Hillary v. Sarah

After the things I’ve said about Hillary Clinton, it’s at least suspect to have me wanting to call the cat fight.
Nevertheless, if Hillary Clinton is to have any future in national politics, she cannot – must not – let this slide.
It is suggested elsewhere that Hillary is torn.  It is said that in her heart of hearts, she wants Obama to lose but does not want to blamed for it;  that she is reluctant to take on the neophyte Palin and be seen to have come up short.
Fuck all that.  If Hillary Clinton is worth half the mass she wants to weigh, this is the time to give gravity its due.  Sarah Palin is a puff of nothing ginned up to raise distractions.  In terms of serious politics – playing the game that matters rather than the game Rove wants – Hillary Rodham Clinton is singularly positioned to respond to the Palin Trap.  Failure to slice, dice and julienne this moose hunting pretender amounts to nothing more than an abdication of responsibility. 
Fuck me.  That sounded harsh. 
Here’s the thing, Hillary.  Bygones.  Now is the time when those who can are called.  You have the opportunity to be all that you imagined you might be; to be more than I gave you credit for being.
You must venture forth and slay the Palinbeast.  You must demonstrate to your supporters, your party, your country and your raison d’etre that you will not allow – simply will not permit – some weak GOP conservative superfreak to lay claim to the path you cut with your own bare hands.
Shred her.  Do not hold back.  Let everyone see what they missed.


7 Responses

  1. So true I share your ideas, it’s about time for Hillary to slay Sarah Palin and stand up for the bigger picture till it’s her time again. Support the party

  2. Wow, are Democrats threatened by Sarah Palin!

    As you said, Hillary has herself to think of. Wasn’t it enough that she and Bill delivered speeches, praising Barack Obama through clenched teeth?

    Is Hillary the only one who can take on Governor Palin? If so, one might think that Barack Obama was the one who made the wrong Vice Presidential selection!

  3. No, it was not enough that Hillary and Bill spoke at the convention on Obama’s behalf! Remember, this is not about Hillay! This election is about a threat to the progressive ideals Hillary claims to support. Therefore, Hillary should be front and center against Palin. What did Hillary mean that Palin adds an “important new voice”? Palin’s voice (sound and words) is chilling. I want guns controlled, sex education and choice, a fairer economy, and a safer world. Palin does not represent these “liberal” goals. If the election is more to Hillary than self interest, she should come out swinging. In fact, where has she been for the past week???

  4. Why should Hillary be front and center? There are any number of liberals who could represent the socialist ideals of the Democratic Party just as well as she can.

    Where is Al Gore? Where is Jimmy Carter? Where is Ted Kennedy? Where is John Kerry? Where is John Edwards? (Okay, maybe not Edwards; we all know he’ll be hiding under a bed for quite some time).

    The only reason you are screaming for Hillary to make an aggressive appearance, is because Hillary is a woman. Pretty sexist, if you ask me!

    Just admit that Obama should have chosen her in the first place!

  5. @ Scotty Mack

    The REASON Palin was chosen bespeaks the paltry, hollow, shallow, gaming, sneaky, underhanded politics the Republicans play when that evil, dough-headed imp Karl Rove calls the tune.
    And you think expecting HRC to strike back is sexist? Pull your head out of your ass.
    No, Obama made a far better veep choice with Biden.
    The GOP made the weak choice – designed solely to play gender politics and distract the voters from the weak policies and lack of clear thinking in POW Gimpy McMumblefuck.
    “Sexist” is what your weak ass candidate and all his surrogates WANT to shout, should Obama, Carter, Gore, Biden or anyone else go after Moose Mama Wasila Woman. SHE’s the one that invoked Hillary’s name and referenced the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling. There’s an old saying, Scotty: Fuck with bull, get the horns. In Palin’s and the GOP’s case, it’s ‘Fuck with the cow, get the teats.’
    Don’t get all whiney and frightened. You ASKED for it when you tossed up a vacant, incompetent beauty queen. I know you’re HOPING to play it out according to plan (as if that might be called a plan), but craven, desperate plays like this don’t often work out the way you hope.
    As for “socialist” ideals, I don’t think you understand the word. It strikes me that the morons who drag out Das Kapital at every turn are just stupid, war-mongering fools who think BUSH is a clever man and made a truly great president. How old are you, junior, 17? I bet you own a gun, hate black people, and believe in God, too.

