The End of America

Ignorance, arrogance, racism and sheer fucking stupidity.  The vapid ideas in which America, its political process and personage wrap themselves: 
“America – Love it or Leave it!”
“My country right or wrong!” 
A shocking and unjustified degree of certitude regarding their moral superiority – totally convinced that right is on their side.  “If God be for us, who can be against us?”
Cemented solidly into the belief that their way is just better – evidenced by the high standard of living they enjoy – yet too goddamn stupid to see that it’s almost entirely an accident of geography, history, and built on the back of genocide, slavery and being able to inflict their will by sheer force. 
All of these things have contributed and continue to portend the end of what was, perhaps, the greatest wasted opportunity in the political history of humankind, set out in the single greatest political manifesto crafted since the Magna Carta:  The Constitution of the United States of America – a document with which George Dubya Bush has cravenly and publicly WIPED HIS ASS.

As with the end of all great empires, it is possible to identify many causes, many wrong turns, and many idiot plays along the way.  Yet also perfectly justified to point to one microcosmic moment and say, with complete accuracy, THIS is where it became a matter of inevitable doom rather than just another in a long list of backward, egocentric fuck-ups.

The Marshall Plan, the toppling of Allende, the Shah, Joe McCarthy, Vietnam, Watergate, Iran-Contra, treating the collapse of the USSR like complete victory instead of an ebb and flow – an opportunity to forge a new path…all of these moments cast stones into the pockets of America, making drowning a more likely outcome than swimming. 
Lately, though, it seems the American government and its citizens have become more determined than ever to strap on their stupid fucking waterwings and wade into ever deeper water.

Afghanistan.  If one had eyes to see, the experience of the Russians when they tried to root out the Mujahadeen might have been instructive.  Nope.  America, ever myopic and convinced that there is simply nothing out of it’s grasping, ignorant, sticky, cum-stained reach, charged in undermanned and ill-prepared for chasing the people who live in those mountains, stomped the snot out of the Soviet Union, and ain’t going anywhere.

Iraq.  WMD’s, get rid of Saddam, quell sectarian violence, install a democracy among people who neither want it or could manage it if they did.  A morass of wasted money, wasted bodies and trashed political capital.  A monstrous clusterfuck of their own making – built entirely on lies, distortions and the utterly stupid idea that an army can win a guerrilla war set in a civil war built on two thousand years of ethnic hatred, stirred up and uncorked in the most cavalier and negligent manner conceivable by greedy, short-sighted idiots. 
“Saddam Hussein was a bad man.”  Sure he was, but saying so does not explain why you did business with Suharto, the Shah, Papa Doc and Baby Doc, Noriega, Musharraf, not to mention Saddam Hussein himself and all the rest of the despotic, vicious bastards propped up by American self-interest with absolutely no regard whatsoever for whether or not they were good and decent folk.

Grab the terrorist bull by the horns, indeed.  That’s easy enough for a fucking moron like George Bush and his cocksure neocon new world order fuckwits.  “They will greet us as liberators!”  Indeed, indeed.
Having grabbed those horns, America now desperately needs some way to let go…a consequence of horn gripping they never bothered to consider at a cost of 300 million dollars per fucking DAY. 
It’s as though America, for all its great and self-aggrandizing brain trust, has simply stopped thinking. 
They posit that there is an organized, dangerous, capable enemy who wants to inflict harm on their country, their infrastructure and their citizens by any means possible; that the enemy must be fought over there in order that they do not come here.  I’m not sure which is, on its face, most moronic – that they sell this shit, or that people buy it.
How difficult would it be to sneak 20 committed jihadists into America?  Remember the beltway snipers?  If they work in teams of three, with five cheap, used car lot sedans switching between them, those 20 fuckers could shut down shopping, transportation and high school football games from Vermont to Florida. 
One bucket of anthrax and purple dye in one municipal water supply – 19 buckets of plain purple dye…fuck it, they have five cars…you do the math – imagine the financial impact, not to mention the panic.  The point is fucking over a giant, soft target like the USA would be a piece of cake IF the enemy they assert were out there.  There is no need for hijacked planes and hard targets if one really wants to hurt America.  A dozen Ted Kaczynskis…five Timothy McVeighs.  They’d sell out of plastic wrap and duct tape in hours.  The mail would stop.  No one would leave home.
Here’s the rub.  It is not happening.  The anthrax powder mailings came from domestic terrorists – home grown nutbars.  The LightBright box that shut down Boston was a misunderstood marketing ploy.  LightBright.  Shut down a city.  Either the terrorists are stupid and incompetent, they’re just not paying attention, or they’re not trying very hard.  Or they simply are not what they’ve been made out to be.  Nah, why would the government lie to us about that?  That would risk their credibility.

