Madam Justice Palin

Dahlia Lithwick, the best US Supreme Court reporter ever, writes a sarcastic bit on suggesting that Sarah Palin be installed as the next Justice.

It’s a clever bit that scares the ever-living bejebus outta me because stranger things have come to pass, and the logic underpinning the sarcasm is just too spot on.

Harriet Miers was nominated. She at least has a law degree.
But common sense people know how to interpret and apply the Constitution. And Sarah Palin is a common sense person. 
Sarah Palin does not recognize or need to consider competing rights or the consequences of overturning Roe v. Wade. 
Sarah Palin has answers.  Sarah Palin knows that God wants creationism taught in the schools.  And none of those heathen, brown-people creation stories either – the REAL one, with Adam and Eve and a talking snake. 
That’s just what the Supreme Court of the United States needs…some down home, moose-skinnin’, book bannin’ common sense.  Sort ever’thing right out, right quick and you see if she don’t.
Thank God the Democrats will control the confirmation hearings. Not that it could ever happen…but still.
I think Obama nailed it with a backhand:  They take pride in being ignorant.


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