Obama Nation – NY Times #1 Slime

Jerome Corsi, the slime merchant responsible for Unfit for Command, has penned a new book aimed at throwing up sufficient innuendo and poorly researched bullshit to affect the outcome of the presidential election.  Corsi openly admits that his intention in publishing this collection of eel shit is to prevent Barack Obama from becoming president.  After his success attacking John Kerry, the GOP can only be overjoyed that this latest offence against truth, reason and decency – Obama Nation – will debut at #1 on the NY Times bestseller list.

One would have hoped, especially after eight years of Bush/Cheney/Rove, that the American electorate would not only have grown tired, but sick of such underhanded means and methods.  Apparently not.

Corsi proudly crows that every single assertion in his book is footnoted and referenced.  He does not, however, tend to mention that many of his sources are single, unverified postings on extreme right-wing nutbar websites.  When this is pointed out, he falls back on, “It falls to the reader to determine, based on the presented evidence, what they believe to be accurate and true.  I just put the information out there.”

What utter horseshit.
I happen to remember talking to an unnamed blogger who, during the course of an interview with Mr. Corsi, claims he was offered money by Mr. Corsi to allow Mr. Corsi to perform fellatio on him.  Could this be true?  Corsi has never addressed this rumour.  There are other rumours, too:  That Corsi regularly visited mensrooms with Larry Craig; spent time with Gary Glitter in Cambodia; had his pet iguana removed by the SPCA for “unnatural acts”; shopped for gerbils with Richard Gere; is a member of the American Transgendered Communist Party…

I don’t care if he ever fucked a pig, I just want to make the sonuvabitch deny it.

That is the sort of presentation employed by Jerome Corsi in making the case that there are unanswered questions about Barack Obama – questions that ought to be addressed by the candidate before we can possibly know if he’s up to the job of POTUS. 
ALL that would be necessary for the bullshit claims made above to be EXACTLY like those in Corsi’s book would be for me to post the rumours on my blog and then footnote each of them in this bit.  See?…they’re footnoted!  It’s up to the public to make their own assessment…I merely present the evidence.

Worst of all, without any hint of irony, when it is pointed out to Mr. Corsi that his methods are suspect, his facts in error, his conclusions unsupported and his motives in question, he resorts to playing the victim.  The attacks on his credibilty are ad hominem – no one had ever made him retract a single sentence.  That Corsi opts for “Is he really a Muslim

” rather than “He is a practising Muslim [period]” – a distinction not lost on lawyers or thinking people – he makes out as beside the point.

In fact, one notices that in many of the slanderous implications and distortions to be found in Corsi’s book, rather than make statements of fact, he resorts to posing questions based on spurious sources.  For example, rather than state, “Barack Obama used and sold drugs while a US Senator,” Corsi ASKS, “Did Barack Obama use drugs in the Senate?”  Did he?  Prove he DIDN’T!  AHA!

No reputable researcher or author would have allowed such crap to be published with their name attached, and no reputable publisher would have touched this collection of putresence with a forty foot pole.  Corsi is not reputable.  He is an embarrassment to journalism and, in a just world, would be utterly ignored.

For anyone who cares to actually see the truth, as differentiated from the slander, lies and distortions that is the work of Jerome Corsi, check out Media Matters.  Point by point, fact by fact, demonstrating that Jerome Corsi is a lying piece of shit.

Jerome Corsi offered this woman money to pee on him

Jerome Corsi offered this woman money to pee on him. She declined, but only because he would have enjoyed it.


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