The Bush Doctrine

The Bush Doctrine.  Sarah Palin doesn’t know what it is.  John McCain supports it. 
A heartbeat away from the presidency and Sarah Palin does not know what the BUSH DOCTRINE IS! 
The doctrine of pre-emptive war against those who would harm America. 
(Please note the sub-doctrine outlined in appendix A which provides for making shit up in order to conduct said pre-emptive wars against those who are pretty much no threat to anyone.)

While I take the point that her ignorance of the so-called Bush Doctrine ought to well and truly disqualify the vapid Alaskan Cinderella, I am also left to wonder why in the name of Salsman it’s called the BUSH Doctrine.
Does anyone think that moronic, smirking, frat boy buffoon actually crafted this policy? 
They had this play mapped out and planned long ago…back in the days when Cheney and Rumsfeld were working for Richard Nixon and even before that.  The entire neocon philosophy was generated in a cold war world and seriously put into play at the fall of the Berlin Wall.  9/11 was icing on their cake.  That’s something for another post…
But the question and the point remain.  George W. Bush is not a president.  He is not a leader.  He is not a thinker, a reader or an orator.  He’s not a cowboy.  He’s not competent.  He’s a puppet.  A front.  A smirking, condescending, snotty rat bastard frat boy rich kid only too pleased to be hanging out with the smart, cool guys.  And calling the major foreign policy shift of the past 30 years the BUSH Doctrine gives the imbecile far more credit than his shameful impersonation of the president, and bastardization of the office, deserves.


9 Responses

  1. I agree with you completely.
    But I had another thought. The Monroe Doctrine represented the policies of of the man, but also the man’s character. The Bush Doctrine certainly represents the character of Bush; it is as retarded an idea as he is a person.

  2. I suspect that back in the days when Monroe was being consulted, they hadn’t quite figured out the vicious depths of the game – the degree to which they really could just do whatever the fuck they wanted behind vapid, shallow bullshit slogans.

  3. Good point!

  4. Does anyone think that moronic, smirking, frat boy buffoon actually crafted this policy?

    Hell I don’t even think W can pronounce the word doctrine. King George the Stupid has set the bar so low that Palin would fit right in. She’s arrogant, uninformed, self-serving, dishonest…you know…like Bush in a dress.

  5. Nouns are easy for George. He’s the nouner.
    Adjectives are for elites.
    I suspect he’d go for Doctular.
    As in, “We made, you know, a doctular decision to adopt a doctine of…something with doctritude…to show those who hate our freedom that we have a doctrine, see, of pre-emptive prevention for…to…see, y’gotta hit them before hit you.”

  6. You guys are so good. I was feeling like I was the only one in the world who saw through the bullshit and lies of georgie, johnnie and the alaskan moose turd.

  7. I seem to remember that ‘the Bush Doctrine’ is named after H.W. Bush, George’s father, former head of the CIA, former VP and President who first popularized the idea of pre-emptive strikes as a reasonable strategy for American security and prosperity..

  8. @ Leznoff. No, and a cursory googling will sort that out for you pretty quick. The notion of pre-emptive war is a post-9/11 development. It was certainly on the books and in the hearts of neocons long before that, but the Bush from whom the doctrine takes its name is the genius boy-wonder Dubya.
    To make the distinction more elegant and pointed, back in the days of H.W. it was known as The Bush-Neocon Pipe Dream. It was only after 9/11 it got promoted to Doctrine.
    That last bit only half sarcastic.

  9. @ Leznoff: For a very detailed exposition of the evolving Bush Doctrine, see Krauthammer

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