Palin Bans Malkin Books – Coulter’s NEXT!

Ann Coulter wannabe Michelle Malkin, grand opposer of checked scarfs and vapid blithering lipflap, has the goods on the supposed book banning scandal in Sarah Palin’s hometown.
Back when Palin became mayor of Wasila, she asked the local librarian how she would feel about banning some books.  Book banning, of course, is something true conservatives can get behind.  No sense letting people have access to ideas, especially those ideas with which they disagree.
The librarian responded that she would be opposed to any attempt to ban books.
Later, after assuming office, Palin notified the librarian that she would be terminated.  The reason given was that the book marm had supported Palin’s opponent.  Malkin makes much of the apparent fact that the letter of termination made no direct reference to the book banning issue.  It’s just political reality that the librarian serves at the pleasure of the mayor.  Reductio ad absurdum, indeed.
In any case, following a public outcry in support of the librarian, she was permitted to keep the job she had held for seven years.
Flash forward:  Someone posted a supposed list of books Palin wanted banned on the intertoobs.  The list is fake, and there appears to be fair evidence that the list is fake.  So, of course, Malkin starts screaming “FAKE!  FIGHT THE SMEARS!” while totally ignoring the undisputed facts that (a) Palin thinks banning books is a decent idea, and (b) she wanted to fire a municipal librarian for not being politically onside; cleaning house of anyone who wasn’t one of her supporters and presumably handing public jobs out to her sycophants.
Now look, I understand full well that an adminstration requires certain posts be filled by team players; that when a new president takes the helm, they install their own AG, cabinet, etc.  But wouldn’t it be seen as going rather a bit far to fire the entire janitorial staff?  What difference could it make who replaces the toilet paper in the staff bathroom?  Or who refiles the late returns at the local library?
The facts are the FACTS.  Palin wants to censor/ban books.  Palin seeks to crush anyone who doesn’t pull for Palin.
Malkin can yammer her moronic, fascist head off about a phoney list of specific books, accuse the Dems of everything short of treason (which will forever prevent her from becoming Ann Coulter), but the true character of the creationist, anti-abortion, moose mama Wasila woman is revealed not by the phony list, but by the undisputed actions of Sarah Palin:  What she thinks, what she says, what she does. 
Those aren’t smears, Malkie…those are facts.  Live with it. 

Now, if Mama Wasila wanted to ban Malkin’s scribbling, and tossed in Coulter’s polemic shit flinging offenses against reason, now there’s some book banning we could really get behind – one based on quality and worthiness; getting rid of books that contain NO “ideas”, common decency, reason or value.  Those wastes of paper are much more offensive and corrupting than Tom Sawyer, Harry Potter, or the Larry Craig biography, “I AM NOT GAY:  Sucking Cock in Airport Stalls for Fun and Profit.”


3 Responses

  1. Could you advise how best to have my book, Below Mile Zero, A Novel of Key West, ‘allegedly banned’ by Gov. Sarah Palin?

    Despite having garnered 5-star reader reviews, the sales could use a boost, so any guidance toward having the Governor take an ‘alleged’ dislike to the book would be very much appreciated.

    Brooke Babineau

  2. You say that as if the fact that she WANTED to ban books, but failed, is of no consequence.
    In any event, if you want to make your book bannable, simply assert, among other things, that evolution is supported by scientific fact while creationism has no place in the science curriculum; that a woman has an inalienable right to choose whether or not to be pregnant as the result of rape or incest; that being a vapid, flip-flopping LIAR is no qualification to be a heartbeat away from the oval office.
    If you include these ideas in your scribblings, they’ll get around to banning your putrid crap sooner or later. I’d likely do it sooner, but only based on literary merit, as opposed to disagreeing with your thinking.

  3. A reviewer of Brooke Babineau’s thinly veiled fictionalized autobiography claims that the work puts one in mind of the best efforts of “Grisham, Conroy, Steinbeck, and the like”…

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
    Anyone who mentions John Grisham in the same breath with Steinbeck is an insufferable moron with their literary head crammed up their scribbling arse.
    For that matter, anyone who appends “and the like” to the name Steinbeck ought to be gutted and hung in the hot sun as a warning to other mindless fuckwits.
    I invite (read dare) anyone who catches these comments to clickity pop the link to Brooke Babineau’s web disaster and see if the presentation whets your appetite for more…more…oh yes! please! more!
    Hope that deckhand on a salvage boat thing is working out well, Brooke. Grisham and Steinbeck, indeed. I’m betting you’ve read one of the two…and keep meaning to get around to those old Steinbeck paperbacks you picked up at the flea market because you heard someone you respect mention the name and figured the dog-earred copies would look cool scattered around your hut where folks just couldn’t help but notice your eclectic and ever-so-fine taste in lit-tra-chur.
    Five-star reviews, eh? I can see from the excellent punctuation, grammar and spelling on your web site that you are a writer with whom the world shall be forced to reckon. LOL.

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