Palin In Hiding – Refuses to Come Out

The GOP has indicated that veep nom Sarah Palin will not be available to the media until she has been sufficiently woodshedded by Republican strategists to not appear vacuous in public.  If I were her, I’d be hiding, too…and not just from the media.  Politics 101 – first lesson:  Fuck with the bull…
The Obama camp is deploying (I fuckin’ LOVE this!) Hillary Rodham Clinton, Janet Napolitano and Kathleen Sebelius to respond to the Palin trap.  If it was ever a play for female voters, that’s finished – Palin isn’t fit to carry water for any of these women.
Despite the argument that SPalin has foreign policy chops, she’s holed up taking a crash course from Joe Leibermann.   That, one supposes, is both good and bad.  Good because Leibermann knows the difference between radical Islamist insurgents and Al Qaeda – a distinction that escapes John McBush.  Bad because the fact that it’s required merely underscores Palin’s utter incompetence, despite Republican insistence that she’s perfectly qualified right outta the box.  How fuckin’ sad.  Off in a room being peppered with hypothetical questions and whipped until the proper GOPSOP talking points spill from her mouth without breaking stride.  She’s qualified, but no one is permitted to ask her any questions.  I get it.


2 Responses

  1. Haha…I love how the Dems are scared of Palin. 🙂 Yall dont know what to do. She has more experience than Obama, so no matter how bad you want to attack her lack of experience you know you cant because Obama has less.

  2. @ Tilly
    You can blither the GOP talking points all you like, Tilly.
    Obama: Harvard law, U of C Constitutional law professor, Illinois senator, Foreign Affairs Committee, and 18 MILLION votes say he’s qualified.
    Sarah Palin: Mayor of Wasila, barely elected Gov of a state with less than a million souls, embroiled in scandal, ultra-right beauty queen, selected after a fifteen minute phone call with John McBush.
    Why? Not because she’s qualified, competent or able.
    Chosen precisely BECAUSE she’s SO utterly UNqualified…so the GOP and idiots like you can make the ginned up false argument that Obama lacks experience.
    How fucking sad, pathetic and weak. Is that all you got?
    Listen, deary…here’s what qualifies someone to be President: People VOTE for you.
    Obama gained more support in every state PRIMARY than Palin has accumulated in her whole life.
    You’re either a troll, a prop, or a patsy…which gives you one more option than Palin.

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