Joe Scar & Pat Buchanan: Palin? Impossible.

It’s gotta be tough being a Right-wing pundit.  It doesn’t matter what you say, even if it’s reasonable it turns out to be wrong. 
Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan, moments before the Palin announcement, agree in no uncertain terms that Sarah Palin is simply and dramatically unqualified to be vice president.  Simply incapable of debating foreign policy with Joe Biden.  A mere year and a half as Governor.  They even go so far as to compare her directly to Barack Obama and conclude it’s apples and oranges.  Wasila?  Wasila?
Uhhh…what was I huntin’ again?
Of course Sarah Palin’s unqualified.  That’s the POINT.  Maverick John my ass.

This Palin trap is almost a thing of beauty.  It’s obviously a trap, yet no one can seem to stay the hell out of it.  Even pointing out that it’s nothing more than a stupid and obvious trap only results in the GOP screaming, “How DARE you degrade and belittle the hard working, successful Governor of Alaska who has more executive experience than your candidate for PRESIDENT!  John McCain was a POW!”

Here’s the clip.


10 Responses

  1. It’s Pat Buchanan, btw – not Pat Robertson. Incredible video. I would love to see some compare/contrast video with Pat Buchanan speaking the Republican line on how qualified Palin is.

  2. Thanks David. 5AM Brainfart. One of these Pats is not like the other, one of these Pats just doesn’t belong…

  3. amazing, i agree with these clowns. but a few days later they totally disagree with themselves and me. what words come to mind, liars, hypocrits, what truth? not here.

  4. @ darkmark

    Here’s how paranoid I am: The GOP wants to make the argument that Obama lacks experience, so BEFORE the pick is announced, they send out GOPSOP talking heads Buchanan and Scarborough to state, in no uncertain terms, that Palin (being so vastly less qualified than Obama) is an impossible pick. Setting the table…like the guy who seems to win at 3-card-monty – keeps picking the card you KNEW was the one. Go ahead. Bet. See what happens.
    If Palin was SO unqualified, SO unlikely, why are Scar and Buchy spending ANY time talking about her in such detail? In fact, why do they even know anything about Palin? They never mention Olympia Snow. They never mention Kay Hutchinson. They just yammer, in some detail, about how UNqualified Palin is for the job of veep.
    I’m paranoid enough to consider that a tell.

  5. how does the right think of women. what kind of respect does the woman in these two videos get. about none. conservative respect for women in action.

  6. “At least I don’t plaster on the make-up like a trollop, you cunt!”
    – John S. McCain, to wife Cindy.

    Any other questions?

  7. Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough REALLY drive me crazy – mostly because they “talk out of both sides of their mouths”, there are myriad other reasons.! They do this all the time- did you see Pat B. gushing after Obama’s speech at the DNC? PLEASE!
    I watch MSNBC for Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, Gene Robinson and the late and wonderful- Tim Russert.. I DO NOT watch Morning Joe- for exactly the reasons I stated above, but when you watch convention coverage, you have to take the good with the bad- I suoopse..
    I really think (I have no proof) that Olberman stayed in NYC for the RNC so he wouldn’t have to deal with crap spewn by thes two and a few others.

  8. You’re wrong.
    Scarborough outright said he didn’t see Palin as VP happening. Buchanan simply stated what the argument against her would be, not that he was making it. The closest he came to something was agreeing that he didn’t see Palin going up against Biden in a debate on foreign policy.

  9. Come on, man. Palin is an obviously craven and calculated play about everything other than relevant issues. It’s Rove. And what’s most sad about it is that it’s working. Again.

  10. Cous, hey I got a theory: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, McPow knew he couldn’t win this election and as the ulitmate way to say “FUCK ALL Y’ALL” he picked Palin. He hates chicks. Besides, since he really couldn’t find a reasonable substitute for Al Jolson or Eddie Cantor (you know, black face schtick) he just used shit for brains instead. I’m looking for validation here.

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