The result of this “Make them afraid” strategy; this stranglehold on the American colon?  A president who lies, smirks, condescends, mangles the English language, and then jokes about the fact that he led his country into war based on lies.  “Must be some WMDs around here somewhere!  Hehehe.  I’m the decider.  Don’t misunderestimate me.  Fool me once…hehehe.” 
The stupid fucker chokes on pretzels.  He gave up golf in solidarity with mothers who lost their sons and daughters in the war he started for no good reason!  He gives tax breaks to the richest of the rich and cuts benefits for veterans;  sat on his hands and watched New Orleans drown; posed on a boat under a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner when the war was just getting started.  The stupid fuck thumbs his nose at allies who refuse to follow his lead, attacks critics as unpatriotic as he sends ill-equipped soldiers to die, nominates Harriet Miers to the USSC, spies on his own citizens, shreds the Constitution, tosses habeous corpus out the fucking window, approves torture, and takes more vacation days than any president in history while setting a new record for lowest approval rating since such things have been tracked. 
Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Alberto Gonzalez, Don Rumsfeld.  Financial scandal – the direct result of his own moronic deregulation of his good buddy’s banking industry – a massive housing crisis and spiking energy costs.  What does the president do?  He sends everyone a cheque for 600 measly dollars – a few tanks of gas and a loaf a bread, while Dick Fucking Cheney makes millions on his Haliburton stock and no-bid contracts.  Senator McMumblefuck wants to suspend the gas tax.  A weak stream of piss in a soft breeze – tell me it’s a light refreshing shower.
In 1759 people had their fucking heads chopped off for less.  The good old days.
At what point does a country open its eyes and say, “Hey, this cunting moron is jamming it up our ass day after day after day.  Enough with the expensive ass-fucking!”

The final straw is being dragged out before our very eyes.  An opportunity exists to change direction – to elect someone smarter than the average bear instead of dumber than the average stump – but it’s becoming all too apparent that America is determined to stay the course. 
When the imbecilic American voters elect John POW McMumblefuck president, there will be those who say that it was racism.  Others will insist that Hillary would have won.  Still others will pick and claw through the disgusting, pathetic and purely Rovian means employed in hoodwinking the voter – some ridiculous justification for installing a man who is nothing more than Bush Junior.  A senile, war-mongering cripple who sold his honour years ago; an adulterer who has never succeeded at a single goddamn thing in his entire life – from hooking up with Charlie Keating to opposing MLK Day; from crashing jets to graduating at the bottom of his class; from embracing George Bush, who slandered him in 2000, to sucking the cock of the religious right; from running the most dishonourable campaign in living memory to nominating Sarah Palin as his veep – a craven and desperate play that could only work in America, the richest, dumbest country imaginable.

Clearly America has a case of the Stupid Guilts.  It has become absolutely obvious that they made a mistake electing that ignorant, smug, giggling, incompetent buffoon the first time.  Then they did it again.  Now, faced with the consequences of being dumber than a bag of hammers, they are simply loathe to admit it.  If they were to make a wise choice now and send Senator McMumblefuck off to the seniors home where he belongs, and Palin back to muktuk and moose skinning land, that would amount to an admission that Bush was a giant fucking mistake.  And America simply never admits it could have been wrong, much less that it was.  America is the country that does not know how to say, “Oops, we fucked up.”
Like that episode of Happy Days where Fonzie learned to build birdhouses as therapy, working his way up to being able to say, “I’m S-S-S-S-SSSSSS…..I’m S-S-S-S-SSSSSS….”  America would rather indulge their misplaced sense of moral superiority, constructed on fantasy and revisionist history, wilfully blind to their own responsibility in creating a world in which they are hated. 
No…they’d prefer to install a bumbling, lying, dirty, dishonourable, incompetent fucktard and his lightweight, beauty queen lipstick-on-a-pig distraction rather than chart a new course with someone the rest of the world desperately wants, needs, respects and would grant a giant fucking do-over if they’d simply haul their heads out of their arse and choose the smart guy instead of the same old bullshit.  Of all its vanities, perhaps the worst is the knee-jerk certainty that what others want for America is not good for America – the reflex position that no one tells them what to do; the thoughtless insistence on cutting off their own nose to spite the global face.

