RNC – Obama Unfit to Lead

John Ibbitson at the Globe and Mail writes: 

Most Republicans believe that, in order to win in November, they must discredit Mr. Obama and his message. A poll of Republican insiders conducted by the respected National Review revealed that about 70 per cent of those insiders believed that at least half of the convention should be devoted to portraying Mr. Obama as unfit to lead

How in the name of sweet jumped up jesus on skis can the dirty sons of bitches who put up George Bush TWICE – a man who:

  • lied America into an unnecessary war
  • trashed the economy
  • shredded the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • politicized the Justice Department
  • snubbed Congress (ie. the PEOPLE)
  • attacked anyone who questioned their exercise of unlimited authority as unpatriotic
  • nominated Harriet Miers to the USSC
  • appointed Condi Rice Sec. State
  • pardoned Scooter Libby
  • cherry-picked intelligence
  • argued that the vice-president is NOT part of the executive branch
  • let New Orleans drown and invented – FABRICATED – excuses for doing so
  • presented the Mission Accomplished photo op
  • sat with a moronic look on his face for nine minutes as the WTC was being attacked
  • refused to appear before the 9/11 Commission
  • made Rumsfeld Sec. Defence
  • set a record for the biggest deficit in history
  • set a record for most vacation days taken by a president
  • cut unemployment benefits for more Americans than any previous president
  • refused to intervene in the biggest energy crisis/scandal in history
  • cut health care for veterans
  • refused the right of habeous corpus for prisoners, denied their right to counsel
  • failed to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden (“Dead or Alive”)
  • entered office with a budget surplus and within two years inverted all economic indicators
  • gutted environmental protection laws
  • gave tax breaks to the richest of the rich 
  • achieved the lowest approval rating of any president in history
  • wrecked relations with long-standing US allies
  • butchered the English language almost every time he opened his mouth…

…POSSIBLY make the argument that Barack Obama is unfit to lead?

The American people could not have done worse by throwing a goddamn dart at a phone book and picking whoever the hell it hit for president.
The current administration has cocked up every single thing they’ve touched in such degree that it would appear to be malicious rather than mere incompetence.  In any case, to hear Republicans saying they need to tell the American electorate that Obama is not up to the job is just incredible.

Nothing about the great management and top-drawer governance over the past eight years.
Nothing about their PLAN for America.
Nothing but empty platitudes, fear-mongering, and hollow, simplistic promises based on distortions and lies:  Drill for oil, protect America from the terrorist attacks that they are planning RIGHT NOW!

Of course, what can one expect?  It’s not like they could possibly run on THEIR RECORD.


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