  6. Actually, I’m 45, don’t own a gun and (horrors) do believe in God. I don’t hate black people and would be more than willing to support Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice for President.

    My wife and I work a collective 110+ hours per week, struggling to pay our bills like many Democrats and Republicans. I have read every single word on Barack Obama’s website about his plans on the issues.

    The thing that is missing is how he plans to pay for it all. If you read it carefully, you will see new taxes implied time after time after time. Increasing income tax on “the rich” and ending the war in Iraq will not even begin to pay for all of the social programs that Obama wants.

    People from other countries stream into this country to purchase goods while on holiday because prices for things are two to three times as much in their own countries, due to taxes. Those taxes pay for things like a national medical program that leaves them waiting for months to see a doctor.

    Hey, if Obama can figure out a way for me to not have to work my butt off to pay the bills, great. I would love to sit back and have someone else pay them for me. I would love for everything to be free.

    It’s a pipe dream. Nothing in life is free. That is, except the freedom to choose one’s own lot in life. I’m not looking for Big Government to save me. My parents instilled a work ethic in me and the moral values to stand on my own two feet. Those that blame the system aren’t trying hard enough. Both Barack and Michelle Obama’s life story are a testament to the fact that those who want to put in the extra effort, can be whatever they want to be.

    As for your choice of literature, actually I would recommend reading Mein Kampf. You be amazed by the similarities between Hitler’s philosophy and the rhetoric of the Obama campaign!

  7. @ Scotty. Mein Kampf? Really. You Godwin your own position.
    In any case, when we speak of paying for things, how about the 12 BILLION dollars a month that’s being pissed away on a war that was based on lies. WMD, then topple Saddam, then liberate the people, then set up a democracy among people who neither want it or can manage it. Jumped up Jesus on skis. You really want to argue about a progressive taxation scheme in the face of the Republican record? Do you really contend that TWELVE BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH would not fund decent health care for a mere 300 million citizens. You do the math. How many times in one month does the average American need to see a doctor? No doubt you think that providing hefty tax breaks for the richest of the rich will “trickle down” into economic stimulus…everyone will be able to buy back their home and those Wall Street fellas will immediately start displaying altrusim and comunity spirit.
    Make you a deal: I’ll stop shitting on you for being a theist and allowing your narrow belief in God to influence your political positions (it’ll be difficult, but I will do it – seperation of church and state, you understand)…and you stop pretending that John McCain has anything resembling a fiscal policy that will not increase the deficit, the national debt, and utterly fail to pay for the perfectly reasonable responsibilites of any any adminstration concerned with Peace, Order and Good Government. He doesn’t, and even the most conservative (not GOP arse-licking) analysts agree.
    Quite honestly, it would be nice to have someone in the white house who was educated (as opposed to scraped through on their daddy’s stripes at the bottom of the class), successful (as opposed to marrying into money, crashing jets and committing serial adultery), and consistent (as opposed to flip-flopping on everything from abortion to torture).
    It’s a question of character. I am, quite honestly stunned that anyone can make the argument that McCain has ANY.
    Oh…and CONDI? Really? REALLY? *sigh*
    9/11 Commission:
    Q: What did you do?
    A: I didn’t do anything. No one told me to do anything. If there has been something I needed to do, someone would have told me to do it. No one told me to do anything, so there was nothing I needed to do.
    She was, at the time, National Security Advisor. Who in the fuck was she waiting for instructions from? The NSA’s JOB is to pull together the threads, and ADVISE the president – not sit on her hands waiting for specific orders. She might be a fine academic, with a concentration in RUSSIAN affairs. She is a LOUSY, weak, incompetent buffoon as a diplomat. And, more pointedly, what has she accomplished since being elevated to Sec. State? Nothing. She flies around the world being George’s sycophantic, unchallengable Auntie Tom.
    I’d have given you Colin Powell until he gave up his soul at the UN Security Council. And even still, word is Colin supports Obama, not his fellow veteran POW Floppy McMumblefuck. You might well take a hint from the shreds of character Powell hung onto.

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