The Palin Play. Well Done, Mr. Rove.

Personally, I like the theory proposed on the website I’ve linked to below, that putting Palin out there allows the Repubsto be “defensive” about questions of experience, rather than going on the attack.

Oooh. Yes! Someone noticed. A LINK! I love you guys, I really do. ohmigod…there are so many people I want to thank!

It’s not just the defensive play, which is a key element for sure…it’s more about controlling the narrative, the issues, the media attention.
No one is talking about the absolutely MONSTROUS degree of criminal, treasonous, Constitution shredding fuckwittery of the Republicans. Impeachment? ?!?!?! These Fuckers should be HUNG!
Eight years of shit that makes all the tsars and Pol Pot look mild. Toss in Suharto and Papa Doc while you’re at it. OK…maybe not Pol Pot…but, come on…

What’s the topic? Pregnant teen mothers. Drilling for oil. White, christian girl versus foreign, elite, Hussein, black man. Experience. I hope it doesn’t work, but the Palin Trap is brilliantly laid.
I mean, let’s be fair: It’s either a brilliantly laid trap to raise issues they want to play, or it’s the dumbest fucking veep nom ever.
If it’s a trap, and despite that plenty of people are pointing at it and saying “LOOK! TRAP!”, we simply cannot stay the hell out of it. All Palin, all the time.

It’s a swing state play, and a goddamn clever one. And it might fuckin work.
Imagine: Obama takes CA, NY, ILL, MA by HUGE margins. All other states close, some red, some blue. Well, except for Texas and the inbred states. Onward.
Swing states, gamed by the Palin Trap – experience, gender, race, foreign, black, white, liberal, conservative…HE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY! BITTER BIBLE GUNS!
Remember when Gore supposedly won the pop. vote, but Bush got the electoral college with Florida? Imagine a MUCH wider margin, same electoral college result.
Watch for McCain to make strong ‘wants to talk to Iran’ plays – scare the Jews; ‘wants to talk to the Castros’ – scare the Cubans = Florida.  Creationism in the schools.  There’s Florida north of Miami.
Rust belt. Guns. Hunting. Bible.
This election is NOT OVER. Wake up, sleepy Dems.
Ohio. Florida. Time to start throwing. No more Mr. Nice Guy.
They ASKED for it. Time to roll out the ads featuring Dubya saying, “I say, ‘Bring it on.’”
Ads of the stuttering McFuckwit eating cake with George as Katrina drowned New Orleans, crosscut with clips of McCain trying to appear presidential in anticipation of the storm that didn’t happen.
No quarter.
It’s time.
Stop being polite about the facts.


3 Responses

  1. Jesus. Relax. The big, bad Rove man isn’t going to get you.

    Avi? Isn’t that one of them Hebe names?

  2. He ain’t out to get me.
    But he’s got his eye on the new mother nature.

  3. Hmmm. That was almost right.
    Rove has his eye on the new Brother nature.

    There’s a new Brother Nature takin’ over…

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