Donna’s Gone

Living the Asian ex-pat life has many facets – some good, some bad. One of those good things is the wide variety of people one gets to meet, and the friendships and relationships that could not happen anywhere else. People come, stay for varying lengths of time, and then most (sooner or later) move on, headed home or somewhere fresh to continue their adventure. After awhile, the new faces stop making much of an impression. The ones who stay for a single year and split are forgotten before they’ve even left.
Donna Clarke left Taiwan yesterday to return to Canada after eight years on the island.
Some folks just leave larger footprints than others when they walk by. Donna was one of those.
Her friends and most assuredly her students are all the better for having known her. And while we wish Donna and her poorly trained hounds the very best, it is difficult not to see Taichung as a little less bright than it was last week. It doesn’t matter where you go, you’re just not going to bump into Donna at Fingas, or Salut, or the pub…which makes it even easier to stay home.
Bon Voyage, Donna. Here’s hoping Dartmouth is a horrible disappointment. Of course, I meant that in a good way.


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