Palin’s Pastor Hunts Witches

If you believe in any of the various, particular magical sky wizards, you’re at least leaning on a crutch, certainly deluded and I can’t help considering you just a little stupid.
If you assert that anyone who does not share your particular sky wizard belief is doomed to hell simply for rejecting your fantasy, there is something dirty and broken in you.
If you are making political decisions – whether casting a ballot for president or, as president, taking the country to war – based on your sense of what your sky wizard wants you to do, you have no business voting. Or being president.

Pastor Thomas Muthee hunts witches, and Sarah Palin considers him a powerful, inspiring man of God.
Murthee identifies through divine revelation the human incarnation of demonic forces and chases them out of town. 
Sarah Palin’s pastor, who prayed over her and, in Palin’s words, “opened a path for (her) to be mayor,” hunts witches.

For all the blithering, yammering and knotted knickers over Jeremiah Wright, Jerry Falwell, Dr. Martin Luther King, Christian or Muslim, associations with various religious twits of any degree – just try running for office as an atheist! – about the only thing we really know about Sarah Palin’s faith is that she believes in Jesus.  Alot.  She really, really believes in Jesus.  And the other folks who love Jesus, well gosh darn it, there ain’t nothin’ they love more than someone who loves Jesus, except maybe Jesus.  Now, if JESUS was on the ticket, well…that’d be another story. 

Whatever.  In order to be president, you must express faith in God, and that God better be “God the Father.” 
Allah is right out. (Note: In point of fact, Allah and Jehovah or Yahweh – God the Father – are all the same God but if you call him Allah you are a heathen blasphemer doomed to eternity in a lake of fire. Unless you kill some infidels, in which case you proceed directly to paradise and get 72 virgins)
Back to getting elected.  It’s probably best if the candidate goes with the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Cover all the bases.  But no Shiva, Ganesh, Krishna or Moroni.  If Thor is your thing, forget politics.
We’ve never seen a Jew up for POTUS.  Damn Christ killers!  Sure it’s the same Father, but those money-lenders refuse to recognize the Son.  Jews…hate them all…except for Jesus.  One wonders if being Jewish would be better or worse than being black in terms of running for president.  No need to get into that whole slavery versus holocaust thing.  We’ve seen nooses recently in America…perhaps it’s time to dust off the ol’ swastika.  I digress.

In American electoral politics, Jesus is the only flight that leaves on time.  And Sarah is in first class on the Jesus jumbo.  This makes her blitheringly stupid, calculating, or both.  Oh, what the fuck!  Okay.  I’ll grant that maybe she has some sort of honest, sincere faith, but that still leaves blitheringly stupid.  It just doesn’t have to be calculating.  In any case, here’s the thing since it seems to be important:  The sort of faith Sarah Palin has ought to be examined.

To be perfectly clear, there’s a big damn difference between praying to Jesus for strength, and looking in Revelations for directions on how to deal with Iran.
One sort of faith is personal – in which one humbles ones spirit before something awesomely powerful and beyond comprehension; a meditative process that brings to the supplicant (one hopes) the inner strength to be wise and just in their actions.  It isn’t so concerned with smiting the heathens as it is with smiting the weaknesses found within.
The other sort of faith is batshit insanity that will get us all killed.  It is messianic and arrogant, filled with the pride of moral certainty and seeking only an excuse to unleash the reforms necessary to bring the earth into accordance with God’s Perfect Plan, which has been revealed to them, and them alone, because they, and only they, are the true and righteous believers in the Lord Jesus Christ!  Amen!  Praise Jesus!  God’s WILL be DONE! 

Sarah Palin is in the later camp.

The fact that Palin wants creationism taught in the science classroom, or even the suggestion that it presents an alternative, equally likely explanation for the diversity of life on earth, ought to intellectually disqualify her from doing anything more than visiting the White House as part of a tour group.  But Palin also buys into speaking in tongues, end times prophecy, and that Alaska will be an end times refuge for God’s chosen when the apocalypse begins in her lifetime
This is far more troubling than the average ultra-right, bible belt religious nutwing could ever be.  McCain’s man, Pastor John Hagee, is an end-times whackaloon who hates Catholics but even he stops short of Robert Tilton shenanigans like speaking in tongues!  Moaning and sputtering nonsense in an act of pure self-hypnosis (or as a pure con) while asserting that the nonsense syllables are a gift from god – the sky wizard’s voice speaking through a tranced out groaning zombie.  The idea of letting someone who believes the end is upon us anywhere near political power is more than frightening – it must not be permitted to happen. 

Sarah Palin does not ask what is best for the country, she asks what God wants.  And God tells her.
Sarah Palin does not think, investigate or consider.  She knows.  Because God tells her.
That should scare the Jesus out of anyone.


5 Responses

  1. thank-you for this post

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Your comment style is brief, Obiwan Oy Vey Ganesh.

  3. Great post. We also know that she’s been linked to a radical movement aiming to impose theocracy by force (Joel’s Army). Its truly frightening she’s even gotten this far.

  4. A good article, only part i disagree with is “In point of fact, Allah and Jehovah or Yahweh – God the Father – are all the same God but if you call him Allah you are a heathen blasphemer doomed to eternity in a lake of fire. Unless you kill some infidels, in which case you proceed directly to paradise and get 72 virgins)”

    most christians believe a great difference in god and allah and in fact they arent the same god; although, I cant say any of that really matters. Another good article pointing out that Palins stupidity.

  5. @ Dangly Parts
    It doesn’t matter what you believe, or what X-tians believe.
    Abraham and Ibrahim are the same guy, and the god they pray to in their books of fairy tales is the same sky wizard.
    That’s just a fact.
    They are the same God.
    X-tians accept Christ as the messiah, Jews don’t, and Muslims take Mohamed as the one true prophet. But the GOD is the one true God, the same god in the Torah, the New Testament and the Koran.
    Fact. And that’s the nice thing about facts. They stay true whether you believe them or not.

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