Blithering GOP Lipflaps on Larry King

Larry King is hosting an all-GOP panel this week to respond to the video clips coming out of Denver.  Aside from the obvious fact that Republicans are clearly drinking something that makes them name their sons Tucker, one is moved to wonder if there is anything the Democrats might say that would not be immediately twisted, distorted, shifted, sliced, julienned and fed back through the GOPSOP filter.

For example, when asked to define what the issues really are – what will voters base their decision on when they eventually reach the polls in November – one insane, kool-aid guzzling nut said the price of gasoline at the pump would seal the deal for many.  She actually SAID (here paraphrasing…I wasn’t taking notes), “People will be faced with choosing whether they want to pay TWO DOLLARS A GALLON, or six or eight dollars a gallon.”  Because, you see, John McCain wants to drill; wants to increase supply, and that will bring the price down to two dollars/gallon. 

Larry, never one to directly challenge a GOP spin point (he must be taking lessons from Wolf Blitzer), simply let this incredibly outrageous spray of total bullshit go unmarked.  There is NO ONE, not even the oil companies (and, of course, why would they want the price of a gallon to decrease?), who think that domestic drilling is going to do anything about the price of gasoline over the NEXT TWENTY YEARS.  After twenty years, in a best case scenario, the price of a gallon of gas MIGHT come down by SIX CENTS.
But, if you want two dollar gas, vote McCain.  He was a POW and he has the experience to lead.  Despite fucking up just about everything he ever laid hands on, you can trust this doddering, senile, warmongering, anachronistic, adulterous carbon copy of George Bush…because as we learned with Bush, when the GOP make promises, they always keep their word.  They never lie, they never distort, and Karl Rove has turned over a new leaf since going to work for Senator Mumblefuck and Faux News.

It’s not just that the media has abdicated their responsibility to report news and examine the issues, it’s that the American electorate has abandoned theirs.
Honourable campaign, my ass.  John McCain ought to be strung up right next to Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney and his equally loquacious twin monkey brother Dubya.  It’s fuckin’ nauseating.


One Response

  1. There’s a international crisis in the former USSR state of Georgia. McCain is sending his VP Cindy McCain aka the Ice Princess to evaluate and contain the situation.

    Our current Monarchs the Bushes are “out to lunch”, heck
    after running the country into the ground they’ve decided to run out for a long lunch break, maybe until November. Guess they figured, what the heck? We’re out anyway, let’s just kick back and steal office supplies.

    McCain’s got it under control, my people are in his camp and with FOX News behind the McCains, here we go, 4 more years ! 4 MORE years! FOUR MORE YEARS!

    Got to luv the bitter betties over at Larry Show, Ben Stein is sooo unmoved by Michelle’s speech, actually they all where. Ah, laying the needed foundation for when her heiress Cindy McCain moment on stage comes. Just right after the Rock’ng Christian Country flag flying intro begins over at the GOP.

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