Biden is a dirty, lying, sneaky, two-faced fuckwit!

It wouldn’t have mattered who Obama picked.  He could have chosen the bastard child of Mother Teresa and St. Thomas Aquinas, the McCain camp would have had something ugly to say about it.

Pick Sebeliius, the ticket has no experience in foreign policy.
Bayh – two neophytes who have no real idea how things work.
Hillary…oh, jesus…you KNOW those fuckers wanted Hillary.  We’d be knee deep in Bosnian Sniper ads.
So, Obama picks a man who chairs the House Foreign Relations Committee, experience on the Judiciary Committee, 35 years of making John McCain look like the hollow, shallow, hot-headed fuckwit he is, and what is it?…someone to shore up Baracks’s terminal shortcomings on foreign policy.
And, of course, McCain is now precluded from choosing Romney.  Having decided to cherry pick comments made by Biden during the Democratic primaries, he would be foolish to pick as a veep candidate a man who had some rather acerbic comments about John ‘My Wife Pays for my Shoes’ McCain.

Truth is not important.  This is the Rove playbook.  It just doesn’t matter.  Say anything…lie, distort, twist.  It’s about casting the movie with heroes and villains.  And if you say enough slimey shit about the other guy, the facts mean nothing.  You cast him in the black hat and that’s what he wears on election day.  If this shit works again, after eight years of Bush-Cheney, the American electorate truly proves that democracy provides precisely the government the voters deserve.  Stupid, racist or both – continuing on this path, represented personally by a man with no answers, no solutions and no decent ideas about where to find help, would be proof positive of not only the end of the “American Empire” but pretty solid evidence that it’s done anyway.

POW my ass.  John McCain is a doddering, senile, warmongering, vicious fuckwit; a dangerous anachronism when new vision is simply fucking required.

The dude OBides.


2 Responses

  1. The DNC and RNC handed us two bowls of shit and want to know which one tastes better,can’t we have a third party?

  2. Head. Hammer.
    Feels good when you stop.

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