Great Text. Palin SUCKS.

Living in Asia fucks with your clock relative to the goings on in North America, so catching Palin’s speech is an after-the-fact thing for me.  I read the text around lunch time – maybe two or three hours after she spoke.  It looked pretty good.  If she delivered those words, in the tone and cadence I heard in my head as I read it, it appeared to meet or surpass the mark.

Turns out to be one of those “The book is better than the movie” situations.
I’m watching the speech now off one site or another.  I have to take breaks.
According to the clocky thing, this shit is gonna run something like 44 minutes.  Send reinforcements.
Salsman, who is often correct about many things and will tell you so, said Palin sounds like Herb Tarlek’s wife from WKRP in Cincinnati. 
“Mow the lawn, Herb, or no num-nums for you tonight.” 

This is strong – well, standard script played horribly weakly.  It is, of course, rather a misnomer to call it “Palin’s speech”.  Palin’s delivery of a speech crafted by others to hit the marks would be far more accurate (no-one thinks Palin wrote this shit, do they?…you know those weren’t her words, right?)

All that’s required is someone to deliver the fucker with HEART…something approaching sincerity. 
The Republicans are all about soaring themes, broad strokes and simple answers.  In the hands of a skilled orator, that’s a winning pitch almost every time. 
Palin ain’t no orator.  She is, quite obviously, a beauty queen student council prep rally cheerleader without anything like the experience, insight, gravitas or vision to be veep.  IF she had the ability to deliver a truly inspiring, heartfelt speech…to speak the words I read with anything remotely resembling conviction, the trap had a shot.  Sadly, she’s plainly just an attention hungry lightweight, all too willing to seek personal glory at the pure cost of saying anything that’s stuffed into her mouth.  Right down to the joke about hockey moms, pit bulls and lipstick.  C’mon folks…that was NOT off the cuff.  Which brings up an interesting nada:  What would have happened if Obama or Biden had told the same joke?
Oh, I see.  It’s OK for Sarah Palin to make “dog+lipstick = woman” jokes.  Good one, Sarah.  I can see that glass ceiling shattering now.  I bet ol’ Johnny “Cunt” McCain slapped his knees…or at least gestured wildly with his gimpy arms in the general direction of his knees, when you ran that one past him.

Palin’s trapped in the pathetic grey area between really believing what she’s being made to say, and throwing herself into playing the role because she recognizes full well that this is a put up job.  It’s a flaw shared with Hillary – the inability to ignore the fact that there’s a few thousand people sitting there;  to forego the grand intonations in favour of having a conversation.  You cannot talk to 1000 people.  You talk to ONE person, and then every single one of those thousand, or ten thousand, or 80 thousand feels like you’re talking directly to them –  personally – instead of shouting at a stadium.  Palin was not communicating, she was acting.
Sadly for the GOP (happily for me), she is all too obviously an emoting super ham, chewing scenery with an over-the-top faux enthusiasm, hopped up on the glare of the lights.  I don’t think she even realizes what a tool (in the purest sense of the word) she is.  It’s just weak talent, and there’s nothing to be done for all that.

The GOP have to be regretting this play.  They must now be searching for a way to either cancel, control or game the debate with Biden.  Qualifications are one thing, but failure to deliver on the stump in this degree is fatal, cheers and accolades from the assembled faithful notwithstanding.
She is going to be utterly owned, destroyed, shredded and really, really depressed after trading answers to complex questions with JB.

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  1. That was awsome. You know how long I have looked for someone to say the truth? The media have all been saying great, speech, homerun. I keep looking at my computer screen saying really? Are you kidding me? Did someone slip acid in my diet coke? Thanks you may be in a different time zone but it was woth the wait.

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