GOPSOP & Contemptible Media – A Rant

They’ve cast Michelle Obama as an angry black woman, unpatriotic, ultra-left wing and ashamed of her country.  Now, in the wake of a speech that by all accounts was a towering home run, Karl Rove (of course) says it wasn’t enough – she didn’t demonstrate that she LOVES her country.
How a slimy, prevaricating bastard like Rove has any credibility to say anything on this planet remains a giant fucking mystery.  Why in the name of truth, justice and everything else is ANYONE interested in what that incompetent, gaming, distorting, twisting, putrid stain has to say about ANYTHING?  Karl ROVE?
To have that dirty, lying little fuck calling anyone’s patriotism – love of country – into question after the royal flush of bottom-dealt, cheating bullshit he tossed in the American pot is incomprehensible.  This is a man who thumbs his nose at Congressional and Senate subpoenas; hides behind the indefensible and blanket claim of executive privilege crafted by and for the Bush administration; has been directly involved in a laundry list of lies, half-truths, scandals, corruption and directly implicated in acts that may well amount to treason, and the media wants HIS opinion of Michelle Obama’s speech?
Fuck me!  I wonder what Hu Jintao thought of it?  Someone better get Hugo Chavez on the satellite uplink!
While we’re at it, let’s dig up Idi Amin, Papa Doc, Suharto and fucking Pol Pot.  We can have Piyush “Bobby” Jindal channel their spirit opinions.

Love of country.  Of course, I suppose, it’s best not to have a president who hates the country, but Jesus Jumped Up Christ, has electoral politics descended to a Monty Python sketch?
Do you love your country?
Oh, yeah.  I do.
How much do you love your country?
Oh, alot!
Right then, you can be first lady.

And the shrieking Hillabots.  I still can’t decide whether or not they amount to anything in terms of the election, but that’s almost an afterthought at the moment.  The media loves the story – the disaffected, committed Hillary supporters fracturing the convention, the party and, oooh, isn’t it fucking dramatic?
It makes for good soundbites in an election cycle that is long on news coverage but short on insight and substance.
Some of the Hillabots are merely a bunch of cranky, stubborn, post-menopausal empty-nesters who feel like it was The Lady in the Pantsuit’s turn and are just too fucking disappointed to let it go.  I apologise for the blatantly sexist characterization, but it’s simply fucking true and I don’t care enough about the facism that accompanies politically correct speech to refrain from saying so. 
They want “catharsis” and “closure”.  Book an appearance on Dr. Phil and quit mucking up the battlefield.  Silly fucking brats, the lot of you.  What’s worse is that they employ the same sort of scorched earth language and tactics favoured by…who else?..Karl Rove.  Say anything, do anything.  “Hillary or McCain” is nothing less than a threat, and whether it’s a real threat or a bluff is of no consequence.  The days of gaining political power with threats ought to be well fucking over.
That’s not, though, the worst of it.  The GOP – following McCain’s pledge to run an honourable campaign (a pure demonstration of words over deeds and the utter lack of true character in America’s favourite POW) – are not only launching direct appeals in the media to court the angry Hillabots, they are out in the trenches.  Card carrying Republicans posting on the Hillary blogs, marching in the streets, attending the meetings…adding their faux shock and outrage to buttress the emotional wall; to further wind up that segment of what ought to be loyal democratic votes; to flame the embers of bitterness and divide the party.  Shades of the infamous Southern Strategy, indeed.
And so the coalition is born:  Middle-aged, middle class feminists, the GOP, and the limited redneck fuckwits who simply will not vote for a black man.  Politics based on fear and revenge, stoked by lies.  A
Who would ever have imagined that?   The GOP is certainly spreading their demographics, one must give them that.  No doubt dogs are living with cats.

What else do the blithering, yammering, stuttering Blitzers, Scarboroughs, O’Reillys, Limbaughs (just reciting the names makes me wish those meth addicted sharp shooters in Denver spent more time watching television and less reading Mein Kampf) seem to think is important?
Hillary Clinton.  Will she say enough, do enough, use the right words, persuade the Hillabots not to vote for McCain? 
Watching Jim Clancy (sniper PLEASE!) engage in blithering small talk with a correspondent “reporting” from an empty convention hall – the two of them left totally alone to fill a few minutes with what they seem to think passes for analysis – is one of the more exquisite tortures ever conceived by Time Warner.
In a time of severe economic crises, illegal and unwinnable war, loss of moral and military standing throughout the world, people are losing their jobs, losing their homes, real income is dropping, unemployment is rising, inflation is gearing up for a run and already dramatically affecting people’s ability to eat in far flung corners of the entire globe, the subject that needs intense and unrelenting attention is the soap opera of the Clinton-Obama rift and Hillary’s upcoming speech. 
What can she do to pacify a bunch of petulant, myopic cranks?
Will they finally see reason, or will they vote McCain?
Tune in tomorrow as we yammer ceaselessly about this ridiculous facade of journalism!

It’s a joke.  A bad, no punchline, never-ending joke.
The Aristocrats.


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