The Jew York Times

Here it comes. Republican “Liberal media attacks average American female success story who is raising five kids, cutting waste, standing up to the old boys, and knows about national security because polar bears are fucking dangerous, man, and she has more experience than Obama anyway” OUTRAGE in 3…2…1…

The NY Times.

It seems in my more paranoid moments that when the media actually tells the truth, at the very same time they assist Karl Rove in driving the wedge deeper into the crevice he designed.   It seems Democrats are philosophically incapable of playing the game by Republican rules…and the way they play, in America, provides a serious edge.
Sorta like a boxing match in which, after the third round, everyone stops objecting to the low blows.  By the time the 12th rolls around, the guy who refused to engage in nut shots is probably feeling weak in the knees.  The crowd, sadly, is just enjoying another episode of, “OW!  My BALLS!”

I think it was back in June when a Republican strategist allegedly remarked to Bob Novak (and I’m hazy on that, too) that if this election were about John McCain, the Dems would win in a landslide…but if it were about Barack Obama, the GOP could pull it out. They’ve found a third way, which defaults to Obama on the defensive and never gets near Senator McMumblefuck.
Karl Rove ought be hung by his eyelids and stabbed in the balls until he blinks.


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