Speed Rodent

Most times a hampster makes the news, it’s the sort of thing makes other hampsters wish they were guinea pigs. And vice versa. Not this time. The headline on Fark made me laugh outloud:
It’s not every day that a speeding hamster in an exercise ball passes cars on the highway during rush hour traffic. This, however, is that day

ASTONISHED drivers crawling through rush-hour traffic watched themselves being overtaken … by a hamster in its playball.
Treacle’s tiny legs were a blur as her plastic globe travelled faster and faster.
Afraid that the little rodent would run herself to death, Nick Smith leapt from his car and snatched her from the gutter.

Now Treacle is set to be reunited with her worried owner after news of her adventure spread around Carlisle.
Electrical engineer Nick, 50, from nearby Wreay, said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – a hamster overtaking us in its plastic ball.
“It was quite happily trundling along but getting near to the verge and I thought it might roll out into the traffic.”

Several days later Nick was contacted by a family whose daughter had put the hamster into the exercise ball while she cleaned out its cage.
Treacle had somehow been able to escape through the front door and into the road.

Here’s the speed rodent:

Speedy Gonzalez eat your heart out!

Speedy Gonzalez eat your heart out!

Here’s the link to the original.  Fuck, I wish they had video!

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  1. Heard about this via Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Had to read the article for myself!

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