Palin’s Speech – Predictions Reviewed

A few hours before Palin took the stage, I predicted what she would say.  Of course, most of it is pretty fuckin’ simple, but let’s review how I did. 

She is going to pound on Obama hard. Expect her to come off as much more of a scrapper than Joe Biden, and to speak directly to some foreign affairs issues with a “now seems like common sense to me…I don’t have all those years of Washington experience, BUT…”.
Remember that, “Aw shucks, I’m just a normal fella” thing Bush did so well? Prepare yourself.

Bingo!  Picking on Obama was a gimme.  I know Biden will chew her into pieces in debate.  Frankly, I’m very curious to see what sort of strategy they employ to help her survive the encounter.  Nevertheless, as a rollout speech goes, she trumped Biden’s lame call-and-answer, “More of the same.”
The ‘Aw, shucks…little ol’ me?’ presentation was right out of the Rove-Bush playbook.

Directly reference the “bitter people clinging to their guns and bibles.” She’s a hunter and a Christian. She was personally offended by that comment.

Super Bingo.  Called the quote.  Saw it coming.  Woohoo for me.

Didn’t “convert” to Jesus when it was convenient.  I think she’ll actually attack Obama’s faith.  She won’t call him a Muslim but I expect this element.

Strike one.  This one surprised me.  Perhaps it will come later, or perhaps they were hesitant to get into the whole Muslim thing until later…wait to see if it’s necessary to get that dirty.  It’s coming.  I believe that.

National Guard experience (John McCain’s a POW!), in addition to her entire resume which, to hear her tell it, is a complex, hectic, pressure-filled storm of strong, sober executive decisions and sound fiscal judgement mixed with building a strong home for her family (John McCain – POW). 

Another gimme.  Can’t even call this one a hit, it’s so obvious.  It’s like holding job interviews and the kid three months out of university shows up with a 35 page resume extolling the experience gained that time they volunteered to shovel walks for the aged neighbours when they were 12.  Executive experience, motherfuckers.  I have it!

DRILL! Drill and drill now and the price will come down. It only makes sense. We drill…and we keep it here! American oil for Americans.

Another gimme.  The degree to which she distorted the entire issue was no surprise.  If I’d scribbled out my predictions any earlier than 5AM local time following half a quart of rum, I’d have fleshed this one out enough to call it prescient.

A stinging, direct attack on the media reproving them for their interest in her pregnant daughter, the speculation that her downs baby was not hers, the disrespect for women inherent in their coverage of this election (she will reference Hillary Clinton and the glass ceiling).  Structured to work up distaste for the librul media as a whole.  Given the past eight years, McCain cannot expect the media to ignore the Republican record entirely, so they must be whipped on like mangy dogs.  Given that the media is likely to continue looking at Palin, she’s going to set it up to appear unfair, intrusive, sexist, demeaning, even before it really starts…just more proof that the media is Obama the Golden One’s pocket.

Bingo.  The GOP know full well that, in Palin’s case, the media are definitely the enemy and they ain’t going away.  Might as well tag them as the enemy now – gives the appearance, at least, of consistency rather than whining…or let’s her make that false claim, in any case.

She will not mention opposition to gay marriage – only a long shot because polls show most Americans don’t give a rat’s arse about it and are content to let gays marry.  Besides, there’s a hotter button:  I think Palin will say it’s time to overturn Roe v. Wade.  I’m a little iffy on this one…but if she does, it would confirm for me that they’re truly swinging for the fence.

Strike TWO!  I blame the rum and the hour.  It seemed so reasonable at the time.  A way to gin up the ultra-right…motivate those pro-lifers to come out to the polls.  But, it occured to me today (and before I’d seen the speech) that no serious play for Hillary supporters can go down that road.  Palin is already right-wing enough and sending her out to the nut-fuck fringe is not going to lure many ovarian Democrats over to the GOP.  A bad call.  But if things get dicey down the road, I still think we’ll hear, “Obama says it’s okay to murder my baby, Trig!”

So the record is +5 -2.  Might have been better, but I got Meatloaf beat all to hell.


8 Responses

  1. I think Palin will eat Joe Biden alive, but on the other hand, McCain will probably get torn up by Obama in a debate. One thing’s for sure, Biden looked pretty shaken this morning in TV interviews. He must have a fear of pitbull hockey moms.

  2. I think Palin will eat Joe Biden alive

    I wish we were personally acquainted. I’d love to bet heavy money – would even give you odds – on this one. No Alaskan beauty queen (no matter the size of her heart, balls or guts) is going to get up and stand toe-to-toe with Joe Biden (Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee) in debate.
    She spent four or five days prepping the speech; being heavily woodshedded by the best and brightest GOP strategists. I grant you, despite the lies, distortions and slanted perspective required, she pulled it off with flying colors.
    But that ain’t the same thing as responding to questions on the fly; dealing with rebuttal…THAT is something that requires more than memorized tlaking points and decent delivery. That REQUIRES actually having the chops to do the job for real.
    Christ…I’d even be a little embarrassed to take your money. Palin is a ploy, a trap…a staked out goat even the GOP don’t really care about, so long as she helps them shift the issues away from the past eight years of Republican incompetence.
    And on that one point – assuming the president dies in a car accident – you want President Biden or President Palin?
    Be reasonable.

