McCain is NOT Honorable

The time has come and gone and come round again for Barack Obama to stop treating John McCain as an honorable man.  There’s nothing honorable about the lying, senile, doddering, rude old bastard.
Respect for his service to country?  Sure he was a POW.  I’d have more respect for that if he didn’t use it as a shield to deflect any examination of the myriad filthy tactics he employs and to cover up the obvious signs of a corrupt character and a senile mind.

McCain was a lousy student at the Naval Academy, a lousy pilot, a lousy husband, a weak Senator and now plays at campaigning in precisely the same lying, pandering, twisted, vicious, sneaky, underhanded methods and means that Karl Rove perfected in getting that incompetent, smirking chimp Bush elected twice.

McCain is an admitted serial adulterer, called his wife a cunt, tells rape jokes in public, was wrapped up with Charlie Keating, is renowned for being a hothead, supported the imbecilic George Bush at every turn, demonstrated not merely bad judgement but utter and complete error in the run-up to the Iraq war, the surge, the Anbar awakening, Sunnis and Shiites, the leader of Iran, Al Qaeda…the stunned fuckwit doesn’t even know how many houses his wife owns (in point of fact, McCain owns zero).

McCain’s solution to the oil crisis panders to ignorance and offers no hope of solution or relief; his economic policies have been roundly and soundly thrashed by an array of respected economists – McCain calls them elites; men who were held captive with McCain and who served in the Senate with him do not want him anywhere near the oval office, and yet this miserable, incompetent sonuvabitch who has never held a single job that wasn’t the result of nepotism, or earned a paycheck that wasn’t at the public teat, has the fucking nerve to question Barack Obama’s judgement.

John McCain cheats, lies, distorts, panders, twists the facts and insults both his opponent and the electorate.  It’s time to smack the filthy fucktard and hard.  No more, “I respect his service.”
Fuck his service.  He bombed civilians, got shot down, and then was treated better than everyone else because he was an admiral’s son – the very thing that got the slimy weasel onto a carrier deck when he graduated at the bottom of his class.  The dirty little shit has greased his way through life on cred he simply doesn’t have.  He’s not well educated, he’s not well respected by his peers, and he’s been sucking George Bush’s cock for so long it’s embarrassing.  Maverick, my ass.

“I know how to win wars,” mumbles the aged Senator.  How?  Where did you learn that?  What war have you had anything to do with that might be considered a win?
“I’ll follow Bin Laden to the gates of Hell,” creaks the vacuous old war monger.  But not into Pakistan, and why (one wonders) has McCain’s sure-fire strategy for capturing OBL been kept secret all these years? 
‘Oh, I KNOW how to catch him…but I’ll only tell you if you let me be president.’

The twisted old bastard has some balls but no brain – how else to explain the remark that he is not questioning Obama’s patriotism but rather his judgement when it’s patently obvious that he’s fucking well questioning precisely Obama’s patriotism?  At what point are Americans going to stand up and say, “We’re sick and fucking tired of being lied to by the people we elect to office?:
Have they learned NOTHING from Bush, Rove, Rumsfeld, Libby, Cheney, Gonzalez, Miers and the rest of the evil, neocon fucktards that have run the country into the fucking ground over the past eight years?

If Barack Obama wants a new way of doing things, step one is to call BULLSHIT once in awhile; to stand up and say, without the faux dressing of courtesy or respect, that lies will no longer go unchallenged as “a difference of opinion”.  There are opinions, then there are lies, and then there are dirty, malicious fucking falsehoods.  McCain is building his entire campaign on the last category, the same way he built his reputation, his current marriage, his career and his image.

It is simply time to tell the people the truth:  John McCain is a two-faced, dirty, lying weasel who cannot be trusted, and he is surrounded by the same people who crafted the past eight years of shit, bullshit, horseshit and slimy, putrid eel shit served on a cone and advertised as fucking ice cream.
Drop the gloves, Barack, and forget about the fucking Marquis of Queensbury bullshit.  It’s time to pound the living piss out of John S. McCain and expose the shallow, vicious, grasping fuckwit for the empty suit; the neocon front; the backward, sneaky, ignorant piece of shit that he really is.


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  1. Amen to that.

  2. […] was no need to wait until this deep in the campaign to make that call.  It’s been right in front of your nose […]

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