like it is!! People had better get over their racism and vote the best candidate in office (Obama) or we will really find ourselves in a great depression, like ‘all knowing’ Palin said to Katie Couric

  2. Excellent!! Well stated. This is the topic everyone is trying to avoid but it is the one that explains the “closeness” of the race.

    Keep it up.

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