Carville in the Palin Trap

James Carville.  I either love the guy or loathe him, but he did a great job on Larry King opposite Republican spin yanker Michelle Bachmann (R – Minnesota).
Carville (and this ought to surprise no one) could not resist the bleating goat staked out in the clearing.  The media jackals are all over it and Carville is always willing to jump into the fray.  He laid out precisely why Sarah Palin is simply unqualified to be veep.  This is one of the attacks the Republicans staked out the goat to attract.

Bachmann comes back with the bald assertion that Palin is more qualified than Barack Obama.  Excuse me while I put on my told you so face. 
I thought Carville might have an aneurysm.  He pointed out the fact that Obama has won 18 million votes and spent three years on the Foreign Relations Committee, while Palin was selected after a fifteen minute phone call with John McCain.
Bachmann immediately switches over to the That’s Demeaning To Women defence: Palin pulled herself up by her own bootstraps – her own accomplishments.  “She didn’t ride on anyone’s coattails” (if that was a swipe at Hillary, it went unmarked…in any case, allow me to add my told you so hat).

If Carville was offended before, he was lethal now. 
“How is that demeaning to women?”
“I supported a woman for president!”

Here’s the video:

Despite James “The Wild Hayseed”  getting a few good swipes in and, IMO, winning the set, this crap is just distracting.  Rove is looking to change the argument.  They cannot run on their record, and McCain does not stack up well against Obama. 
They aren’t looking to win California or New York.  They don’t expect to win the debates. 
But they are trying to put Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado and New Mexico back in serious play.  Family values, abortion, religion, guns, creationism, drill drill drill! 
They’ll soon be stoking up Obama’s willingness to open diplomatic channels with Iran in order to frighten the Jews; his willingness to talk to Cuba to rile up the immigrant population in Florida – a big prize and a swing state.
The fuckers only need to game a few points in a few states. 
They’ve done it before.
Palin is not going anywhere, TrooperGate be damned.  She is going to continue bleating, drawing attacks, and the GOP will hit that “more qualified than Obama” button over and over and over…
He wants to take your guns away.
He’s too soft to protect you from terrorists.
He’s elite.  Foreign.  Muslim.  Black.  Radical.  Liberal.
How dare you demean women by refusing to accept Palin’s accomplishments?
How dare you smear her pregnant daughter?
Obama would have murdered Sarah Palin’s baby!

I’m becoming more and more convinced the Rethugs and Rove knew all about TrooperGate, Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, the husband’s DWI conviction…all of it.  There’s probably more, and each new revelation will be yet another distraction – managed for the attacks it will draw, the stock defences they can raise against those “demeaning, unwarranted” attacks, and the news cycles that DON’T mention Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez, Rove, Libby, Miers, Rice or Rumsfeld.
Oil?  Fine.  Palin wants to drill.
Experience?  Fine.  Palin has more than Obama.
And John McCain, let’s not forget, was a POW.  He was a POW.  He puts his country first, even to his own detriment, which we witnessed when he selflessly suspended the convention to keep faith with the suffering and destruction of Hurricane Gustav.  He puts his country first even when people are watching him do it!  He was a POW.

What’s that Fred Thompson line from Hunt for Red October ?
“This is gonna get out of hand and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”


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