The choice is yours, America, you swaggering heap of ignorant privilege.  Years from now, when you are all working for half-wages in a Chinese owned factory and shipping the vast majority of your produce overseas; when you can barely afford to buy flour and milk and the idea of going out for a drive on the weekend is something your grandfather reminisces about, you will know exactly who to blame.
Like the song says, “Ain’t nobody’s fault mine.”


12 Responses

  1. Grab your copy of the White Album, flip to side 4, cue the first song.

  2. Revolution. We all wanna change the world.
    They shot that motherfucker, eh?

  3. Boy, if they ever remove the the word “fuck” from the lexicon your posts will be reduced to short sentences…..

  4. What the fuck do you mean by that, you easily offended fuck?
    If you want to fucking taking fucking issue with something I fucking well post on my fucking blog, then make your fucking case. Otherwise, fuck off. I don’t need your stupid fucking judgement about what fucking well consititutes proper fucking language, you stupid CUNT.

  5. AND, Family Guy…
    Out of sheer fucking curiosity I went to fucking check the fucking incidence of the word fuck in the fucking post.
    The fucking thing runs 1797 fucking words. The word FUCK, or variations thereof, occurs 16 times for an incidence rate of LESS THAN ONE FUCKING PERCENT! 0.890%, if you want to get fucking picky about it.
    Get fucked, Captain Sensitive.

  6. My, my. Looks like someone has not been taking his medication as prescribed. I’d stick to discussing the epithets……outside of the curses, your post seems to display the befuddled turmoil of an irrational mind.

    Perhaps your tinfoil hat is on too tight.

  7. Someone got a thesaurus for his birthday.
    Perhaps you’d care to take a stab at expanding on your application of the word “befuddled”, you sensitive fuckwit. That’s twice you’ve wasted your time objecting to the word FUCK without bothering to make a substantive critique of the content. Last chance – this blog isn’t here for you to display your frustration with my fucking vocabulary OR the stick up your ass.

  8. SO many “FUCKING” good points Cousinavi, keep going!

  9. Critique of the content? You appear to have gotten the content from the superhighway of malcontents. You bastardize history and have twisted it into a manifesto of mis-statements, cursing and name-calling. I don’t think Obama buys his tinfoil hats at the same store you do, so I’m guessing you will be very disappointed with “the one”, should he win (or create) the most votes. You are not grounded in the reality of either the Iraq war or Afghanistan (both now and during the Russian invasion)), so any comments you make are simply the creations of an uneducated and hate filled mind.

    My Critique? To speak in your venacular, you are a real fuck-tard.

  10. Pfft. Family Fruitcake!
    If YOUR team had any fucking understanding of Afghanistan as a result of the Russian invasion (back in the days when Bush was hosting the Taliban for Oily meetings in Texas AND funding the Mujahadeen) America would have never invaded those ragged mountains.
    The reality of the Iraq war? Another declarative phrase of NOTHING that pretends understanding, yet offers no substance whatsoever. You are a vapid, shallow twit. The sort of moron who thinks McCain is a reformer and Palin is a breath of fresh air.
    Get fucked. That’s the last comment of yours that gets posted here UNTIL you offer something resembling cogent argument, instead of mere bluster and GOPSOP puffing.
    Go fuck yourself, asswipe. YOU are clearly part of the problem and too ignorant to know it.

  11. PLEASE don’t ban me! I can’t help myself. I’m just a little bitter at the way I have to hide being gay from my wife and I vent that by coming around here and pretending to be informed. I really have nothing else to do with my time except fantasize about the neighbors kids.

    Oh, btw, most of what you say makes perfect sense. I wish I had the ability to think my way through things, but I don’t. This is both frustrating and a little embarrassing, so I try to cover it up with condescension…you know, as a mask for my pretty much total lack of content and my self-loathing for being a dirty, filthy cock-hungry gay gay gay man. I expect, actually, that any day now I will no longer be able to control myself and I’ll do something really, really dirty to the kids next door. If you could hear the curses and name calling that goes on inside my head you would understand why I have so little coherent argument remaining.

  12. Great dino-ridin’ jeebus, Family Cakes! If it will stop you from doing nasty things to the kids next door, I won’t BAN you. It’s nice that you have the strength to admit when you’re wrong (and vapid, shallow, ignorant, pathetic and weak).
    Sorry to hear about the horrible burdens you carry. It must be difficult to live with such dark, troubling secrets.
    I hope you will seek the help you so obviously need and take whatever steps are necessary to prevent yourself from harming the poor, innocent children whose only mistake is living in your neighbourhood.
    Do NOT listen to the voices!

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