Winning Elections

Rove’s Palin play is a bit of smooth genius. 
No one is talking about George Bush or how we came to be in this sorry fucking mess. 
Gitmo.  Abu Ghraib.
Gonzalez.  Miers.  Cheney, Rove and Libby.
Katrina.  Weapons of mass destruction.  Joking about weapons of mass destruction.
Rumsfeld.  Mission Accomplished.  Bin Laden.  Iraq Afghanistan twelve BILLION DOLLARS per month.
Housing crisis.  Enron.  Haliburton.  Blackwater.  Bank failures.
Vacation days.  Misunderestimating.  SHREDDING the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Are you fucks paying attention?
Two parties and we have stopped talking about the governance of the incumbent.

‘Bama can win California and New York 80-20.  Illinois 70-30.
Give him Massachusetts 65-35.  Oh, look!  So many new people inflating the margins in the Gimme States without making one fart-weight’s difference in the electoral college!  You motivated hippies impress the hell out of me.

Ohio.  Florida.  Michigan.
We are about to get Roved worse then we got Roved before…back when sane and reasonable people said, “THIS ain’t ever happening again.”  Back when a National Guard shirking smirking chimp buffoon portrayed a decorated veteran as weaker on national security.  Back when the GOP neocon fucks conned America into electing a prevaricating imbecile one more time.

2008.  Experience.  Abortion.  Gender.  WTF???

Experience.  She has more than Obama.
Abortion.  Sarah Palin chooses life.  Obama murders baby Trig.
Gender.  No pithy, clever or sarcastic line required.  This one’s a gimme.

He’s a Christian as far as I know…but he wants to raise your taxes and take away your guns.
He’s NOT a POW.
Politics as WWE wrestling.  Palin hunts and fishes.  Obama says one thing in Scranton and another in San Francisco.  Who you gonna trust, America?

I don’t care if he ever fucked a pig.  I just want to make the sonuvabitch deny it.

This election is just getting warmed up.  I expect the Obama camp has been waiting for this and are well prepared with measured, incisive, vicious and cutting counter-points – the conduct of the Clinton wars brooks no other perspective.
Still and all, though…I have some lines for you guys. 
For a small fee, I’ll tell you what they are.  They’re GOLD, Jerry…GOLD!

I know McCain’s speech was weak and poorly delivered.  What torture, watching Senator Mumblefuck struggle to hit the in toe neigh shun on sim pull sent an says my friends.  Fuck the speech and fuck Gimpy Mumblefuck.  LOOK at the faces of the assembled.  They are not going to let an elitist negro take over their country.  Just…no.

Sure there were empty seats, and Obama had 80,000.  Big margins in the gimme states.
This election is just now being sorted out, and being smarter, more qualified, more inspiring, more erudite, more nuanced, more thoughtful, more beloved, more suited, more more…doesn’t mean a goddamn weak stream of piss in a soft breeze.

If I were ever within arms reach of Karl Rove he’d never forget the encounter, but the slimy bastard knows how to win elections.


2 Responses

  1. you are SO right! this is a major distraction — they said mccain is crazy, yeah, crazy like a fox!!

  2. It ain’t McCain. Senator Mumblefuck isn’t any brighter, and certainly isn’t any more principled than Chimpy Bush.
    The Palin Trap is pretty clearly the work of the razor-taloned imp Karl Rove.
    The suggestion that McGimpy had been following the career of the freshman governor of Alaska; that based on a single fucking phone call he decided to name her his veep candidate because he considered her the most qualified…is so obviously a load of crap.
    It’s a ploy. A trap. And this kind of sneaky shit doesn’t get done at the top of the GOP simply as a gutsy, maverick move by the nominee. It only gets sold that way. It gets done in a meeting where the opening question is, “How do we take down this uppity, celebrity n****r?”

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