The Cult of McCain

John McCain is a liar. He panders to fear, distortion and a worldview that is dangerously anachronistic and dramatically unrelated to reality. He was a lousy student, a lousy pilot, an adulterous husband, a weak Senator, and has flipped, flopped and contradicted himself on damn near every position he ever pretended to address.
John McCain has revealed himself as ignorant in his knowledge of international politics, religion, economics, geography, current affairs and sadly out of touch with regard to women’s rights, civil rights, and fundamental principles of justice for which America once stood.
John McCain has embraced the record, methods, means, strategies, tactics and policies of the Bush/Cheney administration – not only a failed experiment in unaccountable neocon shadow government, but widely seen as the worst presidency in American history and an offence against the very idea of “government by and for the the people”.

But, of course, John McCain was a POW.  He suffered for his country, and therefore everything he does is excusable, all his opinions are spot on, and he must never be questioned or examined beyond the fictional John Rambo the media makes him out to be.  He would never lie or cheat – to suggest such a thing is to impugn the character of a war hero.

It may be that we’re so far down the rabbit hole – so used to being fed stock footage and convoluted, unadulterated bullshit – that we’ve become addicted to it. Like a junkie who thinks everything will be okay so long as they can get just one more hit…we’ll quit cold turkey after this one, promise.

John McCain is not only not what he pretends to be, he’s the anti-hero – the man who will do or say anything to get what he wants.  This is not the stuff of heros or presidents.  Are you really gonna jam that spike in your vein again?


2 Responses

  1. It’s sad but seems to be the case (at least the news we get here) that McCain may win. Man would that suck ass…

  2. […] was no need to wait until this deep in the campaign to make that call. It’s been right in front of your nose the whole time. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)my sentiments […]

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