POW’s Don’t Cheat!

Charlie don’t surf!
POW’s don’t cheat!

Great goddamn jumped up Jesus on skis.  The McCain campaign behaves like the local radio station is holding one of those contests where they randomly call folks and if you answer the phone by saying, “KROK Radio plays the BEST ROCK!” you win a pile of cash.   The result is that every time you call anyone for any reason, they answer the phone with that silly ass slogan…except in this case it’s the phrase PEE-OH-DOUBLE-EWES DON’T CHEAT!

In response to the perfectly reasonable question, “Did McCain have the questions in advance?” – a question raised by McCain’s own failure to show up on time and abide by the rules – McCain spokesthing Nicolle Wallace stated: 

“The insinuation from the Obama campaign that John McCain, a former prisoner of war, cheated is outrageous.”

First of all, Nic, the allegation is not being raised by the Obama campaign.  It’s being raised by many folks who watched the discussion and wondered about the senile, mumbling old bastard’s ability to psychically answer questions that had not yet been asked, as well as intuit and reference others to come.
Secondly, the question is reasonable on its face – the direct result of McCain’s failure to abide by the terms and actually be at the venue on time (a misperception assisted by Senator McFuckwit when he claimed he was “trying to listen through the wall” and thus implying he had been in the room when he was not).

POW!  POW!  POW!  You cannot attack the character of a POW!  He sacrificed!  He’s honourable!  You may never, under any circumstances, impugn the character of a man who was tortured in Hanoi!
(Odd, though, isn’t it?…the character of those tortured in Gitmo is apparently not so elevated.  Just sayin’)
In any case, this, of course, is the same John McBush who fucked around on his wife numerous times with a number of different mistresses, married an heiress 20 years his junior, got tied up with Charlie Keating, embraced George Bush even after the crap Bush pulled in ’00…frankly, I wonder what shreds of character the old bastard has left that are big enough to attack.

Either McCain cheated or he didn’t.  As I said before, absent solid proof of malice aforethought here, there’s nothing to get into.  They’re already playing aggrieved and insulted, AND blaming the Obama campaign for the allegation.  This is the tell.  The Obama campaign is not even suggesting anything was amiss.

Come to think of it…how fuckin’ smart are they?  Clearly they saw this as an attempt to draw them into a character attack.  Obama didn’t spring the trap, but McCain is stabbing wildly with the shitty sharpened stick anyway.

“How dare they accuse a POW POW POW of cheating?”
Umm…we’re not accusing him of cheating.
“Of course you are!  We made it look like he was cheating, and you’re attacking his character!”
You made it look like he was cheating?
“Ummm…that’s not what I said!  You’re attacking us!  POW!  POW!”


2 Responses

  1. You spelled honorable wrong…Unless you live in England I guess 🙂

  2. No surprise a yank has no idea about the English language, where it came from and who spells properly.
    If it was good enough for Jesus, eh?

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