Wolf Blitzer Needs A Swirly

Welcome to the Situation Room I’m Wolf. Blitzer. Here in Denver at the Democratic National. Convention. in Denver. Where the Democrats are holding their convention to nominate BARACKOBAMA as the Democratic. Candidate in the upcoming. Election coming up this fall in November and with me is the best political. Team on. Television Anderson Cooper Candy. Crowley James. Carville John King all here. In Denver. At the Democratic National Convention which will nominate BARACKOBAMA as the Democratic candidate to face Republican John. McCain this November in the election for the 44th president of the United. States.

Someone needs to drag this sputtering troll doll into the mensroom by his neatly trimmed beard and jam his head into a toilet until he stops thrashing around and promises to learn the difference between REPORTING and MAKING SHIT UP; between news and pure, biased speculation. It’s as if the folks running the show at CNN decided that, in response to the obvious political agenda of Faux News – UNfair and UNbalanced – they opted for “We Make It Up – You Decide”.
Get it through your head, Wolf, you pathetic, wheezing, redundant fuckwit – YOU are not the news.


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