  3. It has been some time since I blogged, but I must address your comments. Now that the debate is long over, it was apparent that Palin held her own. While she did maul Biden like a hungry pitbull, she stood strong, and Biden did as well. Now to answer your question, I would take Palin over Biden as President at this moment in history, only because Palin doesn’t seemed to be in deep with the true powers that be. The ones that control Obama, Biden, Bush, McCain, both Clintons, and many more of the elites. Obama is their new messiah, as well as the medias, over half the worlds, and obviously yours too. Something big is coming, Biden and Colin Powell are letting that out of the bag with their slip of the tongues and big mouths. Obama is a socialist, and the socialist government is coming. And it may not be any better under McCain, because they are all puppets on a string. Get ready to say goodbye to your rights my blogging friend.

  4. @ Gathering
    Yeah…150 grand on clothes. That’s what we need.
    Vapid, incurious, and just plain stupid. No doubt you’d prefer Palin as president – birds of a feather. It would make you feel somehow just a little bit smarter, huh?
    You can drop the New Messiah shit – that’s just the veil behind which you hide your racism.
    Socialism? Do you even know what the word means? And whatever you THINK it means, in your mean little uneducated version of “No, I never actually READ Marx”, Barack Obama is most assuredly NOT a socialist, no matter how desperately you need to tag him with some sort of “other/enemy of the state” bullshit label.
    The media? Oh for fuck sakes…IF that were even remotely true – that the MSM is “in the bag” for Obama, we’d have heard a helluva lot more about Charlie Keating, serial adultery, crashed jets, flip-flops…stop trying to blame the collapse of rampant shadow government neocon conservative global dominance GOP fuckwittery on the pathetic media. They’re “in the bag” for themselves and any narrative that draws viewers. So take your Rush, O’Reilly, Hannity, Ingraham and the rest of your weak excuses for political journalism and eat a bag of dicks, you GOPSOP apologist.
    Get ready to say goodbye to my rights? You mean like HABEOUS CORPUS and the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure; warrantless wiretapping, and the rest of the shredded Constitution under Bush, Cheney, Rove, Gonzalez et al?
    Don’t talk to me about rights, you ignorant twit. I KNOW what rights are. Law school’s good for some things, after all.
    Palin not “in deep with the powers that be”?
    Of course she isn’t – the twit is INCAPABLE of being deep in any fucking thing. She’s about as shallow as a shot glass.
    And you’re just a right wing moron or, at best, one of those jaded freeper libertarians who find it just so trendy and cool to object to everything while living in Mom’s basement and lamenting your horrible lack of freedom.
    Mauled Biden like a hungry pit bull. LOL.
    The comedy writes itself! She hasn;t got the brains to carry Joe Biden’s jockstrap. But, quite clearly, she’s got enough to carry yours.

  5. First, I must correct my statement from my last post: I meant to write that “While she did not maul Biden like a hungry pitbull, she stood strong, and Biden did as well.” I left out the word “not’.
    Secondly, I agree with you that Bush, Cheney, and countless other right wingers are in the bag. This isn’t starting with Obama. It has been going on since before JFK, we are just at the pinnacle of it all in this moment of history.
    Thirdly, based on your angry, childlike temper tantrum from your last post, you are mislead about me and fit the profile of an Obama follower down to the last F bomb. Foul mouth, cocky, arrogant, and acting better than the rest of society. Yes I know what socialism is and means, I know my rights, and I know what is coming for America and the world. And I didn’t have to go to law school for it either. Maybe you should get your money back.

  6. @ Gathering

    Maybe you should learn how to type.
    Don’t get your panties in a knot, Nancy-Boy, because I respond to what you SAID rather than what you now claim to have meant (which no doubt changes with the breeze).
    As for acting better than the rest of society, it would pretty fuckin’ hard to act any worse – ‘specially if you’re the yardstick, fuckstick.
    Your just some idiot Libtard who sees wet-ops conspiracy theories everywhere you look as some pathetic explanation for why your sad life ain’t workin’ out according to your inflated sense of what is properly your due (you know…being so vastly more insightful than the rest of us poor sheeple).

  7. Wow! You really nailed me. No shit. Without knowing anything about me, you have been right on every insightful statement you posted about me. Nice work, keep it coming! I would probably, at this point, employ YOUR where I meant to use YOU’RE, but I can’t ever mange what mean.
    I am The Gathering.
    I can see the also that where.
    Thank to all who can but not some.
    Hah! I am The Gathering! I am not to though

  8. @ Gathering

    Get a grip dude…you’re gonna make me mod you if you keep that weird shit up.

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