Palin Knows More About Energy Than Anyone In America

Sarah Palin: “Alaska produces 20% of all US domestic energy.” “Umm…yeah… We’re going to need you to go ahead and change that to 3.5%. M’Kay? That would be terrific…”

Sooner or later it reaches a point where it doesn’t matter whether she’s lying or stupid.  Either way, she’s just not up for the job.  Apparently they love her in Alaska…for fuck sakes, let them keep her.  But don’t drag this creationist imbecile down here and inflict her on the whole world as some sort of election ploy.  That’s not right.


(Intro paragraph shamelessly stolen from headline – well done, Subby)

6 Responses

  1. she was only off by 16.5%, hahaha. i’m glad engineers aren’t that off. maybe it is just stupidity instead of blatant lies.

  2. Sometimes they are. They wear a ring made from a nail on the pinky of their working hand to remind them of a collapsed bridge…what happens when you fuck things up.
    (Pop was a civil.)
    As for choosing between stupidity and blatant lies, I refuse to dismiss the possibility that it’s both and therefore answer, YES.

  3. I’m not sure the title line says all the truth, but I believe she
    brings a new energy to the both parties. A energy that hasn’t
    been seen in many years. She brings true and honest Spirit of Americanism. to the 21st century politics. She isn’t old school or new old school from the thugs of Chicago just good and true American. As far as her belief in creationism or her views on the killing of unborn children or her standing on her religious beliefs and support of the 2nd amendment I WILL VOTE FOR McCAIN/PALIN. cousinavi maybe you belief in the big bang, or the idea that we all evolved from monkey or some one cell germ floating around in the water, me I believe in one GOD and I believe he created everything
    including you. I also believe that you are the imbecile not
    her. You vote Obama/Biden you vote for the possible
    destruction of this nation as we know it today. Higher taxes,
    socialism/marxism, huge government, socialized health
    care at taxpayers expense, more taxes, lose of personal
    freedoms, and more taxes is what you get when you vote
    for Obama.

  4. @ Michael Gandy
    The creationist, theistic ignorance I leave aside. The inferred proposition that any belief that differs from that expressed is wrong (including the ‘no theistic belief’ option) I leave aside.
    The racist subtext of “good and true American” I leave aside.
    The wilfully blind observation about bringing “new energy” to the electoral process – something not seen since…since…OBAMA, I leave aside.
    The proposition that an Obama presidency will or could result in a “lose of personal freedoms (sic)” I answer as follows:
    As if God, creationism, and abortion didn’t rule you out as too stupid to vote, the fact that you’re too stupid to know what a freedom IS, when you’re losing it, and WHO’S TAKING IT AWAY FROM YOU ought to disqualify you from casting a ballot.
    YOU are precisely the stupid, ignorant, gullible moron that Karl Rove targets when he sets out to feed the sheep.

  5. Obama wants to build the economy from the bottom up. How does that work?

  6. Instead of funding the government by taking taxes from those who can least afford it and giving huge tax breaks to corporations that pay their CEO’s multi-million dollar bonuses while slashing American jobs in favour of overseas labour, you let the middle class keep their tax dollars, make corporations pay a fair tax rate and give breaks only where those corporations are creating jobs in the American market where they sell most of their products.
    That’s just a start.
    It’s NOT wealth redistribution, it’s merely an equitable and reasonable DISTRIBUTION of the burden – one that has been shifted away from the rich and onto the poor over 30 years of Reaganomics (as demonstrable a failure as ever was).
    But you keep spelling kountry with a k. It’s klever, you kapitalist maven.

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