Republican National GUSTAV

The GOP is so very, very extraordinary…no wait…that’s a Nat King Cole tune.
Umm…so very very COUNTRY FIRST that they will postpone or reorganize or alter their convention schedule because there’s a hurricane coming that may redevastate New Orleans (or, at least, what’s left of New Orleans).
The GOP is arranging for speeches to be delivered from the disaster zone.  You know, to ensure that those most affected – those whose homes are floating away – will be able to come out and hear McCain-Palin-Bush-Cheney speak in person.  That should make them feel better.  I know that if everything I owned were washed away in a storm, and the insurance company wouldn’t even sell me flood insurance because, well, it’s New Orleans, and I were reduced to broke and homeless, it would fucking well cheer me right up to listen to a bumbling fucktard, who adulterized his way into owning TEN homes, tell me how much he cares as he stands arm in arm with the backward, ignorant, Skull & Bones fratboy smirking cunt who left me to float away three years ago. 
Yep…that would put a big fucking grin on my face, for sure.

Meanwhile, the RNC will be filling Care Baskets in Minneapolis to send to those whose lives and possessions have washed away, while Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal plans a seance/exorcism to channel the spirit of Ronald Reagan or something.  God knows they could use a hand from ol’ Ronnie about now.
I mean, after cocking up the response to Hurrican Katrina – doing absolutely fuck all except eat birthday cake with John McSame – how would it look for Dubya to be yukking it up at the convention, again with John McMumblefuck, the second time NOLA spins down the drain.  Deja vu, indeed.

Much better idea…more compassionate, more competent looking…to put on a rain slicker and go walk around the disaster area.  Show everyone how concerned and committed the Republicans are to helping those less fortunate in time of need.  No matter that it was Bush responsible for the pathetic preparation, non-existant response, and utterly cocked-up follow through that leaves much of New Orleans waiting for a wrecking ball three years after the fact. 
No sir…they’re ready to exploit this hurricane for all it’s worth.  Not gonna let another life and property destroying natural disaster slip past without scoring some photo ops!

And just when you thought they couldn’t possibly do anything more craven, desperate or shameful than nominate an Alaskan beauty queen / hockey mom for veep.  The truly amazing thing is that they can still surprise.  One would have thought they’d reached some sort of philosophical bottom of the barrel with the Palin nomination.  HAH!  We have barely scratched the placid surface of deep, dark Republican imbecility.

And so I’m borrowing
a love song from the birds
to tell you that you’re dirty bastards
to bastardy for words

(Apologies to Nat King Cole)


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