Tucker Bounds Needs to be SLAPPED

Tucker Bounds needs a good smack in the head.  It doesn’t matter what sort of foolishness spills from the mouth of his incompetent, senile, doddering candidate McBush, this snivelling little Republican sycophant will bend over backwards until his spine snaps to twist it into an attack on Obama and a defence of Senator Cunt McMumblefuck.

John McCain has recently said, on numerous occasions, that the American economy is fundamentally sound.  Banks and investment houses are failing, the Dow Jones is in freefall, insurance companies are sucking on the government teat for tens of billions of dollars just to stay afloat, unemployment is at the highest levels in thirty years, people are losing their homes and energy costs will prevent many from heating their homes come winter…yet McCain says everything is “FUNDAMENTALLY SOUND.”

Barack Obama, still close to tied with Crash McPilot in the polls (could there be any clearer indication of rampant racism in America?), asked a crowd of about 13,000 or so what economy John McCain was looking at; pointed out that McGimpy votes against any and all increases in minimum wage (a fact), and voted with Bush over 90% of the time (a fact).

Tucker Bounds pulled his head out of Karl Rove’s ass long enough to say:

“Only Barack Obama would take a statement about the strength, ingenuity and resilience of American workers and American industry and turn it into a political distortion and attack.  Barack Obama’s short career as a public servant has been defined by pessimism, defeatism, and weakness in the face of the great challenges of our time. His lack of faith in American workers may explain his willingness to raise taxes during a struggling economy, but it is no way to lead our country.”

Strength, ingenuity and resilience?  We wouldn’t need those qualities in such great degree if the cockwhore Republicans had not deregulated the banking industry so their butt buddy pals could take home multi-million dollar bonuses every year for lending money to people who couldn’t afford to pay it back; failed to exercise even cursory oversight of the pillars of the American economy; let big oil and foreign oil producers bend America over the gas pump and rape the consumer with the pump nozzle, or paid even the slightest attention – an occasional, cursory glance – to the basic tenets of PEACE, ORDER and GOOD GOVERNMENT.

Senator John S. McCain, who lives in ten houses his heiress wife owns, flies around in her private jet, and staffs his campaign with pols, lobbyists and a variety of brown-nosing hacks, in the wake of a tsunami of evidence to the contrary, insists that the American economy is strong. 
If anyone – especially that uppity, Muslim, milk toast neophyte Barack Obama – has the fucking nerve to question the POW Wisdom of Senator “I know how to win wars” McCrankypants, it’s an attack on American workers.

What the fuck is wrong with the Republicans and those who support this headlong rush down stupid mountain?  It’s not even “can’t tell shit from shinola” anymore.  These fuckers not only say there’s no difference, but that they’re both equally delicious on toast…and apparently half of America or so is just stupid enough to grab a cold tar shingle and line up for another scoop.

Yeah, Tucker…that’s what we need – the STRENGTH and RESILIENCE to ride this fucker out.  Just continue down the same path with ol’ six-guns POW McSame in the saddle and everything will be just fine.  We’ll all starve or freeze while the CEO’s and CFO’s and the mergers and inquisition crowd get bailed out by the government.  I’m willing to lay dollars to donuts Cindy McCain shorted AIG and half the DJ Average about a month ago.  I wonder how Haliburton stock is doing.

Tucker Bounds, along with John McCain, Karl Rove, and that smirking, incompetent baboon George Fuckwit Bush ALL need a good solid slap in the head.  Many of them.  It should operate like a receiving line – they all line up and every American citizen who wants to can walk down the aisle and slap the living hell out of them one after another.  Cheney…Rumsfeld…Miers…Gonzalez…and for old time’s sake, Neil Bush and Charlie Keating, too.

I hope Tucker Bounds’ mother is too ashamed to show her face in public.  Her son, sadly, is not.


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  1. The need to stop letting him on TV. All he does is spew bullshit lies. I am really tired of seeing him. Shit he did not even get any love on Fox. lol

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